15 great buys to enhance your golf game this summer!

15 great buys to enhance your golf game this summer!

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If you are a keen golfer like me, you like buying “stuff” on-line for your golf game!  I’m definitely a “gadget” guy, and love things that I really think will help my game at a reasonable price.   T.J. Auclair of PGA.com has just made searching for that stuff a whole lot easier.  

Check out his Top 15 list.  

Of course, I immediately ordered the Garmin X40 watch – but I had a legitimate reason – I broke my current (old fashioned) watch by accidentally dropping a large concrete tile on it.  So I figured if I replaced the watch it would cost me around $100, so really the Garmin X40 was only costing me $149.99!  Perfect!  

Of course, I am also looking at these Kentwool socks.  I hear almost 75% of the PGA and LPGA Tour players are wearing them!  I have just recently put a new grip on my putter, or I might have ordered the Golf Pride SNSR as well. Warm-up that credit card!

Over the course of a given year, I’m able to get an up-close look at some incredible golf gear. Periodically, I like to compile a product round-up of some of my favorites.

Here’s a peek at a list of items I’ve had the opportunity to test in the last couple of months that you may want to consider for your own game — everything from clubs to gadgets to apparel and more.

15 great buys for your golf game this summer!

Kentwool Socks

Kentwool socks:

Are you more of a walker, or the type that takes a cart when playing a round of golf?

Either way, Kentwool makes the perfect sock for you. Why socks don’t seem like a big deal to many is beyond me. Golf is uncomfortable enough with everything you face on the course. Your feet shouldn’t be a part of that equation.

Kentwool socks, made in the USA, are constructed with 58 percent Merino Wool, 31 percent Nylon, 9 percent Stretch Polyester and 2 percent Spandex. The best part about the socks? They have a blister-free guarantee.

For more information, visit www.kentwool.com.

15 great buys for your golf game this summer!

Garmin Approach X40

Garmin Approach X40:

I have a confession to make… Since smartphones these days are practically attached to our person at all times, I figured it had eliminated my need for a watch.

Now, however, technology has turned toward the enhanced development of “wearables.” Picking up on that trend is Garmin with its Approach X40 band. It’s not just a watch. It’s not just a golf GPS preloaded with over 40,000 golf courses.

It also measures your shot distance, tracks stats such as putts per round, greens and fairways hit, is a digital scorecard and — when connected to your computer or smartphone — allows you to review your scorecard and round.

In addition to all of that — and what separates the Approach X40 from its competition — is its fitness tracking capabilities. It counts your steps, measures your heart rate, tracks your sleep, allows you to set fitness goals and more.

This is a golf watch that you never have to take off… except to charge, which you’ll only need to do every 5 days in activity mode, or every 10 days in GPS mode.

Oh, and for good measure — when synced with your smartphone, you can have text messages and call alerts sent to your wrist.

For more, visit www.garmin.com.

15 great buys for your golf game this summer!

The Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter grips

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter grips.

Putting is all about feel and that starts with the grip you’re cradling in your hands.

Available in two styles and two sizes — promote light grip pressure in the hands for superior control.

The counter of the grip encourages a more consistent, repeatable putting stroke. We can all use more consistency on the greens.

Visit www.golfpride.com to learn more.

To see all 15 of these new summer buys, go here!

Source: T.J. Auclair   PGA.com

Pictures: www.kentwool.com    www.garmin.com   www.golfpride.com

Thanks for watching 15 great buys to enhance your golf game this summer!

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Is Dress Code on the golf course important?

I am still very old school when it comes to dress on the golf course.  I think nothing looks nicer than a golfer who is dressed smartly and appropriately.  All you have to do if you are not sure, is watch the PGA or LPGA Tours every weekend and you’ll get a pretty good idea of good style.  My two pet peeves on a golf course are blue jeans, and on some golf courses, flip flops.  These two items tell me that this is not a golfer who cares about their appearance. (or their golf)  As I said at the start of this article, I am old school.  I have been a professional golfer for 50  years and have never played golf in shorts or worn tennis shoes to play golf.  I’m not saying I disapprove of these two items on the course, I don’t, but if you are a professional I would expect a lot better from you.  I know there is a movement on the PGA Tour to allow players to wear shorts.  I hope it never goes through.  It would be like walking into my lawyer’s office and finding him wearing a Hawaiian shirt and boat shoes.  He wouldn’t be my lawyer for very long.

