Which is your favorite logo on the PGA Tour?

You just have to see a product with an umbrella on it and you know immediately Arnold Palmer has put his stamp of approval on that item!  Branding has become big business around the world and an outstanding logo will definitely set you apart from your competition.  My Favorite?  Gary Player’s “Knights Head” logo.  Simple but says it all about the man.  Which is your favorite logo on the PGA Tour?  Comments, please.
If you’re not building your brand in today’s world, what are you really doing? Well, as it turns out, golfers are their own brands and some of the most iconic names in the sport are synonymous with bears, umbrellas, or in Phil’s case, themselves. Here’s a look at the 10 of the best Tour pro logos over the years. Air Phil

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 Phil threw his hat into the logo game ring at the start of his 2017 season by introducing us to “Air Phil.” By far one of the most hilarious on this list, it’s of course, a tribute to his 2004 Masters win. Thumbs up, Phil!
The Lion 

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The man, the myth, the legend John Daly uses this lion as his logo. It screams business in the front and party in the back, kind of like Long John himself. Grip it and rip it! The Shark

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The Shark has been a longtime favorite in the logo world. Its sleek design and unique colors always stood out, especially when Greg Norman wore that phenomenal straw hat. The Golden Bear

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The Golden Bear is a timeless classic. Jack Nicklaus was truly the man to carry that name. With his golden flowing locks and ferociousness on the course, it just was perfect. Spieth

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Jordan Speith unveiled this logo not too long ago, but you already see grown men wearing the initials of 23-year-old’s initials on their caps. What a world! It is pretty sweet looking though.
To see the other 5 of the Top 10 Golf Logos, go here! Source: Swing by Swing Pictures:  

The 3 Best Business Lessons we can all learn from Arnold Palmer!

Every single golfer on the planet loved Arnold Palmer!  That is a statement I can make with confidence.  And Arnold amassed a fortune with his swashbuckling style, good looks, and magnetic personality!  But Arnold was smart enough to know that just playing golf and winning money was not enough.  So he slowly and methodically built a huge business empire of products all across the spectrum through TV commercials and magazine ads.  If you want to learn about business, learn from this great man!  Thanks to Tanner Simkins for Entrepreneur for sharing this educational article! 5688381415_c91435809a_b
  In September earlier this year the world lost golf’s patriarch, Arnold Palmer. His stellar playing career aside, Palmer’s biggest achievements stretched well beyond the game. Known today as the originator of sports marketing, Palmer was one of the first athletes to turn his name into a brand. Using his image and business acumen, Palmer’s empire was valued at approximately $700 million upon his death. Here are three lessons business owners can learn from Arnold Palmer. Related: 5 Lessons Golf Teaches About How to Succeed at Your Business

1. Take measured risks, explore new opportunities.

At a time when athletes focused simply on their performance, Palmer opted to create a brand out of who he was on and off the fairway. This approach was not only entirely new to golf, it made him one of the most successful athletes of any sport well after his playing days ended. In his lifetime, he earned almost $4 million on the golf course; while earning more than 100 times that off it. In 2013 alone, Palmer made $40 million despite not playing a round of competitive golf since 2006. It was was unheard of for golfers to become household names, but Palmer was the first golfer to successfully break out of the golfing mold and gain widespread popularity among a variety of people. Later in life, Palmer attributed his brand equity to his willingness to stretch his business endeavors outside the narrow realm of golf. Palmer’s business ventures and diverse portfolio of endorsements all flowed through parent company Arnold Palmer Enterprises. This enabled Palmer to put his branded signature on golf clubs, lawn mowers, sunglasses and other products from cardigan sweaters to cigarettes and everything in between. Over the years Palmer was endorsed by Coca-Cola, Rolex, Cadillac, Hertz, United Airlines, Penzoil, Heinz, Callaway and many more. Palmer’s branding genius even extended to his self-made lemonade/ice tea blend dubbed “an Arnold Palmer”; now commercially licensed to AriZona Beverage Co. In 2015, the “Arnold Palmer” beverage alone eclipsed $200 million in sales. Early stage companies can look to Arnold Palmer as a model of effective diversification.
To see the other two business lessons we can learn from Arnold Palmer, go here! Source : Tanner Simkins    Entrepreneur Pictures : Getty Images

Which EquipCo will get Tigers Endorsement? Prizes for the best guess!

