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Golf can give you a headache

Golf Bloopers to make you feel normal!

This month’s blog is on Golf Bloopers to make you feel normal!
So many times we feel embarrassed by the shots we hit or the way we played that day.  But fear not my friends, there are golfers out there who are much worse than you, I mean, much worse!  Just check unforgettable golf bloopers to make your day!
You don’t realize until you watch bloopers like these, that there are a lot of golfers in the world that are a lot worse than you!  The thing that always amazes me is that there is a camera going for all of these.  How many amazing bloopers have we missed because there was no camera!
What this entire compilation makes you realize, is that there are a lot of bad golfers out there.  Why aren’t golf schools doing a booming business?

We’ve all seen golf bloopers posted on the internet, but rarely do we find a bunch of them conveniently edited into a five-plus minute video posted on social media. Thankfully, the folks at Golf Is Life was looking out for us. They combined some of the most epic falls, spills, and club throws for our viewing pleasure.

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10 Video’s of Angry Golf Professionals.

Source: Dan Bier    Swing by Swing

          Picture: Michael Cheng

10 of the most Incredible Shots on the PGA Tour!

I think it was Arnold Palmer who said, “I would rather be lucky than good!”  These 10 of the most incredible shots on the PGA Tour will take your breath away.  Also, my dad always said, “Golf is not a fair game, if you want fair, go play something else.” I think you have to take the good with the bad.  Most golfers (including myself) tend to remember the bad breaks we get on the course and quickly forget how an out of bounds tee shot miraculously hit something and bounced back in bounds.  I will try and remember that in the future.  Thanks to Swing by Swing for sharing this with us!
A little luck never hurt anybody, especially on the golf course. We can all think of times when wayward shots actually turned out to be the highlight of our round due to a fortunate bounce or break. Even the pros can use a little luck sometimes. Here is our list of the 10 amazingly lucky breaks we found, from professionals and amateurs alike. Darren Clarke
Former Ryder Cup Captain Darren Clarke got away with murder on this approach a few years back. His shot looked like the only place it was going to end up was in the water. The ball danced around a couple of cliff faces before nestling itself right on the edge of the playable surface. All he could do was smile Matt Jones
Australian Matt Jones became friendly with a ridge of rocks during the third round of the 2013 PGA Championship. He ricocheted off and his ball shot towards the pin, only to settle down on the fringe and slowly roll back even closer to the hole. The golf gods were looking down on him that day.
Rory gets lucky
It certainly seemed like Rory’s tee shot from a tournament in Dubai was headed straight for the water hazard. By sheer luck, he landed right on the cart bridge and popped up over to the other side where he had a wonderful lie for a recovery shot. Got to love those cart paths. Fuzzy Zoeller
In this clip, we see golfer Fuzzy Zoeller strike a tee shot that looks less than impressive at first. It lands beyond even the fringe of the green and into the surrounding rough. It stays there for a while, until it miraculously frees itself and rolls down the sloping green right into the cup. Just like he planned. Leif Olson 
This shot makes it seem like Olson had billiards on his mind when going through his round. This tee shot lands north of the pin but rolls back down the green until it strikes the shot of a previous player. By sheer luck, the balls hit each other in a way that the tee shot shoots straight for the hole for the ace. He won a new BMW with that shot!
To see the rest of these unbelievable shots, go here! Source : Swing by Swing.  

The Best 10 Golf Trick shots of the year!

Golf trick Shots are always fun to watch!  These days there seem to be more and more golfers trying to outdo each other in this department.  Here are the Best 10 Golf trick shots of the year presented by Swing by Swing!
Golf trick shots certainly have come a long way since the days of this game-changing Tiger Woods’ Nike commercial. Aided by the help of the internet, Go-Pro cameras, and even props in some cases, people from across the world have joined together on a mission to up the anti one trick shot at a time. As it turns out 2016 was a good year in this new wave of golf entertainment. Here’s our list of the 10 best we’ve seen in no particular order. 1 Driver Flip This nifty club trick by Josh Kelley is all about timing. Hand-eye-coordination is also crucial as he flips the club up and catches it completely blind above his head while in mid-swing. We wonder how long it took him to perfect it? 2. Tweener Trick shot connoisseur Ryan Rustand channels Rodger Federer with this tweener. He ricochets it off of a barrier, only to catch his driver and stripe one down broadway. All while the ball was still in the air. Magic. 3. Who needs tees? Golfer and trick shot specialist Josh Kelley shows that he doesn’t need a tee to rip one down the middle to start a round. What is more, he makes the use of caddies obsolete as he pinpoints his iron into its (proper?) slot in his bag. He proceeds to strap up the sticks and admire his shot with a brisk walk to his next one. 4. Doink This trick shot employs some props to take it to the next level. The initial putt is blasted off the fringe and hits the barrier squarely. Kelley then cuts it out of mid air with only the slim face of his putter to send it home. 5. Flop The always entertaining Bryan Brothers come up with a twist on a classic. It starts off with a Phil-esque flop off a ledge. The ball travels backwards and lands right in the wheelhouse, getting tattooed across the water. Welcome to the Smoke Shack, indeed.
To see the rest of the Top 10 Golf Trick Shots of 2016, go here! Source : Swing by Swing

Golf Movies and their Quotes. Your Favorite please!

