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Golf can give you a headache

Golf Bloopers to make you feel normal!

This month’s blog is on Golf Bloopers to make you feel normal!
So many times we feel embarrassed by the shots we hit or the way we played that day.  But fear not my friends, there are golfers out there who are much worse than you, I mean, much worse!  Just check unforgettable golf bloopers to make your day!
You don’t realize until you watch bloopers like these, that there are a lot of golfers in the world that are a lot worse than you!  The thing that always amazes me is that there is a camera going for all of these.  How many amazing bloopers have we missed because there was no camera!
What this entire compilation makes you realize, is that there are a lot of bad golfers out there.  Why aren’t golf schools doing a booming business?

We’ve all seen golf bloopers posted on the internet, but rarely do we find a bunch of them conveniently edited into a five-plus minute video posted on social media. Thankfully, the folks at Golf Is Life was looking out for us. They combined some of the most epic falls, spills, and club throws for our viewing pleasure.

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Source: Dan Bier    Swing by Swing

          Picture: Michael Cheng

Some more hilarious golf bloopers! I couldn’t do this if I tried!

Each time I look at golf bloopers I wonder about 2 things.  One, how did so many people get videoed doing such crazy shots, and two, what are the odds of hitting such poor shots on cue!  Most of these shots I could not do if I really tried!  I salute the caddie that tried to save his player from going into the lake, only to be pulled in with him!  Thanks to golfsecrets1 for reposting this from AFV! Source : AFV!   golfsecrets1

Golf Bloopers from the Pros!

We all sit at home and admire how the top players in the world can make the game look so easy.  But we almost revel in the fact that they too are human and when they hit one of those “weekender” shots, we smile and think “ahh I’ve played a shot like that!” Here are some of those to familiar golf bloopers played by the best players in the world! Source : 1 Step to Better Golf

Your worst shot can't beat this one!

Are you ready for a new season of golf, with all the foibles, as well as the good stuff? We’ve all seen some blooper golf shots on America’s Funniest Video’s, but I like this one seen on blog.  Listen to the wife/girlfriend’s commentary on it.  Is this the worst shot ever? Very funny!   Source : AFVApproved Pictures :