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4 Top Tips to Bomb it 20 Yards Further.

I have never had a student come to me and say “Mel, I do not want to hit the ball any further, I am hitting it way too long, I need to cut back!”  I have heard nearly every golfer say “I want to hit it further than I am hitting it currently”  So Pierce Ward and Andy Proudman from are going to give you 4 tips to help you hit the ball 20 yards further! Source :

The Secret To Hitting Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs are a type of golf club that combine the best things about a wood and an iron into a single club. Hybrids have a hollow metal wood head and a shorter club length for more control and distance than a long iron offers. Those who struggle with consistency with long irons may have more success with hybrids, however there are secrets to making great shots with hybrids. In this month’s video golf tip, Mel Sole shares those essential tips for getting the most from hybrid clubs.   Source : Mel Sole Golf School

Lessons from the BIG 3! You can learn from these guys!

How much would you pay for lessons from the BIG 3 in golf?  Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus have won 34 Major Championships and 22 Senior Major Championships between them.  So, check out these videos and pay close attention!   Arnold Palmer Knee Separation. Jack Nicklaus. Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals! Gary Player Get that weight through!   Source :  Somax Picture : Keith Allison