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10 Cocktails for the Golfers in the Family!

10 Cocktails for the Golfers in the Family!

10 Cocktails for the Golfers in the Family!

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Are there golfers in your mix of family coming to visit at Christmas?  Spice up the evening with these 10 cocktails for the golfers in the family that will sure to be a big hit.  Thanks to Swing by Swing for presenting such an amazing array of cocktails!

10 Cocktails for the Golfers in the Family!

Cocktails with a golfing these.

Drinking and golf really do go hand in hand. Whether you are stuffing beers in your golf bag at the turn or enjoying a well-mixed cocktail in the bar after the round, the two activities just go together. Here is a list of the Top 10 Golf Inspired Cocktails.

10. The Scottish Links

10 Cocktails for the Golfers in the Family!

The Scottish Links


Mix up this light and fruity cocktail with 50ml Glenmorangie Original, 15ml fresh lemon, 20ml chamomile honey, 15ml fresh pink grapefruit juice, and 10ml Manzanilla sherry. To mix, shake and strain into a rocks glass, then top with soda. For a little extra twirl, garnish this drink with pink grapefruit & chamomile flowers – but don’t say we told you so.

9. The Tee Off

10 Cocktails for the Golfers in the Family!

The Tee Off


Step up the tee with this cocktail which calls for 50ml of Glenmorangie Original along with 50ml of cold early grey tea, 20ml of fresh lemon juice, 15ml of simple syrup, and finally bitter lemon. Shake all the ingredients, strain into a highball and then top it off with the bitter lemon. Garnish is optional, but it should be an orange twist if you’re feeling it.

8. The Birdie

10 Cocktails for the Golfers in the Family!

The Birdie


First, knock it on in regulation. Then pour 50ml of your favorite gin, 15ml of St. Germain, 20ml of lime juice, 10 ml sugar syrup, and five fresh mint leaves. Throw it all together in a Boston shaker, with ice. Shake furiously for 10 seconds, followed by a double strain into a martini glass. You can’t birdie them all if you don’t birdie the first.

7. The Eagle

10 Cocktails for the Golfers in the Family!

The Eagle

Credit: foodanddrink.scotsman

This drink will be make you see two-under par. It calls for 35ml of Eden Mill Golf Gin, 12.5ml of fresh lemon juice, 15ml of Maraschino Liqueur, and an optional dash of crème de violette. Combine the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake until it is chilled. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish. Drink it in, an eagle always goes down smooth.

6. The Bobby Jones

The Bobby Joones.


A timeless classic. Fill a cocktail shaker with 4-5 ice cubes. Add 1.5oz of brandy, 1/2oz of crème de cacao, and 1/4 tsp of grenadine. Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice and shake away. Strain this mixture into a chilled tumbler and drink to a legend.

To read the recipes for the rest of these tasty cocktails for golfers, go here!

Source: Swing by Swing   Twitter/@Blackbird_Chi   Twitter/@Maitlandfield

Pictures:   Twitter/@Blackbird_Chi   Twitter/@Maitlandfield

Thanks for watching – 10 Cocktails for the Golfers in the Family! I’d like to try some of these myself!

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