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Protein Based Diet!

A protein-based diet for Golf Fitness.

You can’t go wrong with A protein-based diet for Golf Fitness is the subject of today’s Fitness Friday.  A Golf Video Blog with Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf School, located at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.

On Fridays we not only present tips ourselves that will help your game, but also curate articles from well know fitness instructors in the golfing industry. Nutrition and fitness go hand in glove, so don’t try and get your body in shape without a healthy diet as well.  Rob Labritz for give you some correct steps to go about this!

“Pay attention to what you put in your body.” Surely you’ve heard that from your doctor countless times. Well, now you’re going to hear it from PGA Professional Rob Labritz.

Emphasis on a protein-based diet for Golf Fitness.

In this week’s installment of our “Become a complete golfer” series, Labritz is putting a major emphasis on nutrition. “Make smart choices,” he said. “You can’t go wrong with a protein-based diet.  It must also include fruits and vegetables without a lot of sugary carbohydrates. You do need some carbohydrates for brain function, but you don’t need the kinds that are slathered in sugar.”

Over the course of this series, Labritz has stressed the importance of keeping everything “in balance.” It isn’t just your mind and your swing. It extends to what you’re eating, too. For instance, Labritz said, if you’re the kind of person who thinks fueling up on the course means a hot dog and a soft drink at the turn, you may want to reevaluate — particularly if you’re serious about improving all aspects of your game. “Basically you’re messing yourself up pretty bad if you opt for a hot dog and Coke,” he said. “You’ll probably have a sugar high for 45 minutes and then a crash. When your body does that, your mind does the same thing. It’s hard to stay balanced.” 

Labritz is a self-described “strict eater” when it comes to life in general and believes a protein-based diet is something everyone should buy into and make a part of their lifestyle. So how do you apply nutrition to the course? Like everything else, it has to do with preparation. 

The Goal.

The goal on the course is to keep your energy high and your focus throughout. You don’t want to be full out there, but you certainly don’t want to be starving either. Labritz recommends eating a good meal 3-4 hours before your tee time. If it’s an early morning tee time and you don’t have time to get that solid meal in, here’s what Labritz suggests.

To see the rest of this story and what Rob Labritz suggests how to correct it to improve your game, go here!

Source: Rob Labritz    Mel Sole Golf School.


10 Reasons Why Golf School Is Better Than 1-Hour Lessons.

Let’s face it: 1-hour golf lessons aren’t enough. Golfers can only experience real and lasting improvement by getting away from the daily grind and immersing themselves in the fundamentals of the game at a reputable golf school. Here’s why golf schools are a better choice than one-hour golf lessons:
Choose a golf school with no more than 4 students per instructor.

Choose a golf school with no more than 4 students per instructor.

  1. Complete Focus Saturday will be busy: get the kids to soccer, run some errands, take the car in… and make it to your golf lesson on time! When you squeeze a one-hour golf lesson into your busy day, you’re not able to fully relax and clear your mind to focus on golf. At golf school, you have the luxury of complete focus on your game in a totally golf environment. Golf school is about YOU and GOLF, period. 2. Time for Improvement A one-hour golf lesson is only long enough to address one area of your game, and doesn’t have the “staying power” of extended golf school programs. Three days at golf school provide you with all the time you need to do lots of repetitive drills and improve all aspects of your game. 3. Getting away from it all. Leaving town, and leaving all the distractions of home and office allows you to relax and focus on exactly why you took the golf school in the first place – to improve your golf! 4. Teaching Professionals With private golf lessons, you might wind up with the kid who has very little teaching experience. The teachers at golf school are teaching professionals, PGA certified golf instructors. Career teachers use proven and structured teaching methods, not band-aid fixes. 5. You’re Committed It’s hard to stay committed to improving your game with one-hour golf lessons. The effort is sporadic, producing slower results, and they’re easier to give up on. With golf school, your commitment of time and money means that you’ll take it seriously. You’ll work hard, under the daily supervision of your Teaching Pro, who will keep you on-track and focused for success. 6. Video Analysis In a one-hour golf lesson, there simply isn’t time to have the opportunity to record and view your swing in various stages of development, and view swing comparisons with Tour Players. At golf school, there’s a dedicated video room, and in-depth video swing analysis is included with 3-day programs.  After the lessons, all your instruction should be emailed to you for your review long after the school is over! 7. Mental Game In addition to swing mechanics, golf school also focuses on the development of mental golf skills. Sports psychology programs help golfers perform anxiety-free and help you understand how your personality affects course management and other important areas of your game. You can’t get this kind of help with one-hour golf lessons. 8. Proper Facilities A golf lesson at your local course or driving range could mean mats, which don’t have the same feel as grass, and produce false results. Golf schools have grass ranges, private short game areas, and video analysis rooms. Golf schools also use golf training aids, which provide important feedback for the student, crucial to the motor learning skills demanded by golf. 9. Learn to Practice There’s a huge difference between pounding balls mindlessly at the range and productive practice. A good golf school will teach you the correct way to practice, and the results will amaze you. 10. Follow-up. The top schools will have follow-up programs where you can email your swing to the instructor, get your progress critiqued, and sent back to you with further suggestions. A one-hour golf lesson is the way to go if you just want to kill an hour at the range, but if you want real and lasting golf improvement, attending a quality golf school is the best way to achieve your goal. Source : Mel Sole Pictures : Mel Sole.


