Skipping your ball across the water is a Money shot!

Skipping your ball across the water hazard in front of a green is really fun, and takes a special kind of shot.  The club selection, the stance and the execution are all important.  Check out the technique needed to play this shot as demonstrated by model Kelly Rohrbach and professional golfer Blair O’Neal.  Learning from them would be even more fun than the shot itself!  Thanks go to the Golf Digest team for the “Sexiest Shots in Golf” video series!
Kelly Rohrbach was recently named Sports Illustrated’s Rookie of the year, but she is no novice when it comes to golf.  Along with Blair O’Neal, the model and former college golfer shows you how to skip your ball across the water with a low-lofted club.
Picture : Matt

A Cool Way to Display A Corporate Logo. 140,000 Golf Balls!

At last week’s Waste Management Phoenix Open, fans and players alike were treated to a truly unique golf tournament. The theme is to raise awareness of how everyone can reduce waste and recycle basically anything, including golf balls.  Tournament organizers added some real personality to the event with a creative display on the 18th hole.   Over 140,000 golf balls were used to make that Waste Management Corporate Logo, and as the time lapse video shows, tournament employees had to go through a painstakingly slow process to make it happen.  A second floating design was used on the 15th hole at TPC Scottsdale, this time consisting of 75,000 recycled golf tees. Pretty cool stuff.
The water holes at TPC Scottsdale presented a challenge for the PGA TOUR pros—and an opportunity for us to celebrate the tournament’s green initiatives. On 18, we created a floating logo that repurposed 140,000 used golf balls, later donated to a local youth charity. On 15, we built a second floating display, this one incorporating 750,000 tees made from recycled plastic. Next year, they’ll be used again.
Source : wastemanagement

Sometimes even an Instructor will say “Not Interested!”

As a golf instructor, I admit that there are a few golfers for whom taking lessons would be detrimental to their games.  Look at some of the unorthodox golf swings on the Champions Tour in particular.  These guys would never have made it if an instructor changed their swings after they had turned pro.  The current batch of PGA Tour players all grew up having lessons, looking at video, so they know what a good golf swing looks and feels like.  But for some amateurs, who golf only for fun and enjoy being out in the fresh air, why care what their unorthodox swings look like, if it gets them around the course in a respectable manner?   This gentleman in the video looked like he hit a pretty good shot.  Good on ya mate!

Thanks to  of Golf Digest for this interesting video!

If you are lucky, you have a grandparent that plays golf. All the sage advice coupled with a (usually) hitchy golf swing makes for an excellent playing partner.

But sometimes, that swing can get extra hitchy. Reddit user SlimJones123 uploaded this swing video, titling it ‘Grandpa’s Golf Swing.’

Honestly, I can’t tell if it’s bad, good, horrific or perfect. I’ve watched it so many times that I think I’m hypnotized.

Source :    Golf Digest Picture : Copyright: toonerman / 123RF Stock Photo

4 Top 10 Players Play Speed Golf on Hoverboards. Scary Fun!

The Abu Dhabi Golf Championship always features a fun photo opportunity.This year’s offering is a really fun video showing McIlroy, Stenson, Rose, Spieth and Fowler challenging each other, on hoverboards!, to get 2 golf balls in a hole as fast as possible.
Who says the millennials don’t know how to have fun? Listen to their laughter and watch the physical jostling by Spieth and Stenson while putting.
I empathize however, with Geoff Shackelford, who provided this article, when he asks..”Did any agents suffer heart attacks in the filming of this?” Source : Made in Mind

Can Your Dog Can Make You a Better Golfer? I’m Serious!

