Are you a Bubba or a Ricky?

The PGA Tour features some interesting personalities. In the January 2015 edition of Golf Digest magazine, Rickie Fowler said “… if you’re going to make me say who my best friend is out here, I gotta go with Bubba.” Wow! They are two very different people. I can’t resist the comparisons, or rather lack thereof.


Bubba Watson                    
  • boasts no golf teacher, ever
  • emotional when playing – demonstrates great joy on the course, but also impatience & anger, at times – even easy tears, with wins – also hyper-active, to   which he admits

  • married, 2 kids, shares home life with media

  • big man physically & grew up on east coast of USA

  RICKIE FOWLER Ricky Fowler          
  • one coach his entire life, Barry McDonnell, until McDonnell died in 2011 – Rickie tried to go it alone after-wards, without success – hooked up with Butch Harmon sometime in 2013 with fantastic results – Four Top 5’s in Majors in 2014 – He so values his first coach that he sports a tattoo of McDonnell’s autograph inside his left wrist
  • displays resilience, confidence and patience, on-course – no complaining and no big highs or lows – as Mike McGraw, Rickie’s Oklahoma State golf coach, says “Rickie does a really nice job of forgetting the bad shots

  • single, and keeps private life very private

  • a slight build, and grew up on western USA coast


However…. both of these current PGA Tour players are:

    • Winners

    • popular with fans

    • fashion conscious

    • loyal friends

Personally, I think it’s great for golf that these two players are best buds.

Let me know who your favorite players are and why.

Also, do you feel that your personality and playing style mirrors a certain Tour Player?

Content Source – Mel Sole

Picture Source : Tour Pro Golf Clubs   Philip Wilson


Top 10 European Tour Momentsof 2014.

There is no doubt Rory McIlroy was the dominant player not only on the European Tour but throughout world golf.  Here are the top 10 Highlights.  
Ernie Els putting out in a European Tour Event.

Ernie Els putting out in a European Tour Event.

1. “THIS ONE’S FOR YOU, MUM”: Rory McIlroy’s Open Championship victory at Hoylake was the highlight of the European season. He was simply peerless at Royal Liverpool. Even though he grew up in Northern Ireland, McIlroy isn’’t really a big fan of links golf. This win proved beyond doubt, if there even was any, that he’’s the complete player. Oh, and that he’’s also a mummy’s boy. 2. HO HUM, EUROPE WINS ANOTHER RYDER CUP: Europe winning the Ryder Cup is becoming as routine as it was when the United States had a stranglehold on Samuel Ryder’s prized chalice. This time there was no miracle needed. The Europeans had this one in the bag thanks to domination of the foursomes. 3. McGINLEY’S MASTER CLASS: Quite simply, Paul McGinley is the best captain ever to lead a European side. His attention to detail was outstanding, and he fully deserved all the accolades thrown at him. He’s going to be a tough act to follow. 4. KAYMER’S DEMOLITION JOB: The German probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves because golf is still a relatively minor sport in his homeland. He’d garner major headlines if he were British or American. He deserved plenty of column inches for the way he took the field apart at the U.S. Open to win his second major. 5. RORY WINS PGA CHAMPIONSHIP: McIlroy punctuated his season with his second PGA Championship victory. Just when we thought he’d stumble short of the finish line after leading for each of the first three rounds, he goes 5 under for the final 12 holes to prove why he’’s the world’s best. Oh, and that 284-yard 3-wood to the 10th hole that set up an eagle wasn’t bad either. To see the other Top 5 European Tour Moments, Click Here. Source – Alistair Tait – GolfWeek Picture – South Asia Golf  

Bettinardi Putters 2015 – are they worth it?

My own thoughts are that if a putter works it is priceless.  Almost all Gary Players Major Championships were won with a putter he paid $5 for in    a   “Sale” barrel in a golf shop while playing in a tournament in China with Arnold Palmer.
Bobby Locke, who is still regarded as one of the best putters who ever lived, played with a hickory shafted banged up blade putter and won 4 British Opens with it. Check out what has to say about these 2015 putters! 2015-Bettinardi-Signature-10-1
We all look forward to different things around the holidays. Some look forward to seeing family and friends. Many impatiently await the return of egg nog, while others revel in the rebroadcasting of Rudolph, Bumbles, and the other animated holiday favorites. I too look forward to that cadre of holiday returnees, but my true anticipation lies not for yule and airing of grievances. For me, the frosty season is not about the cheer, it’s about the gear. While we have seen a good portion of the 2015 drivers, and a few sets of irons, we have not yet seen any of the new year’s putters. Today we change that. We get the putter lover in on the 2015 golf gear anticipation. Today, we get to see what 2015 holds forBettinardi Golf. We are not going to check out just one of the putters, or even one of the lines. Instead, we have all of them. We will show you the new Studio Stocks, the Queen B’s, a new Kuchar Model, a pair of DASS Signature Models, and something brand new, andinnovative from them that is unique enough that it needs it’s own new product line. We’ll let you read what Bettinardi says about the new putters, see in-hand photos from all angles, and give you a touch of inside the ropes play testing. We’ve got all you need to know about what Bettinardi has in store for the coming year. Let’s get it started with the new 2015 Studio Stocks.
Check out these rest of this article and see these Studio Stocks right here! Post your comments below on your thoughts on this matter once you have read the article on these very popular putters.
Source – Photo Source – Jiroyan