Tiger is back as the hottest property in golf and he has not even picked up a club and swung it in a competitive round!  Wow, that is marketing power!  The entire world is abuzz with Tigers announcement that he will “hopefully” return to competitive golf at the Safeway Open in October.  With Nike withdrawing from the golf equipment race, who will get Tiger’s endorsement?    and  of Golf Digest give us their 6 questions on Tiger and his possible choice of new equipment.  I’m giving away a 3 day school at the Mel Sole Golf School, to the first correct guess of which EquipCo that signs Tiger!  Just post your comments below and I will award the prize the day of this eagerly awaited news!

With the news that Tiger Woods is hoping to return to competitive golf in October, there remains the lingering issue of what clubs he’ll play now that Nike has announced it is his exiting the equipment business.


1. Is Tiger obligated to use Nike equipment when he returns?

Not even close. In fact, he’s not obligated to use any of it. Woods, like other Nike staff players, is essentially an equipment free agent, able to play any clubs or ball he chooses (although in order to keep his Nike contract intact, Woods must wear the company’s hat, apparel and footwear). That doesn’t mean that all of a sudden his bag is going to be filled with non-swooshed products. Since Nike’s announcement that it was exiting the equipment arena, some of its players have slowly begun making the transition to other equipment—although none has made a wholesale change. Rather it’s been dipping the toes in the equipment waters with a club here and there so far. Rory McIlroy changed to a Scotty Cameron by Titleist putter as has Brooks Koepka. Russell Henley and Jamie Lovemark each changed to Titleist’s Pro V1x golf ball, with Lovemark also playing a TaylorMade M2 driver.

2. What are the odds that Tiger signs a new equipment deal by the time he returns?

You have to look at this question from multiple directions. First, his deal with Nike to wear its apparel and shoes hasn’t changed (and it’s believed to be a figure higher than any other current player’s deal), so financially it would be silly for Tiger to enter into a deal that would force him to walk away from the Nike contract, which is set to expire at the end of 2018. Second and conversely, equipment companies that might be pursuing a club or ball deal with Tiger Woods might find themselves a little hamstrung in that Tiger might agree to use their clubs but he’ll be doing so wearing Nike’s swoosh from head to toe, with no other logos showing. Third, he’s planning to test the competitive waters for the first time in over a year after using and testing only Nike clubs precisely tuned to his peculiar swing tendencies for the last decade-plus. A wholesale equipment change brought on by a new contract signed in the next month seems about as likely as Tiger playing the Ryder Cup as a warmup event. Plain and simple, it’s hard to see how now would be the time to make that kind of change.

3. Yeah, but if he does, who are the contenders?

The number of golf equipment companies who might be in a position to pursue Tiger’s asking price on the equipment side is likely limited to Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist and wild card PXG. Callaway has its old horse Hall of Famer already in Phil Mickelson, TaylorMade is in the midst of a reorganization and likely sale that surely will limit its marketing spend and clearly will be focused on finding money—the kind of money Tiger Woods might be seeking—to pay the likes of Jason Day and/or Dustin Johnson and/or Justin Rose. Titleist? Titleist sued Nike after Tiger’s infamous hackey-sack commercial, when Tiger at the time had contracts with both Nike and Titleist. While those scars have healed, Titleist doesn’t have a track record of signing older players who haven’t been playing their clubs for a while. PXG? Not likely. Company founder Bob Parsons, who indicated he was interested in Rory McIlroy, told Golf Digest last month, “There’s no doubt that Tiger has been an icon in the game, that no one has done as much for golf as anyone in history and he’s highly respected for that, but I don’t know that his game is what it once was.” Which perhaps leads us to one final point: He’s ranked No. 711 in the world, hasn’t played a “full” season in three years, is coming off three back surgeries and the last equipment company he had a contract with just got out of the business. Is this really how you would want to spend some serious marketing dollars?