I would love to hear your comments on this subject, and if you think I’m too stuck in the mud, say so, I don’t mind.

Thanks to Jules Patton of Golfers Jewels for this insightful article!

Dressing appropriately on the course is a part of the decorum of the game. While you may be allowed to wear whatever seems appropriate in municipal courses, private golf courses implement a dress code. If you’re new to the game, you might be wondering what you should wear on the course. In this blog post, you’ll find a few tips on how to dress appropriately on the course. Read on and we’ll help you pick out the right outfit for your first ever game. Good luck! Shirts Just because you’re playing on a public golf course, doesn’t mean that you can come to the course wearing a t-shirt or a tank top. Collared shirts are the safest bet. You can either wear a polo shirt or a button down shirt. Turtlenecks are also acceptable during the winter months. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Trousers Tailored slacks are most commonly worn on the course, but Capri pants and dress shorts are also allowed on warmer days. Denim pants, cargo pants, camouflage-style trousers, warm up pants or track pants are not allowed.
To see the correct dress code for Shoes and Shorts, go here! Source : Jules Patton  Golfers Jewels. Pictures : Golfers Jewels.  Reza Vaziri  

Loudmouth Pants & Skorts just in time for Christmas!

Here is a great idea if you have a golfer in the family who loves bright clothes!  Loudmouth Golf has just released 2 pairs of Christmas themed golf slacks for men and skorts for women.  I have a student who wears these all the time and always looks pretty snazzy!  Of course, we have all seen John Daly wearing these as he is their spokesperson!  Christmas is just around the corner, so get shopping!   Thanks to golfunfiltered.com for this breaking news!
Loudmouth Golf wants to help you spread holiday cheer with two new limited edition Christmas prints available now. Deck The Halls ‘Deck the Halls’: Due to the popularity of Loudmouth’s other embroidered designs, Skully and Rubber Duckies, they decided to make one their new holiday designs embroidered. This design features Christmas ornaments on a rich, red fabric. (Men’s Pants $115.00 USD, Women’s Skort $95.00 USD)
To see the second pair of limited Christmas Edition Loudmouth Pants, go here! Source : golfunfiltered.com Pictures : Loudmouth Golf

New Nike Lunar Control 4 Shoes hit Stores December 1st!

If you are a golfer with high swing speed then this is the shoe for you!  Rory McIlroy was an integral part of the design and I must admit it is a pretty cool looking shoe.  So even those of you that don’t have high swings speeds but like a little fashion, select stores will have them in stock December 1, 2015.  They will debut on nike.com November 27th.  Thanks to golfunfiltered.com for letting us know in time for the release!
Rory McIlroy’s golf swing is a thing of violent beauty. With swing speeds reaching over 120 MPH, Rors must establish a solid foundation in his lower body to handle the force he exerts on his golf club. Nike Golf built the new Nike Lunar Control 4 golf shoes for this purpose, which Rory will be wearing at his upcoming tournament in Dubai. LC4_right_native_1600 Early sketches of the Nike Lunar Control 4 look like something out of a NASA rocket build:   LC4_sketch_new_native_1600 What resulted from all that chicken-scratch was a golf shoe engineered to support the fastest golf swings in the world.
To check out the rest of the info on these great looking shoes, go here! Source : golfunfiltered.com Pictures : golfunfiltered.com

The Best Golf Clothes for Women. Sorry guys.

Women’s golf clothing is not my forte, so that is why I’m leaving this to Kat from thefitgirlskitchen.com, who is not only a Yoga Instructor, Nutritionista and Wellness Blogger, but a keen golfer as well!  Although if that is a picture of Kat on the range, I would suggest she do something about that hip sway and shoulder turn to improve her backswing position. (now that is something I do know about!)  Anyway, Kat has some great tips for women to not only be comfortable but stylish as well!  Check it out.
  Summer is in the air and golf season is upon us! As a female golfer, I have struggled for years to find “cute” golf outfits. I feel like so many golf clothes for women are either geared toward older players OR whatever man person designed them has no idea how to cut a shirt that isn’t boxy and short (ahem, Adidas.).
That’s me last summer trying on every size small of every brand Golfsmith had. Everything was either too short on my torso and uber boxy, or see-through like this white number. Get it together! (also these shorts are not golf aprop – see my guidelines below). Luckily, there seem to be new options popping up up everywhere offering much better options for women. (Did anyone see the Lululemon email yesterday?? FINALLY!).
Oh happy day! Lululemon came out with golf clothes yesterday!
I’ve pulled together some of my faves I’m crushing on this season as well as some guidelines for what to look for so you can be comfortable on the course AND comply with club dress-codes in style.

