2 PGA Tour Players play night golf for Charity. This is Cool!

If you have never played night golf, you have to try it!  It is great fun and I have played several times.  If you do it in the name of a Charity, like Jonathan Byrd and Max Homa did at the TPC Southwind, and $5000 goes to the St Jude Children’s Hospital, then it is even better! Thanks to Skratch TV for sharing.  Maybe you could get your course to host a night golf event in the name of a charity of your choice.  Everybody has fun and the charity benefits.  A real win – win night!
Epic battle between two PGA TOUR pros with a $5K donation on the line and glow sticks everywhere.
Source : Skratch TV

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again is this fox’s motto!

I have seen several foxes on golf courses over the years.  Most recently I was playing with my students Bill & Natalie Sims at their home club in Oshawa, Canada.  A family of foxes appeared on one hole and seemed to want to play with us.  The fox in this video just seems to want a play pal all of his own.  I will give him this, he was persistent!  He really believed in the motto “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again!” Thanks to Kyoot Animals for sharing!
Silly fox just wants to play on the golf course by stealing this man’s golf club cover.
Source : Kyoot Animals

The trick shots keep rolling. Introducing the Couroons! Great!

More and more people and groups are getting into the trick shot business.  And for all of us fans, this is just great.  It reminds me of the early days of skateboarding where people were executing increasingly difficult tricks to show how great they were.  The same thing is happening in trick shot golf.  Cannot wait for the next episode!  Thanks to The Couroons for sharing!  
This is the very first Golf Trickshot Edition in the history of The Courooons. Golf became more and more important in our lifes, so we decided to produce Golf Trick Shot Videos as well. We hope you guys like it? Like and Comment to give us advice!
Source :  The Courooons  

Does this sum up the frustrations of golf or what!

Lois’s logic is so perfect.  A non-golfer would think, hit it in the pond, everyone else is!  This is a hilarious cartoon that puts the frustrations of golf into perfect perspective!  The next time you are out golfing with your spouse of friend, be a little more patient than poor Peter here.  Thanks to Kyle Doubrava for sharing this with all of us!
Peter took Lois golfing for the first time and she has some irritating questions.
Source : Kyle Doubrava

Jordan Spieth’s Portrait in Golf Balls! How Cool is That!

How would you like to have your portrait done?  In golf balls!  Wow, this is a really cool idea that AT&T is doing for an advertising campaign starting November 4th, 2015.  If you are in the Dallas, TX area, go and check this out.  Thanks so much to Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway of back9network.com and AT&T for sharing this!  spiethmosaic
It’s tough to say who had a better 2015 season, Jordan Spieth or his sponsors. Either way, things are headed in the right direction for the the 22-year-old Texan’s #brand. One of Spieth’s most prominent sponsors, AT&T, has used its relationship with the top-ranked golfer in the world to do a bit of guerilla marketing at Main Street Gardens in downtown Dallas. The end product, a mosaic of Speith holding his follow through, is available for public viewing through Thursday, Oct. 29. If you’re not sure how 24,152 golf balls can make a picture, here’s a time-lapse video to show you. Each of the 24,000-plus AT&T-logo balls were placed on tees, utilizing the grass beneath them to create negative space and a shading element. The mosaic, which was put together by a team of 25 people, will be the basis for an ad campaign that will roll out on Nov. 4. When the piece is disassembled later this week, the golf balls will be donated to the Dallas chapter of The First Tee and the Northern Texas PGA. A nice gesture, to be sure, but where have we seen another Spieth sponsor possibly use upwards of a couple thousand golf balls…
Source : Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway     back9network.com     AT&T Picture : AT&T

9 of the Craziest Swings on the Planet. I could not believe #2!

February 1st 2016 will be my 50th anniversary as a golf instructor, so I have seen all kinds of swings in my career.  However, these 9 (plus honorable mention for Sir Charles) swings are so crazy, that if one of these people came to me for a lesson I would send them home!  These “craziest swings” videos, presented by Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway for back9network take “owning your own swing” to a whole new level!  Be sure to see the link at the bottom for the rest of these miracles.  I call them miracles, because I think it is a miracle to make contact with any of these swings!  
The Internet is a strange and scary place, especially when you seek out the strange as scary as we did in the spirit of celebrating Halloween. While there is undoubtedly untold amounts of truly vile and twisted material floating around, we were looking for something that would truly scare us. Things that make us cower and look away from our computer, tablet or smartphone; things that give us the goosebumps and make us shudder in our seats. What we found after making the deep dive into the Internet wormhole was truly off-putting, but that’s what Halloween is all about, right? Here, now, are 9 truly scary golf swings. Swings so bad that we physically and verbally responded to seeing them. Scroll on down, if you dare. Honorable Mention Chuck Any scary swing list worth its salt needs to enlist Sir Charles. But by this point, Barkley’s swing is like theScream mask: it was terrifying at first, but now it’s just… there. Thanks for the initiation, Chuck, but we’ve got it from here. No. 9 – The Tunneler Worst1 While it’s a useful shot to have in the bag, there’s no need to hit the low ball every time and squat after it like El Chapo heading through one of his tunnels. No. 8 – The Robot Worst2   This guy is hitting balls in a field next to a highway. Why would you ever bring this out into public? The GIF was not paused at any point, by that way. That’s all tin man, here. No. 7 – The Slap Shot Worst8 Look, it’s great that Happy Gilmore got some hockey players to pick up golf, but acquaint yourself with some fundamentals before heading to the range. Now, let’s channel our favorite heckler from the movie and say it together, “Hah! The tee went further than the ball!”
To view all other 6 crazy swings, go here! Source :  back9network     Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway

Top 10 Bloopers of Angry Golf Professionals! #1 is a Shoe In!

Golf is such a frustrating sport, that it is not a surprise when players occasionally lose their tempers.  However, when we see golf professionals, the top players in the game, lose their composure, it can be funny at times.  Funny to us, but not to them.  I think Sergio is the first golfer I have ever seen who threw his shoe instead of his club! Thanks to David Max for sharing this! Source : David Max

Some more hilarious golf bloopers! I couldn’t do this if I tried!

Each time I look at golf bloopers I wonder about 2 things.  One, how did so many people get videoed doing such crazy shots, and two, what are the odds of hitting such poor shots on cue!  Most of these shots I could not do if I really tried!  I salute the caddie that tried to save his player from going into the lake, only to be pulled in with him!  Thanks to golfsecrets1 for reposting this from AFV! Source : AFV!   golfsecrets1

Seve the Magician! Check out these amazing shots!

Seve Ballesteros was one of, if not the, best short game player in the history of the game.  In his match with Paul Azinger in the Ryder Cup at Kiahwa Island, Seve did not hit the first 9 greens in regulation and was all square with Paul!   He had a huge following throughout the world and we were robbed of watching this entertaining man on the Champions Tour!  Thanks to Sevefan for posting this on Youtube! Source : Sevefan

Can you make a living diving for golf balls? This guy sure can!

Have you ever thought of diving in after your ball when you have dunked one in the pond?  You would be surprised at what you would find!  There are several people who have found this lucrative business an interesting job! Alligators and snakes are a danger, but just part of the diver’s daily encounters!   Thanks to Swing by Swing for bringing us this interesting story!
Meet Glenn Berger, the man who’s making a TON of money off of our crappy golf shots. He makes a living by retrieving 1.3 to 1.7 million golf balls per year.  Wait until you hear what types of objects Glenn has encountered while diving for golf balls.
Source : Swing by Swing