12 Ways to act like a Tour Pro. #8 is so funny!

I love this article that is based on some amateur golfers amusing themselves by imitating Tour Pros. These golfers school you in how to adopt the Tour Player lingo, for example, you did not “get new clubs this season” … rather, you’re “going through an equipment change.” And you’re not “taking lessons” … you’re “going through some swing changes” and you “feel good about where you are in the process.” Love that last one! Also very funny are the correct methods of twirling your club, the subtle wave to the crowd, acting incredibly confused by the wind (one of my favorites), and backing off of a shot because it’s time to blame someone else for something. Hilarious, trust me.  
In order to act like a Tour Pro you need to sign some caps!

In order to act like a Tour Pro you need to sign some caps!

For more ways to act as arrogant as possible on the course, check out: Whether consciously or subconsciously, all golfers are influenced by tour pros in some way, shape or form. You know you’ve mimicked a tour player’s pre-shot routine or swing, bought similar attire, or even reacted similarly to a shot, and you probably do it more often than you think. My friends and I began doing this years ago when we started thinking we were way better than we were. We began intentionally acting as if we were tour pros playing inside the ropes in front of large galleries. What started as a joke morphed into a full fledged side competition and reached the point where we celebrated a well-executed tour mannerism more than a great shot. Below are some ideas for how you can join in on the fun (ordered by degree of ridiculousness). And remember, throw subtlety out the window when trying any of this stuff. We call it #TourSauce. 1. The Lingo You’re a pro now, remember that. You did not “get new clubs this offseason” – rather, you’re “going through an equipment change.” Yes, those 6 year old Mizuno’s you bought at Golf Galaxy count as an equipment change. And don’t forget to throw in some fabricated stat like “I got them bent so my traj is 1.5 degrees lower than last year” or “My ball speed is up 6 miles an hour.” You haven’t been “taking lessons.” Instead, you’re working with a new swing coach. It doesn’t matter that your lessons cost $25/hour at Ranger Rick’s (they just put in lights this year!). You’re going through some swing changes, and you need to make it clear to everyone that you feel good about where you are in “The Process.” Just remember, all the hours you’ve been putting in with the new “physio” you brought on the team a few months ago are going to start paying dividends soon (nevermind that this new “physio” is just the instructor in your group Cardio Jam class at L.A. Fitness). 2. The Twirl This is probably the only tour thing you can do that isn’t completely ridiculous. You may even already do this as part of your routine, but you can absolutely go next level with it. My favorite is the tee shot where the club is twirled away from the body, and the tee is picked out of the ground before the ball has even reached its apex. No need to watch the ball. It really doesn’t even matter if you hit it well – remember, you’re trying to be as arrogant as possible. Tiger Twirl 2 3. The Crowd Wave You wedge in from 130, knocking it to 12 feet, sprinkling goobie dust on it and making your ProV1x dance just a little bit. Your playing partner acknowledges you with a “Good ball.” Your instinct is to reply with a simple, “Thanks.” Resist the urge – even though you’ve missed six greens in a row, you’re not satisfied – 12 feet is mediocre. Remember, you’re playing in front of a gallery. You just stuffed it to 12 feet. There is a smattering of applause. And while you want to acknowledge the applause, the subtlety of the crowd wave is the key here as you need to convey two things: 1) that you’re not thrilled with the shot 2) that you’re still grateful for their adulation.  Basically, you want to find that spot one step above the Tiger crowd wave and one step below the Matt Kuchar smile/Phil Mickelson thumbs-up-fest. This is guaranteed to at least get an eye-roll from your partner, probably to the point that they’re going to stop complimenting your good shots. All for the better. You’ve got the crowd behind you now. The utter silence after you drain your next 15 footer is going to be deafening. NO: Kuchar Wave YES: Stanley Wave A similar move is to work in the casual tug of the hat after picking your ball up out of the hole, or after a modest approach shot. The key here is not to pull on the cap. Just touch your index finger and thumb to the bill of the hat. Don’t remove the hat under any circumstances. Act like you’ve been there before. Mickelson Hat Tip 4. The Divot “Fix” Let’s say you hit an 8-iron to 14 feet on the next hole (you’re really starting to groove your irons, although you hit your first drive OB), and the crowd is getting into it. You really want to convey that  the shot was no big deal to you. Suddenly, you feel the urge to tap the area around your divot repeatedly with your club, which does absolutely nothing to fix the divot. Your heart is weeping for the piece of turf you just dug up. However, you can’t completely ignore the crowd. You take your free hand and briefly acknowledge with a wave, NEVER breaking your focus on the divot.     Rory Divot Tap Once you’ve mastered this move you’ll also be able to utilize a similar technique after you hole the 14 foot bogey putt that you’re about to start grinding on. Immediately after you snag your ball out of the hole, tap down your imaginary spike marks as you walk away from the hole, while throwing in a subtle crowd wave. Of course your soft spikes didn’t make a mark on the furry public green that you just bogeyed, but why would that matter? Stanley Spike Tap 5. The Wayward Drive Directional Point Sometimes, even a tour pro like yourself hits one off target. Luckily you play on tour, and you’ve got a marshall up ahead to help you spot your ball. You do all you can do make sure he knows which way to look. When Bubba Watson isn’t calling out a cell phone user or berating his caddie, this is typically what he’s doing when he’s pointing left. You’re not going to look for the ball yourself. The marshall is going to find the ball – you’re doing him a favor by offering up a directional hint. Spieth Point To learn the other 7 ways to act like a Tour Pro, go here! Source : / by / in Features, Ranger Rick  No Laying Up Pictures : Chase McAlpine  

