Which is your favorite logo on the PGA Tour?

You just have to see a product with an umbrella on it and you know immediately Arnold Palmer has put his stamp of approval on that item!  Branding has become big business around the world and an outstanding logo will definitely set you apart from your competition.  My Favorite?  Gary Player’s “Knights Head” logo.  Simple but says it all about the man.  Which is your favorite logo on the PGA Tour?  Comments, please.
If you’re not building your brand in today’s world, what are you really doing? Well, as it turns out, golfers are their own brands and some of the most iconic names in the sport are synonymous with bears, umbrellas, or in Phil’s case, themselves. Here’s a look at the 10 of the best Tour pro logos over the years. Air Phil

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 Phil threw his hat into the logo game ring at the start of his 2017 season by introducing us to “Air Phil.” By far one of the most hilarious on this list, it’s of course, a tribute to his 2004 Masters win. Thumbs up, Phil!
The Lion 

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The man, the myth, the legend John Daly uses this lion as his logo. It screams business in the front and party in the back, kind of like Long John himself. Grip it and rip it! The Shark

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The Shark has been a longtime favorite in the logo world. Its sleek design and unique colors always stood out, especially when Greg Norman wore that phenomenal straw hat. The Golden Bear

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The Golden Bear is a timeless classic. Jack Nicklaus was truly the man to carry that name. With his golden flowing locks and ferociousness on the course, it just was perfect. Spieth

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Jordan Speith unveiled this logo not too long ago, but you already see grown men wearing the initials of 23-year-old’s initials on their caps. What a world! It is pretty sweet looking though.
To see the other 5 of the Top 10 Golf Logos, go here! Source: Swing by Swing Pictures:  

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