Is “The Curse” in sports a ligitimate entity?

Every sports team and player have had to endure “The Curse” at some time or another.  The Boston Red Socks come to mind with the “Babe Ruth Curse” and of course the ever lovable Chicago Cubs, who finally broke the curse in 2016.  Another drought ended in Chicago just a couple of weeks later when the Irish Rugby team who beat the New Zealand All Blacks for the first time EVER.  109 years to be exact!   So is “the curse” a legitimate thing and who imposes the curse?   of Golf Digest gives us the top 11 players on the PGA and LPGA Tours who have still to beat their particular curse.  

With the Chicago Cubs finally winning their first World Series title in 108 years, a look at some of the most dramatic droughts in golf history.


1. Phil Mickelson at the U.S. Open


2. Sam Snead at the U.S. Open


3. Nancy Lopez at the U.S. Women’s Open


4. The Calendar Grand Slam


5.Greg Norman at the Masters

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Source :    Golf Digest

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