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Is the "Soft Revolution" right for your game?

Is the “Soft Revolution” right for your game?

Is the “Soft Revolution” right for your game?
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I have personally put the Callaway Supersoft golf ball in my bag, and I am currently testing to see whether this ball will make a difference to my game.  I certainly like the feel, but I am unsure if this ball is right for me with a 100 mph clubhead speed.  When I visit the PGA Merchandise Show later this month, and will personally talk to Callaway to get their thoughts on the subject of the “Soft Revolution.”  Watch this site for my report back in early February!  Thanks to Andrew Tursky of GolfWRX for this interesting article!
Is the "Soft Revolution" right for your game?

The Calloway Chromesoft is just one of many softballs on the market today.


Everything you need to know about Callaway’s new SuperSoft golf balls

When Callaway did market research on what golfers thought about the feel and the greenside spin of its SuperSoft golf balls, the results showed that 74 percent of golfers thought the feel was “just right.” Only 58 percent of golfers answered the same way about greenside control, however.

That’s why the new SuperSoft golf balls are made with a new “Tri-Ionomer” cover, which Callaway says gives the balls both a softer feel and more spin around the greens.

How much more spin are we talking about? On a 40-yard shot, Callaway testing showed the 2017 version of the SuperSoft launched with 5035 rpm of spin, while the 2015 version launched with 4950 rpm of spin. It’s change that Callaway’s Senior Director of Golf Ball R&D Dave Bartels says golfers should notice.

Read the rest of the fascinating article and see whether this ball is for you. Go here!

Source: Andrew Tursky   GolfWRX

Pictures: Callaway Golf.

Thanks for reading – Is the “Soft Revolution” right for your game?  Have you tried the new softballs?  Comments below, please!

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