To see the rest of the questions about Tiger and his equipment, go here!

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Pictures : Golf Digest

5 Top Reasons to Buy Refurbished Golf Balls! Love #5!

Retrieving lost golf balls is a huge business, and Gary Kreuger’s company Lost Balls is no exception.  Collecting lost golf balls, cleaning them, repainting them and then reselling them has been a profitable business for Gary.  After playing on the PGA Tour for a few years, Gary decided that finding others people’s golf balls was far more profitable and has not looked back since.  Check out this interesting interview with Gary, talking about the refurbished golf ball business, presented by Golf Digest Stix!
Lost Balls CEO Gary Krueger discusses his business, which captures and resells golf balls at discounted prices.
Q&A: Gary Krueger
Mostly by contracting divers to go into ponds and lakes at golf courses in 43 states, Lost Balls sold 43 million recycled balls in 2015. In the company’s 24-year history, they’ve recycled more than half a billion balls. CEO Gary Krueger, who played on the PGA Tour in the 1980s, answered five questions from Keely Levins. Ball manufacturers say balls that have been submerged under-perform. The majority of your golf balls come from the water—are manufacturers wrong? Wet golf balls aren’t a bad thing. We’ve done independent testing of recycled and refinished balls with the Iron Byron. And there’s virtually no difference off a driver—just a yard or two. Sometimes the recycled and refinished go further. I think it was more of an issue back when we had balata balls. With liquid centers and winding, if you left them in a hot trunk they’d become egg-shaped. But now with two-, three- or four-piece construction golf balls, you don’t have those issues. How can you make an old ball as good as new? We take balls with discoloration or scrapes, and we take those balls and strip the paint off of them and repaint that surface. This happens in a factory that makes new golf balls—with all the same equipment. The balls are painted, stamped with the original logo and sidestamped with the word ‘refinished,’ so everyone knows. Then the ball is coated with polyurethane to seal it. Cosmetically, it’s brought back to its original condition. It’s not exactly like new, but they perform virtually like new.
To read the other 3 questions asked of Gary Krueger of Golf Digest Stix, go here! Source : Golf Digest Stix Pictures : Golf Digest Stix   a.don.is  

PGA Merchandise Show from 1954 to 2016. Amazing growth!

Next week is the start of the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, one of the biggest trade shows of the year and certainly the biggest in the golf industry!  I go down pretty much every year for 3 reasons. One, I take continuing education classes to keep up with the ever changing world of teaching golf.   Two, I get to see all the latest technology as it pertains to teaching. Three, I get to see old friends, go out to dinner and generally catch up. What a great week.  This year I will also be attending the “Top 100 Teachers” seminar the two days prior to the start of the show. If ever you get a chance to go down to Orlando, make a point of going to the Orange County Convention Center and visiting the show.  It is nothing short of spectacular! Thanks to The PGA of America for providing these pictures.  From what looked like a very small start at the PGA National Golf Club in Dunedin, FL to what it has become now is nothing short of amazing.  Check out these pictures through the years.
PGA Show 1954

PGA Show 1954

PGA Show - 1964

PGA Show – 1964

Attendees demo equipment on the driving range at Demo Day held during the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show at Orange County National Golf Club in Winter Garden, Florida, USA, on Wednesday, January 28, 2009. (Photo by Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America)

Attendees demo equipment on the driving range at Demo Day held during the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show at Orange County National Golf Club in Winter Garden, Florida, USA, on Wednesday, January 28, 2009. (Photo by Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America)

The 57th PGA Merchandise Show at The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA, on Thursday, January 28, 2010. (Photo by Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America)

The 57th PGA Merchandise Show at The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA, on Thursday, January 28, 2010. (Photo by Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America)

To see all the pictures through the years, go here! Source : PGA of America Pictures : PGA of America     Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America

Do you use Golf to improve your Business?

