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Golf and Music have always gone together!

With the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am currently in full swing and all the celebrities out in full force, it is interesting to see how many musicians are playing.  Proving that golf and music have always gone together!.  Swing by Swing has put an interesting list together.  Check it out!
Golf and music have always had a unique relationship. Both are forms of art and both, if done right, can be beautiful. However, golf is an escape for those who don’t play it professionally, and some musicians take full advantage, especially when they’re out on tour. For them, it’s a reprieve from the grind. As multiple Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and actor Justin Timberlake stated, “you have a lot of time on these tours. As Alice Cooper said, you can either drink all day or golf.” In honor of the Grammy Awards, we take a look at 10 of the finest musician golfers. Snoop Dogg
Handicap: 18
Snoop Dogg may not be the best golfer in the world, but there’s no doubt he enjoys the game. The 15-time Grammy nominee rapper and actor says he shoots “about 90,” which by all standards, isn’t that bad. Also, he’s a big fan of Tiger Woods. In fact, he went on record saying that golf is “garbage” without the 14-time major winner playing. Willie Nelson
Handicap: 16

The ageless Willie Nelson loves to get out to the course whenever he’s got free time. In fact, he’s been on record saying “All I do is play music and golf.” The 14-time Grammy winner owns a course in Texas. “Par is whatever Willie shoots,” says the pro.

Bob Seger
Handicap: 16
Grammy winner and Rock and Roll and Songwriters Hall of Famer Bob Seger enjoys his time on the course whenever he’s not performing. Back in 2009, he played the Buick Open pro-am with Tiger Woods which made for a great show.   Adam Levine
Handicap: 15
The lead singer of the 3-time Grammy-winning band Maroon 5 plays to a modest 15 handicap but is always looking to improve his game. Back in 2012, he was celebrity student on Golf Channel’s The Haney Project and came out a better golfer. He’s been known to play a pro-am or two as well. Roger Waters
Handicap: 12
73-year-old Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famer and Grammy winner Roger Waters of the legendary band Pink Floyd loves to golf his ball when he’s not playing music. He belongs to the exclusive  National Golf Links of America located out on Long Island, New York.
To see the rest of this Top 10 group, go here! Source: Swing by Swing Pictures: Getty Images  Jeff Kravitz    Stephen Rose   Paul Warner   Michael Buckner   C Flanigan    Steve Jurvetson  

Who are the TOP 10 Actors/Golfers in Hollywood?

We all know that there are a ton of actors who love golf.  Just watch the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am each year as well as the annual Johhny Walker Pro-Am at St. Andrews every year.  But who are the best? Swing by Swing brings us an interesting list of the Top 10 Actors/Golfers in Hollywood.  Check them out!
Some of the best golf courses in the country are located in California. It is no coincidence that numerous famous personas of Tinsel Town find themselves taking up the game there and falling in love with it, just like all of us have at our own respective courses. Here is our list of the Top 10 Hollywood Golfers. 10. Samuel L. Jackson LONDON - JUNE 11: XXX during the Shooting Stars in Desert Nights Benefit 2009 Golf Day at The London Golf Club on June 11, 2009 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images) Jackson took up golf when a group of his friends tricked him into going to a driving range. With a handicap of 6.9, Samuel L. once shot a 78 while playing with Tiger. Where did they play? None other than St. Andrews. 9. Bill Murray bill-murray Bill Murray is one of the most notable celebrity golfers. He wrote a book about how golf impacted his life titled Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf. His handicap is holding strong at 7.2.
8. Matthew McConaughey matthew-mcconaughey McConaughey played on his golf team in high school. Luck has been on his side, though, as he claims he has four aces in his lifetime. The Academy Award winner has an 8.6 handicap.
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Which Celebrity Golfers Would You Like To Play With? I like # 25!

Every year at tournaments like the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, celebrities come out in droves to play with the very best in the world.  What many people don’t realize is that, by playing in these Pro-Ams, the celebs are helping to raise thousands of dollars for charity around the world.    of Golf Digest gives us quite a comprehensive list right here!

