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Understanding the Hip "Slide" on the backswing!

Understanding the Hip “Slide” on the backswing!

Understanding the Hip “Slide” on the backswing!

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I have many students who allow their weight to move over to the outside of the trail foot by allowing a hip “slide.” Unfortunately, this now affects the way they start the downswing.  They have nothing to push off with.  Here, Josh Zander explains, with the help of a teaching-aid, how to keep this from happening in your swing!  I think Josh gets into a bit of a Stack and Tilt position at the top of the backswing, which I don’t really like.  However, that is a lot better than allowing the hip to slide away and get the weight outside the back foot at the top of the backswing.  I also like the use of the training aid.  I have used this in putting, but never in the full swing.  Great idea.

How the proper hip turn helps generate power and proper impact in the golf swing. 

Imagine standing inside a barrel.  The hips stay inside the barrel on the backswing, with the weight still loading onto the back leg.  You now get into what I like to call a baseball pitcher’s windup position.  He would fall over if he allowed the hips to slide laterally.  The hips turn!

By allowing your butt to touch the training aid, you will instantly feel as if there is a slide.  Head to the range and work on this.  You’ll increase your weight shift and body rotation and hit the ball further as a result!

Source: Josh Zander

Thanks for watching – Understanding the Hip “Slide” on the backswing!

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