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Sidehill Lies with Hunter Mahan!

Amateur golfers seem to have more problems with sidehill lies than any other shot.  Almost every time the shot will be poor.  The main reason is not understanding the basic principles of the sidehill lie shots.  Watch and learn as PGA Tour player Hunter Mahan shows you how to master these shots!
Pro V1x loyalist Hunter Mahan shares his setup keys for playing a shot from a sidehill lie with the ball above the feet
Source: Titleist

Is the “Soft Revolution” right for your game?

I have personally put the Callaway SuperSoft golf ball in my bag and I am currently testing to see whether this ball will make a difference to my game.  I certainly like the feel, but am not sure if this ball is right for me with a 100 mph clubhead speed.  I will be at the PGA Merchandise Show later this month and will personally talk to Callaway to get their thoughts on the subject of the “Soft Revolution.”  Watch this site for my report back in early February!  Thanks to Andrew Tursky of GolfWRX for this interesting article!

Everything you need to know about Callaway’s new SuperSoft golf balls

When Callaway did market research on what golfers thought about the feel and the greenside spin of its SuperSoft golf balls, the results showed that 74 percent of golfers thought the feel was “just right.” Only 58 percent of golfers answered the same way about greenside control, however. That’s why the new SuperSoft golf balls are made with a new “Tri-Ionomer” cover, which Callaway says gives the balls both a softer feel and more spin around the greens. How much more spin are we talking about? On a 40-yard shot, Callaway testing showed the 2017 version of the SuperSoft launched with 5035 rpm of spin, while the 2015 version launched with 4950 rpm of spin. It’s change that Callaway’s Senior Director of Golf Ball R&D Dave Bartels says golfers should notice.
To read the rest of the very interesting article and to see whether this ball is for you, go here! Source: Andrew Tursky   GolfWRX Pictures: Callaway Golf.

Hitting the Fairway Woods Solid!

Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf are at it again, this time on a pretty chilly morning by the looks of their gear!  The topic today is one that amateur golfers seem to struggle with fairly often and that is hitting the fairway woods solid.  The big key is controlling the bottom of the arc, because this is right where the impact takes place!  Enjoy!
In todays Impact Show we discuss what is required to pure those fairway metals. The fairway metal is an important weapon in the arsenal of the amateur golfer and is often misunderstood on how to get the best out of it. In the show we use Trackman to get the all important delivery numbers and then give you an easy practical drill in how to hit that pure strike.
Source: Meandmygolf

Learn how to play the Buried Lie in the Bunker with Hank Haney!

This is not the way I teach the buried lie in the bunker, but who am I to argue with Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher Hank Haney?  The key that both of us agree on is that you want the leading edge of the club to hit the sand first and hit DEEP!  Those are the 2 keys to make this shot a whole lot easier!
Hank Haney offers advice on how to recover from a buried lie in the bunker.
Source: Hank Haney   Golf Digest

Is the Shaft in your Driver the Right One for You?

Trying to get the right shaft flex to maximize your driving distance and accuracy is a complicated business.  However, we do have launch Monitors like Trackman, FlightScope and GC2 to make our job a whole lot easier.  Factors to consider are clubhead speed, shaft flex, shaft type, shaft weight, shaft length, launch angle, ball speed and total carry distance.  So to say I swing at 100 mph, will not help unless I take all these other factors into consideration.  Randy of Fried Eggs Golf tries to help, but in the final analysis, you need to see a clubfitter, and be prepared to spend a couple of hours testing to come up with something close to what you need.  Good hunting! It’s experiment time… I use a Ping G driver and three Alta 55 shafts in Stiff, Regular, and Senior to see how flex affects ball-flight. Source: Fried Eggs Golf

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons presented by Kendra Vallone!

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons on the Modern Fundamentals of the Golf Swing is the book that I and many professional golfers grew up reading. Hogan was the ultimate ball striker and despite a major car crash half way through his career, he still managed to win 9 Major Championships.  Thank you, Mr. Hogan, for these great lessons which are still relevant today and thank you, Kendra Vallone, in conjunction with  Cam Elkins for sharing!
Professional golfer, Kendra Vallone runs through the essentials of Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. This video includes “The Grip” and “The Waggle”.
Source: Cam Elkins

Who are the Highest Paid Golfers in the Game? Some might surprise you!

This list put together by Golf Digest, shows just how uneven the playing field is for men and women golfers!  When a golfer like Jason Dufner (who is no slouch on the golf course) is ahead of World #1 Lydia Ko in earnings, that is just wrong!  Folks, start watching the LPGA Tour on TV and you will find these women can really play!  Just as exciting and competitive as the men.

For the first 12 years of the Golf Digest 50 all-encompassing money list, Tiger Woods was No. 1, usually by a wide margin. But reduced play because of injuries and the loss of more than half a dozen A-list endorsement partners after the 2009 scandal caught up to him in 2016, when he fell to No. 3 behind Jordan Spieth and Mickelson. This year, Woods is No. 4 behind Rory McIlroy, Arnold Palmer and Mickelson.










Source: Golf Digest
Pictures: Golf Digest

Impact! The only position in the golf swing that really matters!

With all that has been written, filmed and discussed on how to swing a golf club to produce good shots……. the only position in the golf swing that really matters is IMPACT!  Peter Finch of Peter Finch Golf explains this impact position.  So pay attention.  Once you understand this position you will definitely improve your golf for 2017!
In the final part of this Smash It Long Series, we look at how to improve your impact and help link all the other areas of a powerful golf swing together.
Source: Peter Finch Golf

Have you made your 2017 New Years Resolutions Yet?

Here are a few New Years Resolutions from the staff of to help you make your decisions.  I really like #4.
It’s that time of year, a time to reflect and look back over the last year and plan (with unwavering dedication) to do things a little differently in the coming year. Here at the Hole19 offices, we’re no different. We’ve been asking ourselves how we’re going to level-up our games in 2017 – here’s what we came up with: 1) “Spend less on golf balls” This is actually kind of a summary for the numerous “spend more time inbounds” and “avoid water like the wicked witch of the west” type resolutions we all seemed to have. For the most part, this is about knowing the course and playing percentage golf; looking at the shot, weighing up the risks and avoiding this kind of agony: 2) “Shake things up a bit” We’ve got some great courses nearby. It’s not that we’re bored, far from it. But we’re looking to 2017 as a year to broaden our horizons and play on pastures new. Thankfully, we’ve got our 40,000 strong, course database to help us pick from golf courses near and far. 3) “Dial it in within 120 yards” One from our CEO, Anthony. That’s not the only reason it made the list. It’s a darn good resolution. It can be tempting (and fun!) to get to the practice range and just smash balls into the distance. Not all that productive though. Spending a few hours a week honing that approach play on varying range targets will see you reap serious benefits on-course. Here’s one drill from Peter Finch we’ll be trying out:

Just the thing to improve your golf swing rhythm!

Golf is like dancing, if you have no rhythm you cannot do well.  Some people have better rhythm than others as we can all see with golfers on the PGA and LPGA Tours.  Golfers like Ernie Els, Freddy Couples, and Louis Oosthuizen make us all a little jealous.  Today, Chris Ryan of ChrisRyanGolf gives uncoordinated golfers new hope!
Chris Ryan demonstrates a fantastic yet simple drill that can be done during practice to help with both rhythm, tempo and making and is also great if you are making any swing changes.
Source: ChrisRyanGolf