One of my biggest goals with students is to instill in them a desire to practice. The key to ingraining the improvements we achieved in their golf school session is to regularly practice their personally-prescribed drills. But it is an uphill battle at times because I hear  “I don’t have time,”  “I have to walk the dog”….
Exactly!  Now you can take your dog for exercise and get in some quality practice at the same time. This terrific video from Golf Digest shows a young woman and her golf-loving Weimaraner dog, ‘Viktor,’ sharing a fun practice round together. Aga Artka of Wisconsin says that because of her dog’s excitement when they head out to a nearby field with a couple of clubs and some balls, she performs this routine much more often than previously. She says that her dog is definitely making her a better golfer.
Most dogs love tennis balls, but not Viktor. Get to know the golf-obsessed canine who’d prefer to play caddy over catch.
Source : Golf Digest
Picture : judy dean

Golf Fan should have been Wearing a Cup? Ouch!

I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Gulbis in 2014 when she was a representative for a large group of courses in the Myrtle Beach SC area.  Natalie visited Pawleys Plantation, which she called her ‘home away from home’ and which has hosted my golf school for the last 25 years. After a full day of filming promos and sharing our favorite golf jokes, I decided that Natalie was a truly charming LPGA Professional.  However….I did not take a nap in her presence! Check out the way my sweet Natalie wakes up a napping golf fan in the bleachers!
Watch the beautiful pro golfer Natalie Gulbis hit some poor schmuck (me) sleeping in the stands during a practice round with a golf ball. Amazing shot!
Source : Bill Von Fumetti  

A prank that backfires on the prankster! Good!

Here is a case of not taking responsibility for your actions.  These two punks thought they could mess with two “old guys” and have a little fun with their remote controlled car.  They started pushing the golfers golf balls around the green, chuckling all the time.  But the chuckles turned to outrage when one of the golfers made a perfect swing to send the car into orbit!  What made me laugh was these youngsters had a hard time outrunning their much older “target.”  Well played gentlemen!
Two boys try to play a prank on some old men playing golf… you be the judge of who got played!
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As you get ready to hit your shot – wham! You get hit by a cart!

Have you ever got hit by a cart on the golf course?  I certainly hope not.  This amazing video (although obviously fake) really gives you a fright the moment it happens.  The producers of this commercial for a Danish company named LANLET must have had fun making this!  Thanks to Swing by Swing for sharing the fun video!
Usually if a nightmare involves the game of golf, it will be about a money match you lost, your clubs getting snapped in half after they go through airport security or just straight up not knowing what in the world is going on with your swing. I mean are we right or are we right? Well, after watching this Danish commercial, which involves a golfer getting run over by a golf cart, there may be another scenario popping up in your head. This poor guy was just getting ready to stick his second shot close, brag to his buddy about it and WHAM! Alright, maybe it’s fake, but we guarantee the image will go through your head at least once in your next round.
Source : Swing by Swing

The Golf Shot Boys do their trick shot thing! Part 2.

World Trick Shot Champion Geoff Swain is sponsored by Ian Poulter’s Clothing company  so it was no surprise that he invited Ian over for a trick shot challenge.  Poulty didn’t do that bad.  Enjoyable video thanks to COBRA PUMA GOLF. Don’t try these on the range with that new driver, unless you want to snap the shaft!
COBRA’s “What’s in Your Locker” series kicks off with a video of Ian Poulter attempting trick golf shots with World Trick Shot Champion Geoff Swain. Ian keeps up nicely with Geoff, hitting forehands, backhands, serves, ricochet, and variety of shots you won’t likely see on any self-respecting golf course.

The Golf Shot Boys do their trick shot thing! Part 1.

Golf trick shots have become really popular recently.  All over the world people are practicing their skills and crating new tricks every day.  The Golf Trick Shot Boys, Geoff Swain and Kevin Carpenter join the growing list of talented trick shot artists.  This is part 1 of a 2 part series with these two.  Look out for the next video coming up immediately after this one!
Golf Trick Shot Boys Geoff Swain and Kevin Carpenter demonstrating unbelievable golf tricks at the stunning Saadiyat Beach, Abu Dhabi. If you like what you see than don’t forget to hit that like button. Many more awesome trick shots coming your way!
Source : Golf Trick Shot Boys