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Eureka - what Ground Force means in the swing!

Eureka – What Ground Force means in the swing!

Eureka – What Ground Force means in the swing!

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Top Speed Golf and Clay Ballard do a great job here of explaining how ground force can really help you not only hit the ball with more power but really improve all aspects of your game.  The video is a little long (16 mins), but I can assure you, it is well worth the time!  

Try hitting a golf ball while sitting in a chair with your feet off the ground! 

Absolutely no power.  Without the ground to help you generate power, you’ve got zippo!

If you want power in your golf swing, learn to push off with the lower body in a BIG way!  Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and just up vertically while twisting around to face the other way.  That is what using ground force is all about! You will feel your rear foot push as the center of mass has to move forward for the body to rotate.  If you jumped and turned to the left, you would push off with your right foot.  That is what a right-handed golfer should feel.  Go into your backyard and jump and turn to face the other way over and over.  Push harder and harder, and you will eventually be able to spin around 360 degrees.  That demonstrates how you can really increase your velocity and your power.

Once you have that pushing-off feeling, head to the range, and see if you can incorporate that right foot push-off feeling in your golf swing.  It might take a little time, and you might hit a few bad shots, but it is all worth it.  In no time, you will be pounding the ball out there!

Source: Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard

Thanks for watching Eureka – What Ground Force means in the swing! Now you know!

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