One of the pleasures of playing golf is walking the golf course. Almost as pleasurable is walking the course during its construction. It is a harder walk for sure because the terrain is not smooth, it’s dusty, and there are interruptions and detours. The best part is that it is a creative endeavor that is enhanced when you have a day or two to roam and absorb what is happening or what has been tentatively finished. It is not a time for discussions, questions or directives; it is not a time for a gathering of several people. It is a time to be alone to contemplate the work. By continually walking the course, over time,  mysteries become less mysterious, the picture becomes clearer, the direction becomes more evident. Creativity explodes. The same is true for the golfer walking the finished course. “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” The philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.There are many viewpoints about traveling the golf course on foot or in a cart while playing. There are financial considerations as well, mostly from the viewpoint of the course owner. For three summers, I made a point of observing as many groups as I could during the course of each round I played at two local, public courses. Only once in three years did I see another group walking while playing. People playing golf is good no matter how they choose to transport themselves around the course. It is good for them to play. Motorized golf carts have allowed more people to overcome physical limitations and play golf. It seems, though, that this tool for helping more people play has overtaken the culture of the sport and become as important as the golf ball. You can not play golf without a golf ball and it seems most people believe you can not play golf without a golf cart. It has caused a fundamental change in the way people see the game. For many people, there is an alternative: walking. There are many poor reasons why you shouldn’t walk. You are not in shape, you will slow down play, the bag is too heavy, the green fee is the same for a cart, and so on. Some reasons seem insurmountable: the course will not allow you to walk, and you can’t walk and balance all your tools you think you need to enjoy the game like your phone, music speaker, beverage cooler, cigars, and so on. Well, I will go out on a limb and say that you are probably in good enough shape to walk 18 holes, it is not that big an effort, walking can be faster than riding, you can find a small carry bag and you don’t have to bring 14 clubs, and, you can go four hours without your music and cigars. If the course doesn’t allow walking or doesn’t discount green fees for walkers,  or if the operation puts a premium on capacity and speed then I would find another course; they don’t deserve your business. Here are some good reasons to revolutionize the way people see golf and make walking the choice for getting around the course while playing: It is good for the multitasking generation because you can accomplish several tasks in a short time period. You can improve your health, interact with your favorite people, and enhance your brain so you achieve more at work. Walking while playing golf gives you the time and the place to think. There is evidence that the pace involved in thinking and walking are compatible which can improve your brain function making you more creative. Rather than sit at a desk, many people walk to help them think and solve problems.
To read the rest of this story, including a Stanford study which determined that walking improves important forms of thinking like ideation, go here! Source :  Pictures : LinkedIn Pulse