Golf can build relationships that can last a lifetime!

Golf can build relationships that can last a lifetime!

It seems to me that customer golf or business golf is in a big decline.  Too bad, because it is such a powerful business tool to help build relationships that will carry over into the sales office or boardroom.  To join a golf club and not use it for business purposes is like joining a health club and not working out. I would like to share a story that happened to me, which shows how powerful golf can be when you need something to happen business-wise. I was the Head Professional at Humewood Golf Club in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  I had ordered a consignment of golf caps from the USA.  When they finally arrived in SA, I received a notice from the Customs Office that in order to have these caps released, I had to pay for both the caps and the customs duty.  This amounted to a fairly large sum of money that I did not have at the time. I immediately requested assistance from my assistant bank manager, a non-golfer, who turned down my request for a loan.  If I did not pay for my caps within 1 week the caps would be returned to the US.
Playing golf with my bank manager saved my business.

Playing golf with my bank manager saved my business.

Knowing that the Bank Manager was a member of my club, I requested the club secretary to schedule me with the bank managers foursome on Saturday afternoon. I did not know him personally, and had only met him very briefly at a function at the club.  While we were playing golf (and after giving him a helpful tip) I mentioned that I had a shipment of caps that I needed to get out of customs.  “How much do you need?” he said.  I told him.  “Go ahead and write a check on Monday, the funds will be in your account”  Wow, it was that easy.  I got my caps, they sold extremely well, and I was able to repay the loan inside of 30 days. Without that round of golf on the course with my bank manager ( who now was also someone I knew I could approach in the future) I would never have had the opportunity to sell those caps! Use your golf club membership to take your business to another level! Source : Mel Sole Golf School Pictures : Sue Cline    

A Nightclub, Putt-Putt Course and WWII Bunker all in one!

This is the type of place that golfers are going to swarm to!  A bar, restaurant and putt-putt in a great setting of an underground WWII bunker!  The perfect place for a corporate outing or upscale birthday party, the uses are endless.  The next time I am in London, I will definitely seek this place out! Thanks to Matt Grech-Smith for the video and Swing by Swing for the interesting article.  Be sure to check out the link below to see additional pictures of this establishment!
Swingers – the 9 hole crazy-golf pop-up – was the first venture brought to you by the Institute of Competitive Socialising. Located at Factory 7, Hearn Street, London E1, it ran from September 2014 to February 2015.
This putt-putt course that’s coming to London in early 2016 may be one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. Housed in an old WWII bunker, the 16,000 sq. foot venue will feature: – 2 story clubhouse with a gin terrace – Three food outlets – Four cocktail drenched bars – Live DJ – Spaces for private, group and corporate hires
To see the rest of the beautiful pictures of the soon to open club, go here! Source : Swing by Swing Video : Matt Grech-Smith

9 holes of golf in a ballpark! What a great idea!

 What a fantastic idea!  9 holes of golf in a ballpark.  Not just any ballpark, but Petco Park, the home of the San Diego Padres.  Partnering with Callaway Golf, these two corporate giants have come up with a marketing scheme that is a home run!  Hitting from 9 different spots within the stadium to designated greens, 144 golfers will get a chance to have some fun!  Thanks to Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway for back9network.com for this fun piece!
If you’re a true golf nut, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself daydreaming at a Major League Baseball game about the sport you love. You imagine the perfect lie you’d get on Augusta-like grass, perfectly manicured in the outfield. You do the math that straight away center field, at around 400 feet, seems forever away for a ball player, but really is only about 130 yards and a wedge or 9-iron for you to clear. Well, snap out of that daydream because Callaway and the San Diego Padres have teamed up to create The Links at Petco Park, a 9-hole golf experience that will allow golfers to hit shots from around the Padres home ball park to greens situated in the outfield of the stadium.