3 Reasons to Choose a new kind of Golf Improvement program

In 2013, two of my more mature golf students declared that our instruction was terrific, but they were worn out. The male and female golfer suggested that we shorten the school program from 3.5 hours to maybe 2 hours.

Mel holding court with one of his students.

Mel holding court with one of his students.

Thanks to those students, we designed a new class to help older players to reach their maximum potential, without over-tiring them. Our Senior Golf School consists of 2 hours a day for three afternoons, where you work on all aspects of the physical game from tee to green. We address the lost strength and flexibility issues, and we put a big emphasis on short game skills improvement. Video analysis is included, and a personal lessons/drills video is provided via email for follow-up.

Never more than 4 people in the class!

Never more than 4 people in the class!

3 advantages to the Senior Program at the Mel Sole Golf School:

  • serious, overall skills improvement that will bring you greater enjoyment when you play

  • shorter class time – two hours – means you’ll still have energy left following school

  • Price – cost is $340 per person. We challenge you to find a more affordable golf academy program at any of the other ‘Top 25 Golf Schools in the USA.’ (GOLF Magazine)

To learn more details. . . . Click Here

Source : Mel Sole Golf Schools

Pictures :

89% of Golfers recommend THIS to improve your Golf! Will you take the Challenge?

Some golfers think that taking a thirty minute or one hour lesson here and there, is all they need to improve their game.   To experience real and lasting improvement, you need to get away from home and immerse yourself for three days at a reputable golf school.  
Nothing like spending 3 days in golf school to improve your game!

Nothing like spending 3 days in golf school to improve your game!

What are the benefits of a multi-day golf school? 1. Complete Focus on Overall game Skills:  No distractions of home or work.  Much better results are achieved with this commitment of time, working with daily supervision of your Teaching Pro.  3 Days provides the time needed to make real changes and to learn the correct way to do your repetitive practice drills.  
Learning Life Skills as well as Golf Skills

Learning Life Skills as well as Golf Skills

2. The Instructors are Career Teachers : With years of experience for all skill levels, they use proven methods, not “bandaid fixes”. Teachers who have been teaching for 20 years or more can diagnose a problem very quickly and don’t waste time trying to see what works.  
Butch Harmon is a Career Teacher and ranked #! in the World.

Butch Harmon is a Career Teacher and ranked #! in the World.

  3. Quality of Learning Facility : Golf Schools have grass ranges, provide short game areas and video analysis rooms.  A lesson at your local course or range could mean use of mats (which give you a false reading on the shot) and no video.  Also, most golf academies use training aids, which are crucial in the motor learning skills and feedback provided for the student.  
A great practice tee with balls stacked, ready to hit on Day 1 of Golf School!

A great practice tee with balls stacked, ready to hit on Day 1 of Golf School!

  4. Customer Satisfaction :  When GOLF Magazine published their biennial “Top 25 Golf Schools” article in June 2001, author Peter Morrice said “If student satisfaction is any indication, sign up right away.  The 7,500 alumni we heard from gave glowing endorsements : 80% said they would go back to golf school and 89% would recommend the one they attended to a friend”  
GOLF Magazine "Top 25 Golf School" in the USA.

GOLF Magazine “Top 25 Golf School” in the USA.

      More currently, I can refer you to the 200 5 star reviews from Mel Sole Golf School students on  Read their comments and think about taking the plunge into golf school and into your best golf season EVER! Source :  Rosemary Sole Pictures : Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office   Omar Rawlings  Lisa Peck  GOLF Magazine   Mel Sole