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Protein Based Diet!

A protein-based diet for Golf Fitness.

You can’t go wrong with A protein-based diet for Golf Fitness is the subject of today’s Fitness Friday.  A Golf Video Blog with Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf School, located at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.

On Fridays we not only present tips ourselves that will help your game, but also curate articles from well know fitness instructors in the golfing industry. Nutrition and fitness go hand in glove, so don’t try and get your body in shape without a healthy diet as well.  Rob Labritz for give you some correct steps to go about this!

“Pay attention to what you put in your body.” Surely you’ve heard that from your doctor countless times. Well, now you’re going to hear it from PGA Professional Rob Labritz.

Emphasis on a protein-based diet for Golf Fitness.

In this week’s installment of our “Become a complete golfer” series, Labritz is putting a major emphasis on nutrition. “Make smart choices,” he said. “You can’t go wrong with a protein-based diet.  It must also include fruits and vegetables without a lot of sugary carbohydrates. You do need some carbohydrates for brain function, but you don’t need the kinds that are slathered in sugar.”

Over the course of this series, Labritz has stressed the importance of keeping everything “in balance.” It isn’t just your mind and your swing. It extends to what you’re eating, too. For instance, Labritz said, if you’re the kind of person who thinks fueling up on the course means a hot dog and a soft drink at the turn, you may want to reevaluate — particularly if you’re serious about improving all aspects of your game. “Basically you’re messing yourself up pretty bad if you opt for a hot dog and Coke,” he said. “You’ll probably have a sugar high for 45 minutes and then a crash. When your body does that, your mind does the same thing. It’s hard to stay balanced.” 

Labritz is a self-described “strict eater” when it comes to life in general and believes a protein-based diet is something everyone should buy into and make a part of their lifestyle. So how do you apply nutrition to the course? Like everything else, it has to do with preparation. 

The Goal.

The goal on the course is to keep your energy high and your focus throughout. You don’t want to be full out there, but you certainly don’t want to be starving either. Labritz recommends eating a good meal 3-4 hours before your tee time. If it’s an early morning tee time and you don’t have time to get that solid meal in, here’s what Labritz suggests.

To see the rest of this story and what Rob Labritz suggests how to correct it to improve your game, go here!

Source: Rob Labritz    Mel Sole Golf School.


A different way to chip.

A different way to chip! This might be the answer!

This week’s blog is A different way to chip! This might be the answer!

Hi, I’m Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf School at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.  I have taught this method over the years to students who struggle with the conventional method.  Using a less lofted club like a 6 or 7 iron, getting into a chipping stance with the ball behind the toes of the back foot is the way I do it.  

CHipping always takes a little bit of practice to develop feel.  But once you get that, the rest is easy! A different way to chip! This might be the answer!

Listen up as A.J. Avoli, one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers explains a different way to chip with this innovative method. He likes to get the shaft a little bit more upright and hits the ball off the toe of the club.  Maybe this gets the ball to roll a little bit better.  It would certainly prevent the club from sticking in the ground!  He is director of instruction at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif.

Over time, a simple method for getting the ball from off the green to the flagstick fell out of favor.

I rarely see anyone chip like the late Hall of Fame golfer Paul Runyan. That’s a shame, because this technique will make you more accurate around the greens, with a lot less practice. Once you master the setup and learn to make a rhythmic stroke—like putting—you’ll start getting up and down more often. Let me show you how to chip old school.

To see the rest of this informative article, go here!

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Learn to make chipping a lot easier with this technique.

Source: Golf Digest  Ron Kasprisky  A.J. Avoli

Picture: Beth Rankin

Turn in the barrel

Understanding the Hip “Slide” on the backswing!

Understanding the Hip “Slide” on the backswing!

I have many students who allow their weight to move over to the outside of the trail foot by allowing a hip “slide”.  This now affects the way they start the downswing.  They have nothing to push off with.  Here, Josh Zander explains with the help of a teaching aid, how to keep this from happening in your swing!  I think Josh gets into a bit of a Stack and Tilt position at the top of the backswing, that I don’t really like.  However, that is a lot better than allowing the hip to slide away and get the weight on the outside of the back foot at the top of the backswing.  I also like the use of the training aid.  I have used this in putting, but never in the full swing.  Great idea.

How the proper hip turn helps generate power and proper impact in the golf swing.  Imagine standing inside a barrel.  On the backswing, the hips stay inside the barrel with the weight still loading onto the back leg.  You now get into what I like to call a baseball pitchers windup position.  He would fall over if he allowed the hips to slide laterally.  The hips turn!

