You can talk to Jason Day while he’s putting. He’ll still beat you!

Recently, Golf Digest set up a 9-Ball Pool challenge on a putting green to test the skills of PGA Tour winner Jason Day. Just like in a real billiards game, the balls were racked in pockets and Day had to break them using a putter and a cue ball. Watch this fun video to see what Jason scored and what made it more difficult! Thanks to Golf Digest for this fun and entertaining video!
Source : Golf Digest
Picture : Keith Allison

Bryan Brothers are at it again. This time at the Callaway office!

The Bryan brothers are trick shot artists supremo!  I have featured many of their videos over the past few months, and this time they visited the offices of Callaway Golf to wreak some havoc with the furnishings! They certainly know how to have some fun!  Thanks to Bryan Bros Golf for sharing!
We stopped by the Callaway offices and decided to have some fun. A basketball goal, squishy ball and a MD3 milled wedge were all we needed to make a video. Enjoy!
Source : Bryan Bros Golf

Is this the Luckiest Putt You’ve Ever Seen?

Your Jaw Will Drop When You See This Putt by PGA Player Matt Kuchar.
We all know that there is a certain amount of luck involved, in addition to skill, when we shoot our lowest score ever or we win a tournament.  All of us have also seen bad luck befall a golfer  when he/she least expects it.  Good luck is hitting a poor shot and watching it hit something to curve it back into the fairway and up onto the green.  Bad luck occurs when you’ve hit a great shot, only to have it hit the cart path sign and careen out of bounds.
As far as putting luck goes, I have never seen one as lucky as this, with Matt Kuchar in October 2015 at the Fiji International.
Please let us all experience this just once in a tournament!
My own “luckiest putt” occurred in 1969 at Observatory Golf Club just outside Johannesburg, South Africa.  I had about a 6 foot putt on the last green to win quite a lot of money in a match.  I read the putt to be about 2″ outside the left edge of the cup.  There was a lot of pressure with this putt, and I made a terrible stroke.  I pushed the ball off to the right and lo and behold, the ball curled to the left and went in the center of the cup!  Never forgot that one!
Thanks to the PGA of Australia for sharing this video!
Picture : Keith Allison

What Do 60 Jordan Spieths Look Like? Check it out!

Jordan Spieth is currently competing in the 2015 Australian Open, which he won in 2014.
When I saw this story depicting Spieth giving a clinic to 60 Junior golfers at Emirates Australian Open Village, I had to share it.
First of all, it’s just fun to see 60 girls and boys all lined up with Jordan, and dressed in Spieth-wear. Blue shirts, white slacks and white cap.
Secondly, I love the comment by the Pro from MyGolf (Australia’s Nat’l Junior program) where he asks in what other sport do you find the No. 1 player taking time out to give clinics to kids? Look at the smiles on those faces!
Thanks to Golf Australia for sharing!
Source : Golf Australia

Join Charl Schwartzel on an awesome helicopter ride in Dubai!

Something that I was not aware of is that Charl Schwartzel, Masters Champion, is also a qualified helicopter pilot!  So when he and Louis Oosthuizen were in Dubai for the season ending DP World Tour Championship on the European Tour, Charl decided that it would be neat to commute to the hotel via a Bell helicopter.  Join Charl & Louis as they give you a birds eye view of Dubai and the Atlantis, The Palm – the Official Hotel for the DP World Tour Championship.  As usual, thanks to the European Tour for sharing this awesome video! Source : European Tour

Who Am I? Name these Golf Pros to Win!

This is a fun contest where Golf Digest asks 3 rookie Pros to name famous golf Pros, based on the clues they are provided. Play the game yourself, where you try to beat Emiliano Grillo, Chez Reavie and Patton Kizzire for the most correct answers. Let me give you two examples of clues here: I have stuffed bulls for head covers.” WHAT? I was the first golfer to surpass 10 million in career earnings.” The rookies could not guess that one!
Do you know golf pros better than the pros themselves? Coming off of big years on the tour and now 2015 rookies on the PGA tour, Emiliano Grillo, Chez Reavie, and Patton Kizzire compete in the second round of a golf trivia quiz, where they have to guess professional golfers based on clues provided. How many did you answer correctly? Comment below.
Source : Golf Digest  Picture : Alex Bertolini

You Have NEVER Seen Golf Played This Way!

Every Christmas I go to Mexico and teach at Club de Golf Malinalco, a great golf course in central Mexico, for 3 weeks. I can testify that many of the streets have an insane number of potholes, and most are very large! The locals skillfully navigate around these, and the situation is considered normal. The first “Urban Golf Tournament” was created by a group of avid cyclists in the town of San Luis Potosi, to raise awareness of the poor condition of the town’s roads. The success of the tournament has led to expansion in other towns and cities in Mexico. Watch this video to see the fun in negotiating a route around the potholes, having started from 3 different stations, and ending by getting the ball into the crazy holes. Best thing about this? These former non-golfers have become golfers, and say “Go Play! You can golf in the streets or parks or wherever you like!”
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Picture : Guillaume Simon

Keegan Bradley vs The Drone. You know who’s going to win!

I guess you don’t want to annoy Keegan Bradley when he is practicing his putting.  If you do he is going to retaliate and this drone soon found out!  A perfectly timed 6 iron on the perfect trajectory took the annoying culprit out of the sky forever!  Back to your putting Keegan! The constant buzz of the drone filming overhead has distracted Pro Golfer Keegan Bradley — and affected his putting. Fed up, he turns the tables on the DJI Phantom Drone. The GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition attached to its underside captures the results. Source : Putnam Investments  

Bigger Ball – Better Golf? 2 Big Reasons You Will Watch This!

I started playing golf in 1964 at a time when most of the Commonwealth Countries played the “British Ball” which was 1.62 inches in diameter.  I did not know that Americans played a bigger ball than other countries, in professional golf. The “American Ball” was 1.68 inches.  In 1966 I was introduced to the “big ball” and some people said that although it did not go as far, it putted a lot better.  It did no such thing for me unfortunately. Thanks to this cool old video from British Pathe, we get to see the late Bob Rosburg as the lone American pro, playing with other winners of the time, Peter Thompson, Dai Rees and Christy O’Connor. This 1960 match in Wentworth, England, was planned so that the Europeans could try out the American ball.  The winner’s check was 1250 British Pounds.  A caddie would get more these days! This old golf video is worth watching for 2 reasons:
  • seeing how incredibly young Peter Thompson and Christy O’Connor look
  • hearing hilarious words of commentator describe Bob Rosburg’ golf.
Source : British Pathé

12 of the Unluckiest Shots on the European Tour in 2015!

We have all experienced good and bad luck on the course.  We tend to remember the bad luck shots more for some reason.  Here are 12 of the unluckiest shots on the European Tour in 2015.  What I don’t understand is how some of these golfers (like Henrik Stenson) get really mad.  They were aiming at the flag weren’t they?  They should be pleased that they hit it.  No? Thanks to the European Tour for sharing!
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Source : European Tour