Is the Shaft in your Driver the Right One for You?

Trying to get the right shaft flex to maximize your driving distance and accuracy is a complicated business.  However, we do have launch Monitors like Trackman, FlightScope and GC2 to make our job a whole lot easier.  Factors to consider are clubhead speed, shaft flex, shaft type, shaft weight, shaft length, launch angle, ball speed and total carry distance.  So to say I swing at 100 mph, will not help unless I take all these other factors into consideration.  Randy of Fried Eggs Golf tries to help, but in the final analysis, you need to see a clubfitter, and be prepared to spend a couple of hours testing to come up with something close to what you need.  Good hunting! It’s experiment time… I use a Ping G driver and three Alta 55 shafts in Stiff, Regular, and Senior to see how flex affects ball-flight. Source: Fried Eggs Golf

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