By allowing your butt to touch the training aid, you will instantly feel if there is a slide.  Head to the range and work on this.  You’ll increase your weight shift and body rotation and hit the ball further as a result!

Source: Josh Zander

ground force

Eureka! What “Ground Force” means in the swing!

This week’s blog is Eureka! What “Ground Force” means in the swing!

Top Speed Golf and Clay Ballard do a great job here of explaining how ground force can really help you not only hit the ball with more power but really improve all aspects of your game.  The video is a little long (16 mins) but I can assure you, it is well worth the time!  

Try hitting a golf ball while sitting in a chair with your feet off the ground!  Absolutely no power.  Without the ground to help you generate power, you’ve got zippo!

If you want power in your golf swing, learn to push off with the lower body in a BIG way!  Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and just up vertically while twisting around to face the other way.  That is what using ground force is all about! You will feel your rear foot push as the center of mass has to move forward in order for the body to rotate.  If you jumped and turned to the left you would push off with your right foot.  That is what a right-handed golfer should feel.  Go into your backyard and jump and turn to face the other way over and over.  Push harder and harder and you will eventually be able to spin around 360 degrees.  That demonstrates how you an really increase your velocity and your power.

Once you have that pushing off feeling, head to the range, and see if you can incorporate that right foot push off feeling in your golf swing.  It might take a little time, and you might hit a few bad shots, but it is all worth it.  In no time you will be pounding the ball out there!

Source: Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard

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Leg Drive or Quite Legs?  The Answer is Right Here!

Do you rotate your body enough through impact in the golf swing?

Sean Webb of Athletic Motion Golf  highlights with this awesome GEARS 3D Motion Capture how much difference there is between the amateur golfer (even a good one) and a PGA Tour player.  It is very clear here that if you want to hit the ball further you must learn to turn the ribcage (torso) and the hips very fast through impact in the golf swing! In this first video in the series, we look at the differences in body rotation between an amateur golfer who we captured in our studio and a PGA tour professional. Source: Athletic Motion Golf

Those trees on the golf course, get over them!

Golf course architects are horrible aren’t they?  They put trees on the golf course that could potentially get in the way of our shot to the green!  But have no fear.  PGA golf professional Bill Ore will help you navigate that precarious position.  Next time, drive it on the fairway – there are no trees on the fairway!
Watch easy golf instruction on how to elevate your golf ball quickly. PGA Professional Billy Ore offers a 3-step process for how to get your ball over that tree or other obstacle in front of you.
Source:  PGA     Bill Ore Picture: Mario

Learn the keys to Fairway Bunkers with Luke Donald!

Former World #1 Luke Donald has been a Mizuno player most of his career and so it is quite fitting that this mizunogolfeurope golf tip is presented by him.  According to Luke, the key to hitting good bunker shots is to pick the ball clean off the sand.  Check it out!
No one better than PGA Tour pro Luke Donald to explain the difference in approach with a 115 yard fairway bunker shot. More on the new MP-25 irons used by Luke in this tip on
Source: mizunogolfeurope

The Keys To Great Fairway Woods!

What are the keys to great fairway woods?  Ball position, the width of stance and smooth swing are some of these keys.  Ged Walters gives you a few things to work on to make your fairway woods more consistent and longer!
Ged Walters shows you the secret to hitting your fairway woods awesome. Play your best golf with help from one of Trafford Golf Centres PGA Golf Professionals. Ged shows you how getting the right set up with your fairway woods will help your hit awesome shots off both the fairway and the tee.
Source: GedWaltersGolf

A fun shot to learn. Know how to create backspin on your pitch shots!

My good friend Adam Bazelgette of Scratch Golf Academy and former co-worker at the Phil Ritson Golf Studio in Myrtle Beach back in the early 90’s, has certainly come a long way in the teaching world. Being named twice, Florida Teacher of the Year, is no small accomplishment!  Here Adam explains in great detail how the conditions need to be in order to create backspin on your pitch shots so you can impress your friends.  
The 4 golf chip shot tips in this video will help teach you to understand more clearly what is required to learn better how to get backspin with your chip shots and will show you the best way to get more backspin with your pitching and chip shot.
Source: Scratch Golf Academy

Flight your short irons lower to be a better iron player!

If you want to become a good short iron player, learn from Travis Fulton and Callaway Golf on how to flight your short irons lower for better control and accuracy.   Turning your lower hand down as you move through impact is one of the big keys to learning this shot!
PGA Professional Travis Fulton shows you how to take dead aim with your short irons and ensure you’re making solid contact.
Source: Callaway Golf   Travis Fulton