The Best 10 Golf Trick shots of the year!

Golf trick Shots are always fun to watch!  These days there seem to be more and more golfers trying to outdo each other in this department.  Here are the Best 10 Golf trick shots of the year presented by Swing by Swing!
Golf trick shots certainly have come a long way since the days of this game-changing Tiger Woods’ Nike commercial. Aided by the help of the internet, Go-Pro cameras, and even props in some cases, people from across the world have joined together on a mission to up the anti one trick shot at a time. As it turns out 2016 was a good year in this new wave of golf entertainment. Here’s our list of the 10 best we’ve seen in no particular order. 1 Driver Flip This nifty club trick by Josh Kelley is all about timing. Hand-eye-coordination is also crucial as he flips the club up and catches it completely blind above his head while in mid-swing. We wonder how long it took him to perfect it? 2. Tweener Trick shot connoisseur Ryan Rustand channels Rodger Federer with this tweener. He ricochets it off of a barrier, only to catch his driver and stripe one down broadway. All while the ball was still in the air. Magic. 3. Who needs tees? Golfer and trick shot specialist Josh Kelley shows that he doesn’t need a tee to rip one down the middle to start a round. What is more, he makes the use of caddies obsolete as he pinpoints his iron into its (proper?) slot in his bag. He proceeds to strap up the sticks and admire his shot with a brisk walk to his next one. 4. Doink This trick shot employs some props to take it to the next level. The initial putt is blasted off the fringe and hits the barrier squarely. Kelley then cuts it out of mid air with only the slim face of his putter to send it home. 5. Flop The always entertaining Bryan Brothers come up with a twist on a classic. It starts off with a Phil-esque flop off a ledge. The ball travels backwards and lands right in the wheelhouse, getting tattooed across the water. Welcome to the Smoke Shack, indeed.
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