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Do you rotate your body enough through impact?

First Tee Jitters? Try Breathing!

What do golf pros, amateurs and weekend hacks have in common?

We all get nervous on the first tee!

But you don’t have to let a case of first tee jitters ruin your opening drive.

Watch my short video golf tip to learn the simple pre-shot routine that will help you take control and handle those jitters like a pro.

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Don't Tee Up on This Side of the Tee Box!

Tee Box Strategy . . . it works

Teeing up on the wrong side of the tee box is a common error. And it is rarely addressed in golf lessons. I will provide you with easy-to-remember strategy that will help you put the ball in play consistently, and give you the advantage.

Watch this quick video now!

Source : Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures : Mel Sole Golf School

There are many ways to skin a cat! (or, play this par 5)

Do you have a tough par 5 on your home course?  When the hole presents elevation changes, water and trees, you need to consider different ways of playing it.  
The 6th Hole, par 5, at Club de Golf Malinalco.

The 6th Hole, par 5, at Club de Golf Malinalco.

I learned recently on one of the toughest par 5’s I have played, at my Mexico School course, to  lay off the driver and approach this hole with a 4 iron off the tee, a 5 iron to the second “landing area” and then a pitching or sand wedge to the green.  The hole has three rivers traversing the fairway.  One off the tee which is not really a problem, but then the other is about 280 yards from the tee and the next  is 60 yards short of the green.  The green is totally surrounded be trees and there is a hazard on the left side fairly close to the green.  I have made many birdies here, an eagle, and lots of 6’s and 7’s.  Since changing my strategy on this formerly frustrating #6 hole at Club de Golf Malinalco, my scores have all been par.  I have not made a bogey.  Not as many birdies, but I know I will get one every now and again with a good putt. Read on and see this one golfer’s nemesis hole (which looks remarkably similar to the hole I described) and consider how you would play it…… How would you play this par 5?   Source : Pictures : Club de Golf Malinalco