How high should you tee up the ball? You'll know after this!

Teeing the ball to the correct height is critical to your ball striking!  Most amateurs I teach do not have a consistent way to tee up the ball each time.  Here Rickard Strongert from Video Jug, teaches you the correct technique for the Driver, fairways woods and irons!
A video tutorial on A Guide To Tee Up With Different Clubs that will improve your golf set up, types of golf shot and swing skills. Learn how to get good at golf set up, types of golf shot and swing from Videojug’s hand-picked professionals.
Source : Sports and Outdoors

Rory McIlroy and the Bryan brothers? This should be fun!

What happens when the #1 player in the world and the #1 trick shot team in the world team up?  Amazing shots are produced.  Bose presents Training Day with Rory McIlroy and the Bryan brothers.  Watch some incredible shots that require perfect timing!  And oh by the way, they shot this at Whistling Straits!  
One of golf’s top players meets the game’s trick-shot masters. Rory McIlroy learns the ins and outs of golf trick shots from the team that started it all, the Bryan brothers. Whistling Straits, home of the 2015 PGA Championship, has never seen a game like this, captured by GoPro.
Source : Bryan Bros Golf

The 5 Best and the 5 Worst Golf Songs! #3 is my Favorite!

Golf songs in this list will not make the hit parade.  However, if you are a golfer you will appreciate the words, as we all want to be “Straight Down the Middle”, “Hit it Hard”, and the humor in Peter Jacobson’s “Love the one you Whiff”  Of course I won’t even mention the Top 5 Worst golf songs, (but you can check them out at the bottom of the page) and hopefully we won’t have to listen to them anytime soon!  Thanks to Josh Sens of GOLF.com for this fun compilation!  
Bing Crosby’s enjoyable recording of “Straight Down The Middle” from 31/12/1957. The song was written for a short 1948 film called “Honor Caddy” with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Ben Hogan and Sam Snead. It’s thought that this was the first ever song written about golf. 1. Straight Down the Middle, by Bing Crosby 2. Hit it Hard, by John Daly The man whose very life is a country song has penned some soulful ditties of his own. His finest might be this hard-driving number, an unrepentant meditation on mistakes made and moving on. “Most people would have given up by now / All the rough I’ve seen / All the ups and downs.” Lyrics so heartfelt, we forgive Long John the heavy-handed metaphor. 3. Bohemian Golfing Rhapsody, by Nigel Tait The Internet is overrun with musical golf parodies, none more ambitious than this riff on the Queen classic, performed by a four-ball of Australian buddies. Seven-plus minutes of rhapsodic harmonizing, and a slickly produced video to boot. 4. Love the One You Whiff, by Jake Trout and the Flounders
Photo: Getty Images
Of all the golf-centric spoofs that Peter Jacobsen and his bandmates have released, this catchy track may be the punniest. “You swing / It’s still on that tee / It sure is better than hitting three / And as you stand there, feeling like a stiff, you better, love the one you whiff.” Eat your heart out, Weird Al Yancovic. 5. Stoned Cold Pro, by Gus Van Sant
Photo: Getty Images
Somehow, in the midst of making movies, the Oscar-nominated director of Good Will Hunting found time to record an album devoted to the game. His 18 Songs About Golf features exactly that, including this entertaining track about a pro who either drinks a little or drinks a lot, depending on “whether or not someone’s got some pot.”
To check out the 5 Worst Songs about Golf, go here! Source : Josh Sens  GOLF.com Photos : Getty Images