Keys to Finding the Right Golf Outfit

Here are some things to consider when shopping for golf clothes: 1. Breatheability. Look for clothes (shirts especially) that are made of a breathable or moisture wicking fabric, just like you would with workout clothes. One of my friends recently took up golf and told me she was going to hit up Banana Republic for some new clothes – NO. Golf is a sport, and although you may not be getting a cardio workout, if you are walking the course or standing in the sun, you are going to want something that allows your skin to breathe. Nike and Slazenger both have shirts with fabrics that are more waffle in texture that I prefer. 2. Fit. This is a golf course ladies, not the gym – so your super tight low-cut workout tops are not going to cut it at the club. Look for shirts that are looser fit and have sleeves (no tank tops). If you are worried about tan lines or being too hot, look for sleeveless collared styles like the ones shown above.
Hot hitter sleeveless polo // Lululemon
Birdie Polo // Athleta
3. Length. Courses have dress codes – check before you play. Many are kind of outdated and ask for shorts that hit the knee (no thanks) but most are ok if you show up in reasonably fit shorts (no shorter than 5″ inseam) or a skirt that hits mid thigh. If you can see your butt cheeks when you bend over, your shorts are too short. I tend to lean towards skirts on warm days and capris on cool days to comply. I get Lulu running skirts in a Tall so they are a little longer and I’ve never had a problem.
To read the rest of Kat’s tips on golf clothing for women, check it out here. Source : http://www.thefitgirlskitchen.com/ Pictures : Lululemon  Athleta   Taku   http://www.thefitgirlskitchen.com/  

Did you Ever think Socks could Change your Game?

If you’ve played golf with a caddie, you know the tools of their trade. Durable shoes. Waterproof jacket. Yardage book or laser rangefinder. Razor sharp wit. You know what a pro golfer uses … the latest clubs. But there’s one more weapon in the arsenal … their socks. That’s right … pros and serious caddies are super-serious about their socks. The reason is extremely obvious. Try carrying 2 golf bags for 36 holes … with a blister. Try competing at the highest level … with a blister. Not going to happen. Professional golfers and caddies must take care of their feet. That’s why professional golfers and professional caddies trust a very specific type of sock made by Kentwool. I will tell you more about the socks – and a special discount – in a minute. But first, let me describe …

Why YOUR Life Will Be Better with Golf Socks

I’m Justin Tupper, the Founder and CEO of Revolution Golf … and a serious golfer. I have to admit … when the people at Kentwool told me I would enjoy golf more with the help of their golf socks, I wasn’t sure about their claim. But I thought, “I’ll give it a try” and I’m really happy I did. Why? My feet feel comfortable all day and I never get blisters … even if I walk or ride 36 holes a day. I actually notice how great my feet feel. And there’s another reason I like these socks. Like you, I imagine, I spend a decent amount of money on my golf shoes. I want waterproof shoes that fit well and make it easy to get around the golf course. But what’s the point of expensive golf shoes if you pair them with poorly fitting and badly-made golf socks? If you have even semi-expensive golf shoes … and you truly want to be comfortable all day … it makes perfect sense to invest in the world’s finest golf socks. So let me describe …

Why Kentwool Golf Socks Are the World’s Finest

Made in the United States, Kentwool strives to create the world’s finest socks. This means…
  • The finest materials for long-lasting durability
  • Super-high quality control standards
  • A perfect design for a perfect fit
Kentwool designed these socks to provide golfers like you with the ultimate in blister-free performance. The key is a super-secret blend of ultra-fine Merino Wool plus comfort-enhancing materials including high-performance nylon and spandex. That ultra-fine Merino Wool is no ordinary wool. Let’s take a look at what the good people at Kentwool call “The Four Ws” … the 4 primary reasons you will love Kentwool socks.


