10 Golf Courses that have attained architectural absoluteness!

There are literally hundreds of immaculate golf courses throughout the world that would make your heart race when you stood on the first tee.  But  of Golf Digest has come up with the creme de la creme of golf courses that have attained architectural absoluteness!  I have had the esteemed privilege to have played four of these top 10, but I can always hope that there is a round on one of the others sometime in my future!  My heart will once again beat in anticipation of an exquisite round!

Given golfers and their propensity to disagree on the merits of even the most revered masterpieces, proclaiming design perfection can be dangerous. However, these ten golf courses in their current form come as close to achieving architectural absoluteness thanks to a melding of strategic complexity, walk-in-the-park beauty, experiential purity and an overall sense of design permanence.

Pine Valley, George Crump & H.S. Colt (1918) 7,057 yards, Par 70


Cypress Point Club, Alister Mackenzie and Robert Hunter (1928) 6,524 yards, Par 72


Oakmont CC, Henry & William Fownes (1903) 7,255 yards, Par 71


Shinnecock Hills GC, William Flynn (1931) 7,041 yards, Par 70

                      To see the other 6 golf courses on this prestigious list, go here! Source:    Golf Digest Pictures: Getty Images   Golf Digest  

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