Wilson Triton Driver made to Toe the Line!

This was definitely an “egg on your face” moment for Wilson Staff when they were notified by the USGA that their new Wilson Triton Driver, the winner of the “Driver vs Driver” Competition on the Golf Channel was non-conforming!  There was definitely a rush to market after the show and Wilson did not do their due diligence.  However, Wilson has assured all customers who purchased  the non-conforming drivers that a) they will be replaced with a conforming driver and b) they will be given a box of Wilson Staff Duo golf balls for their trouble.  Lesson learned – make sure you have your letter from the USGA before you put your product in the retail stores!  Thanks to David Dusek of Golfweek Mag for this very relevant article!
The club that won the Golf Channel’s “Driver vs. Driver” contest was deemed non-conforming by the USGA, but Wilson is fixing the Staff Triton and promises to make it legal for golfers to use.
Source : David Dusek   Golfweek Mag

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