Hannah Davis


Kate Upton


Kelly Rohrbach

golfworld-2015-07-gwsl03-celebs-kelly-rohrbach       To see the rest of these celebrity golfers, go here! Source :    Golf Digest Pictures : @hanni_davis    Walter Iooss Jr.    @kellyrohrbach   Athit Perawongmetha/Getty Images for Mission Hills

New England Patriots Kicker compares Golf to Kicking!

Stephen Gostkowski, one of the best kickers in NFL history, sees similarities between kicking a football and playing golf. In a recent interview with Mark Carnevale on SiriusXM PGA Tour radio, Gostkowski talked about the importance in both sports, of tempo and rhythm, managing wind and confidence. He also repeats what many professional athletes have said in the past, “It’s all mental.” 3866275714_f54f3d6402_z What cool move does the Patriot’s best-ever kicker make after a shot through the uprights? Watch this video from Emily Kay at

Stephen Gostkowski is on his way to becoming the greatest kicker in NFL history, so he knows a thing or two about how weather conditions, timing, and cadence can affect the trajectory of a football.

With fellow players from teammate Tom Brady to Giants punter Brad Wing this season displaying their love for the game of golf, it’s not surprising that Gostkowski shares the passion and sees a slew of similarities between hammering one through the uprights and keeping a golf ball on the fairway.

To read the rest of this amazing story of the New England Patriots kicker, go here!

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Pictures : Keith Allison

Alice Cooper was a 9 handicap after 1 Year of Golf! Wow!

Most of us know that the pioneer of shock rock took up golf when he quit drinking. Alice Cooper’s doctor told him that he would follow other musicians in death-by-alcohol if he didn’t give it up. Cooper says he needed an activity that lasted all day so he chose golf. He’s been playing for 30 years now and says it’s the best game he’s ever played. His life change has also motivated Cooper to help others to explore their potential. This villainous on-stage rocker shows another side with his many charity golf tournaments and free music programs for kids. But how exactly did Alice Cooper get to a 9 handicap after only one year of golf? Find out here in this cool video from
On a recent trip to America European Tour Weekly spent time with the legendary musician Alice Cooper. Cooper has on several occasions credited golf as having played a major role in helping him to overcome his addiction to alcohol, and has even gone as far to say that when he took up golf, it was a case of replacing one addiction with another.
Source : European Tour

Does playing QBack help Tom Brady’s golf? Check it out here!

Tom Brady is one of the best (if not the best) best quarterbacks in the NFL today.  With the mindset of evading hazards and trying to score on the football field, does this help when playing golf?  Back9Network and Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway sat down with Tom to hear his take on golf and football!
Tom Brady could very well be considered the Tiger Woods of the football world. He’s undeniably gifted, incredibly divisive and a practitioner of questionable fashion. Last week, Brady bridged the gap between football and golf when talking about his ability to complete passes down the field. Responding to a question about his downfield prowess, Brady was told that he is completing 47.1% of his pass attempts between 21-30 yards, up from the 28.1% mark he posted in 2014. “Really? That’s surprising to me,” Brady said. “We’ve talked about that a lot over the last couple of years, trying to make plays more vertically in the defense. I think we do a good job obviously horizontally. From behind the line of scrimmage to the goal line, I think the best offenses can really challenge you in a lot of ways. It’s great to have those 12-and-13-play drives, but it’s great to score in one play or two plays also. Again, it’s a quarterback-receiver trust relationship, trying to put the ball can make a play on it and believing that our guy is going to make a play.” To read the rest of this article plus watch a video interview with Tom on the Golf Channel, go here! Source : Back9Network   Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway Pictures : Keith Allison

What if you could go back to the Majors and change outcomes?

Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and Curb your Enthusiasm, is a very funny man and an avid golfer. Recently, in an interview with Golf Digest magazine, he was asked what he would do if he were the most powerful man in golf. David chose 2 things. The first is that he would retroactively award Roberto DeVicenzo the 1968 Masters. David said “It’s a clerical error. Bob Goalby should have said, No, you take it.” I love that and it led me to think of several Majors where I’d like to tweak the outcome. One that comes to mind quickly is Greg Norman’s story at the 1986 PGA championship and at the 1987 Masters. Norman was looking good for the win each time, but freaky hole-outs from the bunker and sand by Bob Tway and then Larry Mize denied Norman his trophies. I think that to lose two consecutive Majors that way is too heartbreaking for anyone and if I could alter things, I’d have Greg Norman win one of those Majors. What would you like to change in the results of past Major Tournaments? Let me know and you’ll have a chance to win a FREE lesson with me. To enjoy more from the quirky Larry David, see this story from golfdigest:
Southern California golf is ubiquitous in the television series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The weather is perfect, but a storm is always brewing when the lead character bumps against the game’s social norms. Whether he’s facing country-club expulsion for not cleaning his locker or exile for precipitating a slow player’s death, the star’s passion for golf never wavers. We invited Larry David and his good friend Bill Scheft (staff writer for David Letterman and the nephew of legendary golf writer Herbert Warren Wind) for a round at Winged Foot. All afternoon, Larry’s lanky strut and creative cursing could be recognized from two fairways over. Here, the co-creator of “Seinfeld” answers questions from Scheft.
EVER PLAYED WITH ANY GUYS FROM THE PGA TOUR? In charity tournaments, I’ve played with Phil Mickelson, Keegan Bradley, Rickie Fowler, among others. Mickelson would describe what club he was going to use, and why. And he was all about what the grass will do. Keegan Bradley hit a tee shot, and I said, “Nice shot.” He looked at me, and I said, “I guess that’s like saying to Willie Mays, ‘Nice catch.'”
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO IMPROVE YOUR GAME? Golf is the only sport where you can practice every day for six months and not get any better. The swing is unnatural. You can spot a good golfer a mile away. There’s a supreme air of confidence that’s sickening. They have a swagger that just reeks of good golf. They’re immaculate. There’s not a crease. There’s not a stain. You can take a microscope over the outfit, and you will not find a dot. Often there’s a part in the hair. Read the rest of the Larry David interview, and what he would do if he were the Ryder Cup Captain, right here! Source :        Golf Digest Pictures : David Shankbone   Daniel Sempértegui

Surprise Celebrities who Golf! #8 in my Favorite!

 There are certain celebrities who we see regularly in Celebrity Pro Ams like the AT&T at Pebble Beach.  But here is a list of Celebrities who have been keeping their games under wraps!  Until today.  Sam Weinman of Golf Digest has just uncovered 23 celebrities who absolutely love golf.  Check it out!
Michael Phelps


The Olympic star’s golf career has been fruitful enough to land a Golf Digest cover, a Golf Channel show, and anendorsement contract with Ping. “This is a passion that I have and I’m going to do everything I can to improve and get to where I want to be. I have friends that are single-digit and scratch golfers that I would love to be able to compete with,” Phelps told Golf World’s E. Michael Johnson. “I know it is a very challenging sport. It’s the most humbling sport I’ve ever played in my life.”
Pictures : Getty Images

Is the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in need of a Facelift?

I must admit when I saw the headline I had to agree.  The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am has become same old, same old.  I skipped my usual schedule of watching golf on a Saturday afternoon, and only tuned in at to watch the conclusion, although with Brad Snedeker’s 4 shot victory, even that was a little ho hum. Martin Kaufmann of Golf Week seems to have the same opinion.  Here is his take on the tournament.  
Pebble Beach's 18th Tee!

Pebble Beach’s 18th Tee!

Pebble Beach has the odd distinction of being perhaps the PGA Tour’s best venue and the site of its worst tournament. Let’s first consider the course and setting. Pebble Beach arguably – some would say inarguably – is the best stop on the Tour’s regular schedule. What else comes close? Augusta National? Sure. St. Andrews, which is in this year’s major-championship rotation, would get a lot of support. Whistling Straits, the PGA Championship site, might get thrown into the mix. Same, too, for Kapalua and Sea Island. But that’s it. That’s where the conversation ends. So last week you had a great course hosting a completely unwatchable golf tournament. And here’s the thing: Those of us who have been watching Pebble for decades know it’s going to be unwatchable even before we turn on the TV. If ever there were a tournament where viewers should mute their TVs and just look at the pretty pictures, this is it. We know that CBS is going to give viewers an unhealthy dose of Chris Berman and Kenny G and Craig T. Nelson and Michael Bolton and Chris O’Donnell and Huey Lewis and Ray Romano and more. These guys are like Masters champions – they apparently have lifetime exemptions into the event. Huey Lewis noted Saturday that he’s been playing in the tournament for 25 years. Has he even had a hit in the past quarter century? And we also know we’ll have plenty of fawning praise for entertainers who probably didn’t get fawning praise even when they were in their primes. At one point Friday, Golf Channel’s Matt Gogel referred to “the great Tom Dreesen” as the comedian was putting. Now, I vaguely recall that Dreesen, who made his bones as a warm-up act for Frank Sinatra, could be mildly amusing in some of his appearances on late-night talk shows. But that was more than 30 years ago. And poor Phil Parkin had the hapless task of doing on-course interviews, which included a FedEx executive on Thursday and a Dallas car dealer on Friday. Was it a coincidence that FedEx is the Tour’s most prominent corporate sponsor or that the Dallas businessman helps organize the Byron Nelson Championship, which (another coincidence?) has a new sponsor in AT&T, which also sponsors the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Who knows? Perhaps I’m just being cynical.  
Bill Murray, Josh Duhamel & Huey Lewis are regulars at the AT&T Pro-Am.

