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Do you rotate your body enough through impact?

Do you rotate your body enough through impact?

Do you rotate your body enough through impact?

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Sean Webb of Athletic Motion Golf highlights with this awesome GEARS 3D Motion Capture how much difference there is between the amateur golfer (even a good one) and a PGA Tour player.  It is very clear here that if you want to hit the ball further you must learn to turn the torso and the hips very fast through impact in the golf swing!

In this first video in the series, we look at the differences in body rotation between an amateur golfer who we captured in our studio and a PGA tour professional.

Positions are Significantly Different.

What was interesting in this video was the impact positions between the hip and torso rotation between a 5 handicap amateur and a PGA Tour player.  The torso rotation saw an increase of 22 degrees!  From 5 degrees in the amateurs swing to 27 Degrees in the professional.  The hip rotation was even more staggering with a difference of 30 degrees at impact.

It is clear that if an amateur golfer (even a 5 handicap) can improve his distance significantly be increasing body rotation.  How does he do that?  By doing a lot of rotation exercises. To be able to have a body that will allow that amount of rotation through impact!

What do the amateur need to do to increase rotation?

My suggestion for this player would be 2 things.  One, to hire a good teaching professional to help learn to start the downswing in the proper sequence.  And two, hire a personal trainer who would get the body into shape.  He needs the body to work the way it is intended to in the golf swing.

Source: Athletic Motion Golf

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