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How do you play those shots that are in between Clubs?

We have all experienced the situation where we need to hit a shot 165 yards to get the ball close to the hole, but our regular 7 iron goes about 160 yards, and our 6 iron goes 170 yards.  Today Greg Hiller, an instructor with the Alamo City Golf Trail walks you through the steps needed to play those shots that are in between clubs and make this shot a success. Source: Greg Hiller       Alamo City Golf Trail

How to get crazy backspin on your Pitch Shots!

A golfer once asked Sam Snead, “Mr. Snead, how do you get backspin on a 2 iron?”  He replied, “How far do you hit a 2 iron?” “About 180 yards”, replied the golfer. Sam retorted back “You don’t need backspin you need topspin!”  But if he had asked Weston Neesham of the Alamo City Golf Trail, he might have got a different answer, because in this video Weston shows you how to get crazy backspin that ball!
Watch this video with Alamo City Golf Trail instructor Weston Neesham on how to get more backspin. Wes gives us a few tips that will help you hold more greens and control your distance.
Source: Alamo City Golf Trail YouTube Channel   Weston Neesham