Bill Murray, Josh Duhamel & Huey Lewis are regulars at the AT&T Pro-Am.

So the question is: How to fix this mess? Tournament organizers could start by getting some fresh blood in this event and reminding viewers why they loved the old Crosby Clambake. Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee had a good suggestion when I spoke with him after the first round on Thursday: Bring in some real celebrity firepower such as Hollywood golfers George Clooney or Jack Nicholson. That would be a good start. I’m sure all of the B-listers and faceless millionaires who show up each year are fine folks, but only their families and friends want to watch them play golf. The Clambake has deteriorated into a glorified corporate outing with a few entertainers mixed in. This event needs two booster shots of energy and spontaneity. The nadir of golf broadcasting comes on Saturday, when moving day becomes snoozing day. (Seriously – I napped during the round, then watched it on the DVR later.) It’s all so formulaic. CBS’ Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo sit near the par-3 17th and the celebrities stop by to have their swings analyzed by Peter Kostis. (Did you ever notice how many of these celebrities – O’Donnell, Lucas Black, Josh Duhamel – appear on CBS prime-time shows? Is it odd that we didn’t see any actors who appear on ABC, NBC or other channels? I’m sure that’s just another coincidence.) I’m not sure how the Clambake got this bad or how to allot blame. If you want to point fingers at the culprit, you probably would need a lot of fingers, aimed at, among others, tournament organizers, AT&T and other sponsors, the Tour, CBS and perhaps a few other entities that I’m forgetting. Years ago, the Pebble Beach Pro-Am was one of the biggest events of the season. Now, for TV viewers, it’s just a white-hot mess of utter unwatchableness. Can it ever recapture its former glory? Perhaps, with some fairly obvious changes, such as more fresh faces and less corporate backslapping. Will it? Probably not. Sadly, at this stage, I suspect there are too many entrenched interests – the sponsors, the Tour, CBS – that like it just the way it is.
Source : Martin Kaufmann   Golf Week Pictures : Christina Lauren

What do Jimmy Fallon, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and YOU have in Common?

It is GOLF!   You all love getting away from your normal routine and competing against yourself or others, in a beautiful and natural environment of a golf course. The media has caught celebrities playing since 1933 when Clark gable was spotted playing golf with wife Carole Lombard at various California golf courses. Lombard & Gable                   Gable & Lombard And, since 1960 when the Bob Hope Classic was founded, (now called the Humana Challenge) movie stars, singers, politicians and non-golf sports celebrities have played golf to relax, to challenge themselves and to donate to worthy charities. I love one of Jimmy Fallon’s quotes in his June 2014 interview with Golf Digest Magazine where he says “We want to see people we love react to doing not so well when they are out of their element.” Michael Phelps recently sais “It’s the most humbling sport I’ve ever played in my whole life.” Michael Phelps               However, Wayne Gretzky has indicated that he loves that it’s a great family sport.  He and his wife and kids spend time together and enjoy being competitive with each other on the golf course. Gretszky Golf           Wayne Gretzky   My New Years wish is that you and your family and friends hit the links more than ever in 2015 and create long lasting memories! Sources : Golf Digest  Craig Bestrom  Sam Weinman Pictures : flickr  Marco Pakoeningrat  Ken Lund  Steve Garfield