Wools absorbs moisture from humid environments and redirects it to dry areas. This makes wool an ideal all-weather, year-round fiber. It keeps dry air next to your skin. This means your feet are dry and odor-free in the summer … and warm in the winter (and Scotland’s summer).


The super-fine merino wool in Kentwool golf socks is lightweight and durable – yet requires minimal care while providing maximum comfort. The fiber works like a “spring” which means it can stretch and snap back into shape better than cotton and man-made fibers.


Superfine merino wool is a natural “smart” performance fiber which takes water vapor (your sweat) and moves it away from your skin. The result? Your feet stay dry. This keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer AND keeps you from getting blisters. Plus your feet will NEVER feel damp or clammy.


Yes – you can find super-cheap socks at your local big box store. But you risk discomfort and worse still … mega-blisters. Yes – Kentwool golf socks cost a little more but when you consider their comfort and durability … they provide years of superb value. And the value is even better with the exclusive discount I’m about to reveal in a minute.
Even better, you will …  

Wear Kentwool Socks in Any Weather

You might be thinking … as I did … “why wool socks in the summer?” Turns out it makes perfect sense to wear these golf socks in hot weather. Why? Because the superfine Merino Wool and additional fibers move perspiration away from your feet so they stay dry. And in colder weather, the insulating properties of wool keep your feet warm and dry … even in horizontal rain. I’ve worn Kentwool Golf Socks in the “special” heat of a South Carolina summer. I’ve also worn them on Long Island late in the fall when the temperature is closing in on freezing. I’m always comfortable. Let’s take a look at the sock in more detail …

The Anatomy of Total Comfort

The Kentwool Golf Sock gives you total comfort – on any course, any time of the year. Here’s how …
The features that make Kentwool the best golf socks
  • Padding for 36 holes a day of golf comfort.
  • Designed for perfect fit.
  • Merino wool means cool feet in hot weather.
  • Super-durable blend of materials for years of use.
  • Designed and manufactured so you NEVER get a blister.
  • 66% Superfine Merino Wool, 24% Nylon, 8% Polyester, 2% spandex
  • Machine Washable, Warm water, No Bleach, Tumble Dry w/ low heat
  • Made in USA
To read more and even order these incredible socks, click here! Source : Revolution Golf Pictures : Kentwool Socks

Start them young….Crawl, Walk, Golf!

The Littlest Golfer, Inc. believes that children are never too young to start playing golf.  You can spark their curiosity about the game and make it a fun activity for the whole family to share, even if your youngest is a toddler. Where can parents find training sets of clubs, clothing plus accessories, and even books and games designed to entertain your smallest golfer?  The Littelest Golfer provides the complete lifestyle brand for children, in one place.  They have “First Set” training clubs for boys and girls ages 18 months to 5 years.  They offer quality clothing with comfort and performance in mind, plus kid-friendly head covers, golf socks, etc. Let’s hook them on golf young…..they’ll play for a lifetime! Read more here ……http://www.thelittlestgolfer.com/ Source : Rosemary Sole Pictures : Jennifer Dhanjal 

Are You and Your Game Ready for Spring?

Many of you have registered for an overall tune-up to your game at golf school or, at the least, some individual lessons. I applaud that decision. This will reveal any bad habits that have crept in to undermine your skills, and gives the Instructor a chance to work with you on correcting the flaws. You want to get your game ready so your season starts with confidence, not frustration.

Also consider your tools.

1. Do your golf clubs fit you? If you haven’t had an individual clubfitting with a reputable professional, I urge you to do so. Clubfitting is a snap these days with computerized equipment that gives quick read-outs of your specifications. To play well, you need the ideal lofts, lies, shafts, weights and lengths for your individual body and swing.

Clubfitting does not cost any extra and you know for sure that the clubs are correct for your swing!

Clubfitting does not cost any extra and you know for sure that the clubs are correct for your swing!

2. Are your grips slick or perhaps the wrong size? Have a professional assess the state of your grips because you may need new ones that will allow you to hold the club properly, without squeezing too hard. There is a large variety of terrific new grips available that can make a real difference to your game.
Worn or smooth grips will make you grip the club tighter.  New grips make all the difference!

Worn or smooth grips will make you grip the club tighter. New grips make all the difference!

