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Improving Trunk Rotation in 5 Easy Steps!

Improving Trunk Rotation in 5 Easy Steps!

Improving Trunk Rotation in 5 Easy Steps!

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No matter what your level of golf, good body rotation will make you play better!  

Almost every Tour player (well, maybe not John Daly) works diligently on rotational exercises because of the benefit they derive from these workouts.  Brandon Harris of Premier Fitness Systems specializes in helping golfers improve their strength, flexibility, and mobility.  These are 5 exercises you definitely need to add to your routine and see your golf game improve!

Having great hip and torso speed is key to hitting the golf ball.  But, the ability to separate the trunk from the torso is extremely important for this skill.

In this video, Brandon Harris CO-Founder of Premier Fitness Systems a Scottsdale Arizona gym that specializes in golf fitness and golf performance teaches you 5 exercises that will help you increase your ability to separate your lower and upper body.

Flexibility and Mobility!

Firstly, the main reason that a golfer’s swing speed is not up to par is a lack of flexibility and mobility.

Secondly, with a lack of flexibility comes a decrease in the ability to separate the hips and upper body at the begging of the downswing.

Because a golfer that doesn’t have good separation, they will begin to compensate with other aspects of their body.

Most noticeable compensation will be with the low back! This potentially will lead to injury and definitely a lack of consistency.

The goal of this video is to teach 5 exercises that will help you with separation of the upper and lower body. 

And decrease the tendency of rotating the upper body before the hips. This tendency is one of the main causes of the over the top move.

All of the 5 exercises demonstrated will help you sequence your swing correctly and immediately positively impact your swing.

For more information about Premier Fitness Systems, check out

Source: Premier Fitness Systems

Thanks for watching – Improving Trunk Rotation in 5 Easy Steps!

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