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How a can of foot spray can lead to straighter golf shots!

Do you have the tendency to hit the ball both ways?  Sometimes you hit it to the right and sometimes to the left?  The problem here is you then don’t know where to aim.  Chris Ryan of ChrisRyanGolf at the Belfry Golf Club in Wishaw, Warwickshire England, close to Birmingham, explains the reason is a lack of center hits.  He also explains how using a can of foot spray can lead to straighter shots!  Check it out.
Hitting the centre of the driver face is so crucial to long straight tee shots. Here Chris Ryan explains exactly why this is the case and how you can establish what your strike pattern is.
Source : ChrisRyanGolf

Learn to hit it pure out of the rough with Sir Nick Faldo!

Because we hit our second shots from the rough almost 50% of the time (or more), it would be cool to learn from one of golf’s best,  Sir Nick Faldo, on how to succeed in this situation.  Faldo explains the two critical aspects of this shot – angle of attack and clubface angle at impact!  Thanks to Golfing World for sharing.
Who better to teach you a thing or two about the game of golf than a six-time major champion? Here Sir Nick Faldo focuses on playing the ball from the rough when you stray off line
Source : Golfing World

As Moe Norman used to say, “Bacon slices, not Pork Chops!”

Moe Norman was a Canadian professional golfer who was regarded by all who saw him as the greatest ball striker EVER!  One of Moe’s famous sayings was “Bacon slices, not Pork Chops!” Of course, he was referring to the divots he hit.  A great ball striker comes into the ball with a fairly shallow angle of attack and hits nice shallow divots.  If you come into the ball too steeply, you produce a very deep divot that results in the ball traveling to the left of the target (for right-handed golfers).  Andy Proudman and Piers Ward of Meandmygolf use a wall as a visual aid to help that downswing!
In this weeks Fixed in 60 Me and My Golf PGA Professional Piers Ward demonstrates a golf drill using the WALL to help shallow the downswing and stopping those deep divots.
Source : Meandmygolf

When the greatest shot-maker who ever lived talks, we all listen!

There are very few golfers who have the creativity of a Lee Trevino.  Only Tiger, Jack and Chi Chi come to mind.  In order to see these shots in your minds eye, you have to first work on these shots on the range.  Trevino would stand for hours, early in his career, and hit low fades, high fades, high and low hooks, just about every shot immaginable. Now, when he is on the golf course, he can “see” the shot in his mind and his body knows exactly how to produce it.  Learn from one of the greatest shot-makers who ever lived.  This particular shot will take your game to another level!  I don’t know who RollYourRock is, but thnk you for sharing this video.  Enjoy!
Lee Trevino teaches you how to hit the low trajectory, hard rolling “Bump and Run” shot. This is arguably the most useful recovery shot in golf, especially for someone who hits it in the trees all day. Do you have trees where you play… especially trees with low branches? You guys will know what I mean…
Source : RollYourRock

How to play those “in-between” shots!

How often do you find yourself  “in-between” shots during a round?  Fairly often, if you are like me.  How do you turn those shots into scoring opportunities?  PGA member, David Woods, has some interesting thoughts on the subject.  Check this out!
David Woods, PGA, explains how to make better contact with your short irons by swinging more aggressively.
Source : David Woods

A Great (and easy) drill to hit a High Draw!

Piers Ward and an injured Andy Proudman are going to help you utilize a drill to hit a high draw.  This drill, (which Piers says he uses in his own game) uses two headcovers to set up a gateway, making sure the clubhead path is correct.  This great visual will help you understand exactly how the clubhead path should feel.  The 3 keys are the angle of attack, clubhead path, and clubface angle! Be careful next time you jump out of a golf cart Andy! Source : Meandmygolf

Get the ball up and down to save par with Butch Harmon!

Getting the ball up and down from around the green takes practice.  But how do you know what to practice?   gives you his expert advice on how to do it.  Thanks to Golf Digest for sharing!

Little pitch shots, like the one below, drive golfers nuts. First off, they use too much loft. The more loft you have, the bigger swing you need. And more swing means more things can go wrong. So unless you have no green to work with, keep your lob wedge in the bag.

Second issue: Most golfers don’t trust the loft they have, so they try to add more at impact. They flick their wrists, dip down, rock onto the back foot … I think you see where I’m going here.

Let’s give you a simple plan for hitting the basic pitch. Take a narrow stance, with the ball about middle, and favor your front foot (1). Lean the shaft a touch toward the target, and keep your grip pressure light.


Swing straight back, and let your wrists hinge with the momentum (2). Don’t add hinge, and don’t let the club sweep inside—both lead to fat shots.


Pictures : 

Getting back to Basics with the Big Gun!

“The Big Gun” of course is the driver, and in this instructional video, Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf  talk about getting back to basics.  Sometimes we get a little distracted with all the information that is out there and getting back to basics will help you get your game back on track!
In todays Impact Show we discuss the basics to hitting the driver straighter and longer, the basics are so important to get correct when starting the game but are often overlooked by experienced golfers. So whether you are just starting the game or feel that you need to go back to basics this video is worth a watch.

The Secrets to the “Bump and Run” by Jim Furyk.

The “Bump and Run” shot is one that flies low, lands about 2 feet on the green, and runs out to the hole.  This is a very safe and reliable shot for most amateurs.  Using a lofted club makes this shot more difficult.  The less loft you use the easier the shot.  Head to the chipping green and find out which club in your bag flies half way and runs to the hole.  Then choose a club that will fly 1/3 and runs out to the hole and finally find a club that flies 1/4 and rolls out to the hole.  Once you have those clubs,each time you have a chip shot on the course, you will know exactly which club to chip with to give you the greatest chance of success!  Thanks to Jim Furyk for the tip and aabo692565 for sharing.
A golf tip on hitting a proper bump and run from PGA tour professional and US Open Champion Jim Furyk. This tip is provided by where you can purchase Short Game Golf an excellent DVD from Jim Furyk and Fred Funk.
Source : aabo692565

Taking your game to the next level – Pitching like a Pro!

Pitching is a key aspect in lowering your scores quickly.  As I often say in my teaching “I have never seen a good golfer who cannot pitch, and I have never seen a bad one who can!”  This is the shot that separates the good golfers from the mediocre and will help you take your game to the next level.  Take a look at Piers Ward and Andy Proudman from Meandmygolf and you will be pitching like a Pro in no time!
In today’s Impact Show we discuss how new Trackman 4 data has helped us understand how the best players in the world control the trajectory on their pitch shots. We look at the low, medium and high flying pitch shots, controlling dynamic loft is the key.
Source : Meandmygolf