Need new shoes? You want to step onto the course in shoes that are comfortable and in good shape…. we all know when our kicks are worn out and need replacing.
Good sturdy shoes for good balance and new soft spikes for better balance!

Good sturdy shoes for good balance and new soft spikes for better balance!

At the least, check your spikes. It’s pretty inexpensive to change out your spikes to gain much better stability during your round.

Stretching! Can’t emphasize it enough to loosen up your body and to strengthen it before you start your new season. To see my golf-specific stretches, Read More . . . .

 http://www.ritson-sole.com/golf-tips/january-2007-stretching-for-your-best-game/ Source : Mel Sole Golf Schools Pictures : Morton Golf  Dan Perry  Robert   Aberdeen Proving Ground

Hottest new gadget for cold hands on the course

Soon, the snow will melt away and you’ll be itching to get back onto the golf course. But early Spring rounds can be cold, especially for your hands.

Instead of the hassle of gloves, mitts, or those chemical pouches that sometimes break apart and don’t provide long-lasting heat, consider the Hot Rox electronic hand warmer. This is a pebble-shaped gadget which is charged up in advance and switched on when you start to play. It heats up in 15 seconds and provides heat for up to 6 hours. It costs $36.49 on AMAZON (free shipping), but is reusable up to 500 charges and includes a USB cable for recharging.

Hot Rox Hand Warmer

Hot Rox Hand Warmer

I found out about this new gadget called Hot Rox by seeing an English woman’s blog http://rather-be-golfing.blogspot.com.

Both “Green Goddess” and other golfers reviews at AMAZON.com give this gadget a thumbs-up. Go play!

Today I needed all of Jonty’s cold weather tips and then some. The weather was irresistible – blue skies and firm (look no mud!) ground, but the wind had the edge of a knife. Trust me I was wearing every thermal layer you could imagine, topped off by a full set of water/windproofs. But I know from past experience that the biggest problem is keeping my hands warm. Those conventional ‘windstopper’ gloves are no use for me. They seem to restrict the circulation and make my hands even colder. I prefer mitts, which as Jonty says can be easily whipped off and on. But I carry only a single-pocket practice bag in winter and don’t want the faff of holding onto two big mitts in between times. Since I find the one I wear over the golf glove (left hand) less effective, I stick to one for my right hand (which dangles over my bag) hoping my left hand will be snug in my pocket between shots. But today, with the mercury hovering on zero and That Wind, I needed help, and with Husband-of–the-Goddess (or HoG as I think of him) laid up with a Lemsip (Theraflu), I decided to try out his new HotRox handwarmer. This is a pebble-shaped gadget which is charged up in advance and simply switched on at the start of the round. I used my trusty mitt on my right hand and kept the Hotrox in my left pocket, and I have to say that even wearing a driving glove and with the warmer in its cover (as recommended) it provided a good level of heat and a lot of psychological comfort. Previously HoG used a warmer that relied on lighter fuel, but that would be too fiddly (or scary?) scary for me, and if Hotrox is on the pricey side ($36.50 upwards) it is reusable, fuss free and doesn’t ‘go off’ by mistake as some of those chemical packets do. Sadly the heated pocket didn’t seem to help my golf and I failed to follow up my rather pleasing 38 points on Saturday with anything worth talking about, but I would say the Hotrox was a success, and next time it’s blowing in from Siberia, I could well be raiding a certain person’s golf bag.
On the other hand, on a day when the highlight of the round was breaking the ice in a bunker, some might say I would have done better to stay at home.  
Source : http://rather-be-golfing.blogspot.com. Pictures : Amazon.com

Baby's Got New Shoes! Golf shoes that is!

These are really cool!

These are really cool!


There’s no question that women are passionate about new shoes, golf, and otherwise.

Being male, I will not weigh in on styles or colors, but I recommend you buy shoes that are lightweight and flexible for all-day comfort. Buying shoes that are water-resistant is also a good idea, for rainy day rounds. Prices can range from $29 to over $200 for high-end brands.

Smart Ladies Golf Shoes from Calloway.

Smart Ladies Golf Shoes from Calloway.

See the wide range of colors and styles offered at the zappos website.


Kick off your Spring season in style!

Source : Zappos

Pictures : Dan Perry   Minnesota National Guard