The swing of one of the hottest players on Tour right now!

John Rahm or “Rahmbo” as he is affectionally known, has all the tools that it takes to be a premier player on the PGA Tour.  He is one of the hottest players on Tour right now, his swing is powerful and his short game is brilliant.  So far, I have not seen any weakness in his game.  You too can learn from John’s swing.  I particularly like the 5th frame from behind, in the photos below.  Great hip rotation, good weight shift, but the thing I like the most is the forearms match at impact.  All the great drivers of the ball have this trait.  Looking forward to watching him at Augusta soon!  Thanks so much to  of Golf Digest  for this great article!
Rahm does a lot of his damage with his longest club. “Driving is the best part of my game now,” he says, and his long-ball statistics back it up.
jon-rahm-downline-01               Great set-up with the arms completely relaxed. jon-rahm-downline-02               No manipulation of the clubface ging back jon-rahm-downline-03               Nicely on plane. jon-rahm-downline-04               Ready to attack! jon-rahm-downline-06               Great impact position. jon-rahm-downline-07               Staying steady through impact. jon-rahm-downline-08               A Full Follow-through! To see the rest of this amazing sequence – go here! Source:    Golf Digest  Pictures: 

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