The “Top 25″ Viral Golf Videos. Here are the next 3!

To continue in our series of “Top 25” Viral Golf Videos here are numbers 4 through 6!  Be sure to visit tomorrow to see the next 3! A Model tries to get Rory’s attention.  Fail! In this funny video by America’s Funniest Home Videos, we’re thinking this man got a little too close to this goose’s babies. Momma attacks! This bear warmed our hearts with his/her flagstick dance. Aww. Source : doctordonal  Americas Funnies Home Video’s   Andi Dzilums 

The "Top 25" Viral Golf Videos. Here are the first 3!

Here is the fist in a series of 8 “Viral Golf Videos” I will be posting over the next few days.  The first 3 give you a taste of what’s to come.  Be sure to visit tomorrow for the next 3! 1. Great friends, Incredible teamwork, and amazing execution! Thanks to Zachary Christman and Eric Angeles for submitting to us 2. Bubba seemed more excited to hole this putt than he was to win a second green jacket. 3. We’re not sure the exact distance (Six feet? Eight feet?) and we know this was just practice for the Tour Championship, but McIlroy nearly matching Joe DiMaggio’s magic number was just another example of why he emerged as the clear World No. 1 in 2014.   Source : 59 Life  Bubba Watson  PGA Tour

Golf Bloopers from the Pros!

We all sit at home and admire how the top players in the world can make the game look so easy.  But we almost revel in the fact that they too are human and when they hit one of those “weekender” shots, we smile and think “ahh I’ve played a shot like that!” Here are some of those to familiar golf bloopers played by the best players in the world! Source : 1 Step to Better Golf