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Golf Movies and their Quotes – Your Favorite Please!

Golf Movies and their Quotes – Your Favorite Please!
If you love golf and you love movies, then this post is for you!  Great lines from great golf movies.  Of course, we all know who will get the #1 spot, but it is fun to go through the others and remember when you saw these movies.  I personally absolutely loved “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and “The Greatest Game Ever Played”  I have seen both these movies.  Other than Caddyshack,”  what is your favorite golf movie and what is your favorite quote?
Golf is a serious sport? Tell that to Hollywood. These golf movie quotes show how much fun movie makers have with the game of golf. Here are some of our favorite lines. (Warning: some clips may contain inappropriate language)
10. I Love You, Man: “This is my nightmare.”

Sydney (Jason Segel) takes one off the shin while trying to help Hailey (Sarah Burns) with her game. His reaction is one we could all relate to.

9. Sideways: “Oops, look out.”

Miles (Paul Giamatti) sarcastically warns another group as he hits their errant shot back at them in Sideways. It’s the fantasy of every golfer who’s ever been hit into—although Miles probably deserved it at the rate he was playing.

8. Swingers: “Dead heat after one hole. This is turning into quite a rivalry.”

Mike (Jon Favreau) and Rob (Ron Livingston) play some hilariously bad shots on an L.A. par-3 course in Swingers, each carding an 8 on the first hole. Watch this scene to learn how NOT to hit a pitch shot. Or a sand shot. Or a 12-foot putt.

7. Caddyshack: “Gambling is illegal at Bushwood sir, and I never slice.”

Golf Movies and their Quotes - Your Favorite Please!

Judge Smails (Ted Knight) dooms himself to a certain slice as the snobs take on the slobs in the classic Caddyshack.

6. Seven Days in Utopia: “See it. Feel it. Trust it.”

Johnny Crawford (Robert Duvall) teaches wayward pro Luke Chisolm (Lucas Black) a simple mantra for hitting the perfect golf shot in Seven Days in Utopia.

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Source:  Swing by Swing
Thanks for watching – Golf Movies and their Quotes – Your Favorite Please!

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