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Top 4 things to prevent back pain on the course - #2 is critical!

Top 4 things to prevent back pain on the course – #2 is critical!


Top 4 things to prevent back pain on the course – #2 is critical!

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There is nothing worse than having a spasm in your back while trying to play a round of golf. 

In my late 20’s and all the way through to my mid 50’s I struggled with back pain.  The golf swing is not a natural motion and puts a lot of strain on the lower back, particularly if you practice and play a lot.  I discovered in my mid 50’s that elongated hamstrings were the key to getting rid of my lower back pain.  As soon as I started doing a stretching regimen that included really working my hamstrings, my back pain went away, and I have been mostly pain-free from that moment on. 

The gives us 4 things to do to prevent back pain.  Check it out!

Top 4 things to prevent back pain on the course - #2 is critical!


Once you hit the 30 year-old mark, inevitably you’re going to start experiencing some back pain. There are just a few parts of our bodies that weren’t built properly, and the back certainly falls in that category.

Back pain doesn’t need to be the downfall of your handicap, though. There’s no need to ‘Pull a Tiger‘ and bow out of the round. As long as you prepare properly and manage your back pain according to this advice, you shouldn’t even have to shed a stroke off your round.

1. Take the Torque Off Your Back.

We all like the crush the ball off the tee, and in order to do this, we swing hard. We build club head speed by rapidly rotating our shoulders, hips, and back during our swing, which causes a lot of stress on our lower back. Go to the range, and start practicing a fluid, smooth swing. By rotating your entire body in a more fluid motion, you’ll feel the pressure ease on your lower back, and much of that energy will be transferred into your shoulders and hips.

At first, it’s going to be frustrating as you may feel like you’re losing power. It takes time to get comfortable with a fluid swing, especially if you’re accustomed to a hard, rapid stroke (which probably caused your back pain to start).

2. Stretch and Warm Up Properly.

The worse thing you can do for your back is to show up right at tee time after a 30 minute drive in your car, and start swinging your driver off the tee box. It’s extremely important to stretch out for at least 10 minutes before even hitting a ball. There are great devices on the market, such as the Trueback, built to help alleviate back pain, and stretch out the spine. If you use the Trueback for 10 minutes before your round, and 10 minutes after, much of the pain and stress will be alleviated.

It’s also important to stretch your hamstrings, allowing for fluid hip rotation. The old-fashion ‘bend over and touch your toes’ will work to loosen up these muscles before the round.

To see the other 2 back pain prevention techniques, click here.


Pictures:    Eugenio “The Wedding Traveler” WILMAN

Thanks for reading – Top 4 things to prevent back pain on the course – #2 is critical!

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