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Absolute Best Drinks to Hydrate You On the Course!

Absolute Best Drinks to Hydrate You On the Course!

Absolute Best Drinks to Hydrate You On the Course!

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You want to play golf feeling energetic and focused, rather than tired and lacking coordination.

It is surprising how much and what kind of hydration you take in affects your game’s outcome.

Consider that you are outside exercising for 4 to 5 hours.  Sometimes in hot, sultry conditions. Even if you are playing in cool weather, that is a long time period, and you need to plan to have the right liquids available to keep you hydrated. Even Pros like Phil Mickelson at the 2009 CA Championship and Ken Venturi in his famous 1964 US Open win have experienced extreme fatigue and had to be treated for dehydration to play on.

Read this story by Heidi Reyes for and learn why the right fluids will help you perform better on the course. Drink Up, Folks!

Why the right fluids will help you perform better on the course…

It’s a searing hot, humid day.  And you just reached the turn drenched with sweat. Will a bottle of water hydrate you best, or should you go for the sports drink? Maybe the caffeine and sugar in that soda will give you a boost.  Or should you have a couple of beers to help keep loose?

In extremely hot conditions, such as we experience regularly in Hong Kong, you can lose as much as two liters of water per hour. If those fluids are not replaced, the body becomes dehydrated.  Affecting virtually every system of your body. Your heart has to work harder, your muscles lose strength and flexibility, your brain function slows and you can experience cramping or dizziness.  And even develop heat exhaustion or heat stroke.What many golfers don’t realize is that what, and how much, you drink are actually among the most important decisions you make on the golf course. Your choice can mean the difference between playing with energy, focus, and coordination.  Or can leave you suffering from fatigue, mood fluctuations and poor motor control.

A loss of just 4 to 5% of one’s body weight can cause exercise performance to decline by as much as 20-30%!
So what and how much should you drink to avoid duffed shots and missed putts due to dehydration?

Source: Heidi  Reys

Pictures:  Ken Lund

Thanks for reading – Absolute Best Drinks to Hydrate You On the Course!

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