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Golf can give you a headache

Golf Bloopers to make you feel normal!

This month’s blog is on Golf Bloopers to make you feel normal!
So many times we feel embarrassed by the shots we hit or the way we played that day.  But fear not my friends, there are golfers out there who are much worse than you, I mean, much worse!  Just check unforgettable golf bloopers to make your day!
You don’t realize until you watch bloopers like these, that there are a lot of golfers in the world that are a lot worse than you!  The thing that always amazes me is that there is a camera going for all of these.  How many amazing bloopers have we missed because there was no camera!
What this entire compilation makes you realize, is that there are a lot of bad golfers out there.  Why aren’t golf schools doing a booming business?

We’ve all seen golf bloopers posted on the internet, but rarely do we find a bunch of them conveniently edited into a five-plus minute video posted on social media. Thankfully, the folks at Golf Is Life was looking out for us. They combined some of the most epic falls, spills, and club throws for our viewing pleasure.

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Source: Dan Bier    Swing by Swing

          Picture: Michael Cheng

What would Peter Kostis do if he was PGA Tour Commissioner?

I have always had the greatest respect for Peter Kostis and his PGA Tour commentary is always on point.  His great insight in both golf instruction and the PGA Tour make him an enjoyable announcer to listen to.  Kostis is a breath of fresh air compared to announcers who love the sound of their own voice and never shut up!  So it comes as no surprise that Peter has some ideas on how the PGA Tour would fare even better.  With PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem retiring soon, here are Peter’s ideas brought to you by Swing by Swing!
If all goes according to plan, Tim Finchem will likely be retiring as PGA Tour commissioner at the end of the 2016 season and all indications say he will be succeeded Jay Monahan.
Finchem has held the commish post since 1994. Since then, the game has changed dramatically. While you can credit Tiger Woods for a decent portion of golf’s transformation, Finchem’s accomplishments can’t be overlooked (see: TV Deals).
In a recent article written by CBS analyst and instructor Peter Kostis, he offers up three pieces of advice on how the next commissioner can improve the game. The catch is that these relatively simple ideas will likely never happen. Shorten the season The golf season should extend from early January to Labor Day weekend. Period. That would give us 30 to 35 events per year, which is plenty. This sort of compact schedule would more often draw the very best players. And besides, why fight an unwinnable ratings battle with the NFL? Golf can’t compete with football, and the FedEx Cup playoffs deserve a showcase without interference from the NFL. As for the so-called Fall Series events, I have a solution: Incorporate them into qualifying tournaments and the season. That way, smaller events that can’t afford the PGA Tour premium price can enhance their fields and visibility. The most important rationale behind my short-season suggestion, though, is protecting players. Tour pros need an offseason to rest and recover, and to work on improving technique. No other major pro sport competes 12 months a year. Plus, fans would anticipate and get excited for the start of the season! It’s just not the same when things kick off in October, a week after the FedEx Cup concludes at the Tour Championship.
To see the rest of Peter’s ideas on improving the future PGA Tour schedule, go here! Source : Dan Bier  Swing by Swing  Peter Kostis Pictures: Keith Allison