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Acquiring the backswing and downswing sequence with David Leadbetter.

Acquiring the backswing and downswing sequence with David Leadbetter.

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Understanding the “feel” of a proper backswing or a proper downswing normally takes many hours and days on the practice range. Yet, this is required to train your body in the right sequence of motion.  Here,  for Golf Digest explains a simple drill using your golf towel to attain the feel in a fairly short period of time.  Have your golf club handy, so as you acquire this elusive feel, you can pick up your club and put that same motion into practice as you make a full swing!


If I tossed you a golf ball and asked you to toss it right back to me, without even thinking, I bet you’d throw it with your dominant arm. What this should tell you is that even though you’ve got two arms, you feel more comfortable using one over the other.

Remember that when you swing the golf club. A good golf swing is a blend of coordinated movement from both sides of the body.  But it’s really your dominant side that wants, and should, dictate the action. For most of you, that means taking a right-side approach to your swing. Grab a bath towel and I’ll show you how. – With Ron Kaspriske


Wrap a towel around your right arm at the elbow joint and hold it taut like I am here (above). Now mimic a backswing all the way to the top trying to resist the movement—just a little—while holding the towel with your left hand. You should feel like your upper body is coiling with the latissimus dorsi “lat” muscle really flexed on the right side of the back.

You’ll also notice that to swing to the top, you have to let your right arm separate from your upper body. I know you might have heard to keep that elbow tucked when you swing back, but letting the right arm “float” a little away from your trunk provides a nice, wide swing arc and puts you in position for the proper shallowing of the club on the way down. Essentially, you’re creating more room to swing from inside the target line. Couple that with the coiling the resistance of the towel promotes, and you’re poised for a powerful, right-side-fueled downswing.

To see how to use the towel to improve your downswing, go here!

Source:   Golf Digest


Thanks for reading – Acquiring the backswing and downswing sequence with David Leadbetter.

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