If you love golf and you love the movies, then this post is for you!  Great lines from great golf movies.  Of course we all know who will get the #1 spot, but it is fun to go through the others and remember when you saw these movies.  I personally absolutely loved “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and “The Greatest Game Ever Played”  I have seen both these movies.  Other than Caddyshack”  what is your favorite golf movie and what is your favorite quote?
Golf is a serious sport? Tell that to Hollywood. These golf movie quotes show how much fun movie makers have with the game of golf. Here are some of our favorite lines. (Warning: some clips may contain inappropriate language)
10. I Love You, Man: “This is my nightmare.” Sydney (Jason Segel) takes one off the shin while trying to help Hailey (Sarah Burns) with her game. His reaction is one we could all relate to.
9. Sideways: “Oops, look out.” Miles (Paul Giamatti) sarcastically warns another group as he hits their errant shot back at them in Sideways. It’s the fantasy of every golfer who’s ever been hit into—although Miles probably deserved it at the rate he was playing.
8. Swingers: “Dead heat after one hole. This is turning into quite a rivalry.” Mike (Jon Favreau) and Rob (Ron Livingston) play some hilariously bad shots on an L.A. par-3 course in Swingers, each carding an 8 on the first hole. Watch this scene to learn how NOT to hit a pitch shot. Or a sand shot. Or a 12-foot putt.
7. Caddyshack: “Gambling is illegal at Bushwood sir, and I never slice.” Judge Smails (Ted Knight) dooms himself to a certain slice as the snobs take on the slobs in the classic Caddyshack.
6. Seven Days in Utopia: “See it. Feel it. Trust it.” Johnny Crawford (Robert Duvall) teaches wayward pro Luke Chisolm (Lucas Black) a simple mantra for hitting the perfect golf shot in Seven Days in Utopia.

Here are the “Top 10 Funny Golf Scenes.” by

What is your favorite golf movie?  Caddyshack?  Bagger Vance?  Chances are that they are in this medley of funny golf scenes. Thanks to for giving us our daily chuckle!
Golf has had its fair share of time on the silver screen, but the folks at have made the definitive list of the top-10 funniest golf moments in movie history. Just ignore the occasional, annoying voiceover commentary.
Source :

Have you ever been Pranked before? This player almost lost it!

I have personally never been pranked before, but it is always fun to pull one on a close friend and see them go through literal hell until the plot is revealed!  Tom Johnson’s good friend Berry Henson sets up a fake caddie, who annoyingly gives poor advice throughout the round.  At one point Tom asks the caddie “Do you want to walk in?” Berry felt this was the time to end the joke! Thanks to AsianTourTV for its participation in this prank!
Beware Asian Tour rookies…Tom Johnson goes through the worst practice round ever as Berry Henson sets him up with a caddie/actor, who gives Tom a horrid time.
Source : AsianTourTV

Who of the Dude Perfect guys, is King of the Flop? Watch here!

This is a real fun video wth four buddies trying to outdo each other with the art of the flop shot.  Their technique is something to be desired, and it is amazing that nobody was hurt filming this.  Phil Mickelson would get a headache watching these guys, but after all, it is supposed to be fun!  Thanks to Callaway Golf for providing this great entertainment to see who is King of the Flop!
The guys at Dude Perfect are back at it again, this time with a Dude Perfect Battle. The boys tried their luck behind an 8-foot wall, trying to hit a flop shot closest to the pin on the other side. Some of the results were predictable, ie. bladed back into the ribs, but for the most part, the Dude Perfect guys impressed us with their flop ability.
Source : Callaway Golf  

Cool recovery shot by Jason Kokrak to 17 feet!

To say Jason Kokrak hit his shot into the 18th green a little high and wide would be an understatement, he hit it so far high and right that he ended up in one of the hospitality tents.  Much to the glee of the occupants, he decided to play the shot.  What I want everyone to notice is his intense concentration on this shot.  First, a few practice swings to get an idea of how hard and how high to play the shot. Next, he stands behind the ball and visualizes a clear shot through to the green. Lastly, he walks up to the ball and has several looks at a point about 20 feet in front of him that is obviously the line he wants to start the ball on.  This is a professional at work doing what he does best.  Thanks to the Charlotte Observer for sharing this video!  Great stuff!
Tour players often use their surroundings to their advantage. If there’s water short of the green, they take their chances hitting it long into the gallery or use a hospitality tent as a backstop. Sometimes, however, those “safety plays” go a little awry as Jason Kokrak found out on Friday at the Wells Fargo Championship. Playing the 18th hole, Kokrak steered clear of the water guarding the left side of the green by playing out to the right. Unfortunately, Kokrak pushed it a litter further right than he had hoped and ended up on the second floor of a hospitality tent. Instead of taking his drop, Kokrak decided to play the shot.
Source : Charlotte Observer   Swing by Swing

The Top 10 “Amazing Recoveries” from Phil Mickelson!

Phil Mickelson’s short game plus a creative imagination make him one of the greatest recovery shot artists in the history of golf!  Here are 10 of his greatest presented by the PGA Tour!
Throughout his career, Phil Mickelson’s ball has found some interesting places and lies on the golf course, and more often than not Lefty pulls of an amazing escape. Check out the most amazing Phil Mickelson great escapes on the PGA TOUR (excluding majors).
Source : PGA TOUR

Another Series of Amazing Trick Shots by Dude Perfect!

Do you like trick shots?  I absolutely love watching them.  I’m amazed at the creativity of  Dude Perfect as they produce their magic.  Check out this great video as they produce another unbelievable series of golf trick shots to entertain you.  Where do these guys find the time to do all this stuff?  Thanks to Swing by Swing for sharing!
Dude Perfect has made a career out of doing the unthinkable. From their first video doing trick shots on a backyard basketball hoop, to Cowboys Stadium and beyond, the guys have reinvented the trick shot game. Now, after teaming up with Callaway Golf, Dude Perfect has taken the golf trick shot game to a completely other level. The next batch of trick shot videos better be on notice. The bar has been raised.
Source : Dude Perfect  Swing by Swing