Do weighted clubs improve clubhead speed?

Many golfers are under the illusion that swinging a weighted club ( or using one of those “donut rings”)will help increase clubhead speed.  Research now shows this is a total misconception.  First using baseball as an example, and then using golf, science has proved without any doubt that feel and reality are two different things. A former World Long Drive Champ Dave Mobley who is a friend of mine, swings the Orange Whip every day to help him create more club head speed.  “Swinging a heavy club will cost you distance” said Dave.  
Driving the ball along way requires high club head speed.

Driving the ball along way requires high club head speed.

 In 2011 The Wall Street Journal reported a study from the University of Hawaii that showed using a bat doughnut actually decreased a batter’s speed at the plate after warming up with a baseball doughnut. Researchers claim the use of a baseball doughnut can change the muscles recruited and therefore creates inefficient hitting mechanics. A study conducted by California State University, Fullerton found that recreational baseball players warming-up with a light and normal weight bat produced faster bat velocity compared to weighted bat warm-ups.  Most research studies have found that the weighted bat doughnut has a positive mental effect yet negative physical effect. The “kinesthetic illusion” created by the bat doughnut makes players believe they are swinging the standard bat post warm-up with the bat doughnut when the subsequent swings are in fact, slower.  This effect influences batters hitting mechanics and timing of swing. Click on the link below to see how science proves this theory. The science of speed! Source : The  Wikipedia Pictures  US Army

The importance of address and ball position.

Just how important is your address position?  This could make a whole lot of difference to your ball striking!  Mel Sole explains that without the proper address and ball positions you are setting yourself up for poor golf!  During your address position you are 100% in control.  If that is the case, you might as well be 100% correct 100% of the time! Source – Mel Sole Golf School Picture – Mel Sole.