“San Diego is a premier golf destination and Callaway is a premier golf brand, so partnering on this event makes perfect sense,” Padres Vice President of Corporate and Event Revenue Jeremy Horowitz said in a press release. “The opportunity to play golf inside a Major League ballpark does not come along every day. We are looking forward to working with Callaway to make this an unforgettable experience, and to seeing our partnership grow over the coming years.”

“We’re always trying to provide authentic golf experiences with our products that are unique and engaging, and that’s exactly what this partnership with the Padres is about,” said Callaway Sr. VP of Marketing Harry Arnett. “Playing a nine-hole course at a venue like Petco Park with Callaway golf clubs and balls will be a once-in-a-lifetime round, and we are excited to be a part of it.”

To check out the rest of how this is going to work, go here!

Source : back9network.com  Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway

Pictures : back9network.com

New Golf Wipes . Cool way to Clean Clubs/Balls While Playing!

Gila Golf Wipes were designed by golfers for golfers.

They are pre-treated with a cleaning solution, and feature a soft, smooth side to clean your ball and a textured side to effectively clean your club faces.

Quick and easy! I will get some of these for my next round, instead of relying on a dirty towel and minimal access to water on some courses.

Play better with clean gear!  To purchase go here!

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How to Organize a Charity Golf Tournament. Tips for Success from the Pros.

Most of us have played in at least one tournament which raises funds for a worthy cause. In the last 3 years, I’ve seen a great increase in the number of charity tournaments. My golf school donates lessons to at least 25 of those events every year. In the rare instance that I’m not teaching on the tournament day, I will also play in it. The camaraderie of friends and other golfers make it a fun, feel-good experience. Recently, a relative of mine was charged with setting up a charity tournament, and she has learned a great deal about committees, volunteers, sponsors, and more. To learn all you can about raising the most funds possible, getting players and sponsorships on board, etc. fast-track to these 15 videos provided by Mike Becks at eHow.com:  
Cookouts are an intregel part of a successful charity golf event.

Cookouts are an integral part of a successful charity golf event.

Learn all about organizing a charity golf tournament in this free video series.

Series Summary

Golf is a social sport. It brings people of all ages together to share in the same frustration: getting a little ball into a hole. Like most sports, golf is enhanced with companions. For instance, who will believe you made that birdie on the 4th hole if no one was there? Friends not only promote bragging rights, they also help you cope with your tipple boggy. For this reason (and many others), golf has evolved into one of the most popular games around. Golf has been played for centuries, and though there is the obvious appeal of competition, it is by no means the only reason to play the game. Today, charity golf tournaments are extremely popular and very successful. People love coming together to play the game especially if it is for a good cause.In this video series, learn about how to organize a charity golf tournament. Mike Becks offers great advice to plan your own charity event. He illustrates the importance of locations, committees, and volunteers. Mike also helps you realize how you can get sponsors for your charity golf tournament. With his tips, you can raise more money for your charity than you ever thought possible. So, before you start your next fund raising activity, watch these tips and learn how to organize a charity golf tournament today!
Listing 1-15 of 15 videos
  • How to Organize Volunteers for a Charity Golf Tournament

    Learn about organizing volunteers for a charity golf tournament, soliciting help, positions to fill, and how many volunteers you will need in this free video clip.Read More

  • How to Raise More Funds in a Charity Golf Tournament

    Learn about the value of a super ticket in organizing a charity golf tournament by simplifying the number of tickets required to participate in events in this free video clip. Read More

  • Award Ceremony Advice for Charity Golf Tournaments

    Learn what to do at an award ceremony in a charity golf tournament in this free expert video clip. Read More

To see all 15 video’s on organizing a charity golf tournament, click here. Source : eHow.com Pictures : Rob Stinnett