A different way to chip! This might be the answer you have been looking for!

I have taught this method over the years to students who struggle with the conventional method.  Listen up as A.J. Avoli, one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers explains a different way to chip with this innovative method.  He is director of instruction at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif.
Over time, a simple method for getting the ball from off the green to the flagstick fell out of favor. I rarely see anyone chip like the late Hall of Fame golfer Paul Runyan. That’s a shame because this technique will make you more accurate around the greens with a lot less practice. Once you master the setup and learn to make a rhythmic stroke—like putting—you’ll start getting up and down more often. Let me show you how to chip old school.
To see the rest of this informative article, go here! Source: Golf Digest  Ron Kasprisky  A.J. Avoli Picture: Beth Rankin

Understanding the Hip “Slide” on the backswing!

I have many students who allow their weight to move over to the outside of the trail foot by allowing a hip “slide”.  This now affects the way they start the downswing.  They have nothing to push off with.  Here, Josh Zander explains with the help of a teaching aid, how to keep this from happening in your swing! How the proper hip turn helps generate power and proper impact in the golf swing. Source: Josh Zander

Do you rotate your body enough through impact in the golf swing?

Sean Webb of Athletic Motion Golf  highlights with this awesome GEARS 3D Motion Capture how much difference there is between the amateur golfer (even a good one) and a PGA Tour player.  It is very clear here that if you want to hit the ball further you must learn to turn the ribcage (torso) and the hips very fast through impact in the golf swing! In this first video in the series, we look at the differences in body rotation between an amateur golfer who we captured in our studio and a PGA tour professional. Source: Athletic Motion Golf

Those trees on the golf course, get over them!

Golf course architects are horrible aren’t they?  They put trees on the golf course that could potentially get in the way of our shot to the green!  But have no fear.  PGA golf professional Bill Ore will help you navigate that precarious position.  Next time, drive it on the fairway – there are no trees on the fairway!
Watch easy golf instruction on how to elevate your golf ball quickly. PGA Professional Billy Ore offers a 3-step process for how to get your ball over that tree or other obstacle in front of you.
Source:  PGA     Bill Ore Picture: Mario

Learn the keys to Fairway Bunkers with Luke Donald!

Former World #1 Luke Donald has been a Mizuno player most of his career and so it is quite fitting that this mizunogolfeurope golf tip is presented by him.  According to Luke, the key to hitting good bunker shots is to pick the ball clean off the sand.  Check it out!
No one better than PGA Tour pro Luke Donald to explain the difference in approach with a 115 yard fairway bunker shot. More on the new MP-25 irons used by Luke in this tip on golf.mizunoeurope.com
Source: mizunogolfeurope

The Keys To Great Fairway Woods!

What are the keys to great fairway woods?  Ball position, the width of stance and smooth swing are some of these keys.  Ged Walters gives you a few things to work on to make your fairway woods more consistent and longer!
Ged Walters shows you the secret to hitting your fairway woods awesome. Play your best golf with help from one of Trafford Golf Centres PGA Golf Professionals. Ged shows you how getting the right set up with your fairway woods will help your hit awesome shots off both the fairway and the tee.
Source: GedWaltersGolf

A fun shot to learn. Know how to create backspin on your pitch shots!

My good friend Adam Bazelgette of Scratch Golf Academy and former co-worker at the Phil Ritson Golf Studio in Myrtle Beach back in the early 90’s, has certainly come a long way in the teaching world. Being named twice, Florida Teacher of the Year, is no small accomplishment!  Here Adam explains in great detail how the conditions need to be in order to create backspin on your pitch shots so you can impress your friends.  
The 4 golf chip shot tips in this video will help teach you to understand more clearly what is required to learn better how to get backspin with your chip shots and will show you the best way to get more backspin with your pitching and chip shot.
Source: Scratch Golf Academy

Flight your short irons lower to be a better iron player!

If you want to become a good short iron player, learn from Travis Fulton and Callaway Golf on how to flight your short irons lower for better control and accuracy.   Turning your lower hand down as you move through impact is one of the big keys to learning this shot!
PGA Professional Travis Fulton shows you how to take dead aim with your short irons and ensure you’re making solid contact.
Source: Callaway Golf   Travis Fulton

How do you play those shots that are in between Clubs?

We have all experienced the situation where we need to hit a shot 165 yards to get the ball close to the hole, but our regular 7 iron goes about 160 yards, and our 6 iron goes 170 yards.  Today Greg Hiller, an instructor with the Alamo City Golf Trail walks you through the steps needed to play those shots that are in between clubs and make this shot a success. Source: Greg Hiller       Alamo City Golf Trail