We need your help – Please vote for Clarkie

Transamerica, one of the world’s leading financial services companies, sponsors golf and many other sports that enrich people’s lives. At Teamtransamerica.com you’ll see the latest stats on your favorite players, plus receive pro tips. If you join their Team Transamerica Club, you’ll be entered to win monthly prizes and giveaways. Their latest contest, highlighted on the Golf Channel, featured a chance to play golf with Tom Watson and Zack Johnson. The contestants were required to send in their best golf trick-shot videos. Of course, you’ll see some great stuff from the Bryan Brothers, the San Diego State Womens Golf Team, etc. I also loved other people’s shots using soccer balls, trash cans, etc. But there is one special contestant who I hope has received the most votes for best video. He is 12-year old Clarkie Carroll, a quiet, tough little kid who battled a rare form of bone cancer last year and has had one femur replaced with a titanium prosthesis. Clarkie performed this trick shot at Pinehurst No. 7 Course just after completing 10 months of chemotherapy. Thanks to Alex Podlogar, Media Relations Manager at Pinehurst Resort, for this great story:
Clarkie’s Story: http://www.pinehurst.com/news/meet-cl… At Pinehurst, we LOVE trick shots. But we may have found our new all-time favorite, sent to us by Clarkie Carroll, who pulled off this awesome trick after just finishing 10 months of chemotherapy. https://youtu.be/w3VGVJKFxco
Source : Pinehurst 1895  

Trick shots to beat all trick shots. This you have got to see!

  There has been an increase in the trick shot business lately.  We have the Bryan brothers in the US setting the bar pretty high, but there are contenders for the crown.  Here Karsten Maas of Germany, does some amazing stuff.  Check it out! Thanks to GoPro cameras, Maas is able to give the audience a few different views of the shots. For more trick shots by Karsten Maas check out: http://www.trickgolf.dk/   Source : Go Pro.  

#1 Dumbest Golfer EVER! You have to see this to believe. Wow!

Get ready to see something that literally takes your breath away. A golfer’s ball has landed in a ditch just off the fairway and it is lying under an alligator. 99% of us would drop another ball at the point of nearest relief, no closer to the hole, and move on with no penalty. Not this guy! This is the scariest example of a human not understanding what an alligator is, that I’ve ever seen. He now gets the title “World’s dumbest golfer!   Source : GOLF STUPIDITY by gigabeat-g Picture : Jose M. Rus

Tour Trick Shots you Gotta See!

It seems like we can never get enough of seeing trick shots by talented golfers. In this compilation of PGA Tour trick shots, you’ll see Rory, Jason Day and other top players have fun while entertaining the fans and cameramen. I think the best is South African George Coetzee, who is the first golfer I’ve seen do the ‘bounce ball on the club’ trick, over his head and behind himself!   Source : Golf Monthly  

AFV – Hilarious Golf Videos. Ready for a Chuckle?

A compilation of hilarious golf videos put together by America’s Funniest Videos.  The first clip has been seen hundreds of times, but is still very funny.  The guy in the 5th video looks surprised that the club broke.  What did you think was going to happen swinging a golf club at 100 mph into a tree?  And you couldn’t re-enact #10 if you tried all day!  Check these out – all good for your daily chuckle!   Source : AFV