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Learn to hit it pure out of the rough with Sir Nick Faldo!

Because we hit our second shots from the rough almost 50% of the time (or more), it would be cool to learn from one of golf’s best,  Sir Nick Faldo, on how to succeed in this situation.  Faldo explains the two critical aspects of this shot – angle of attack and clubface angle at impact!  Thanks to Golfing World for sharing.
Who better to teach you a thing or two about the game of golf than a six-time major champion? Here Sir Nick Faldo focuses on playing the ball from the rough when you stray off line
Source : Golfing World

Who are the “Fitness Fanatics” on the PGA and LPGA Tour? Your Top 10 America!

Fitness in any professional sport is critical.  I do not know of any professional athlete who does not work out, hire a trainer or spend hours in the gym!  This is part and parcel of being great in your particular field.  But who are the fanatics, the people who take it to the extreme?  Golfing World brings us the Top 10 fitness fanatics on both the PGA and LPGA Tours.  I love who they have at #1! Check it out!
We count down 10 pro golfers who are among the most dedicated in the game to fitness, strength and conditioning.
Source : Golfing World

Top 10 Lucky Shots on the European Tour! #1 won a car!

Lucky shots are part of golf.  But when you are playing golf for a living and every shot counts toward your paycheck, then luck is looked upon with far more favor!  Here are the Top 10 Lucky shots on the European Tour brought to you by Darwin White. Don’t you wish you were as lucky as James Kingston of South Africa who ended up winning a car with an off line tee shot! Source : Darwin White

When putting breaking putts, look at the apex, not the hole!

Every golfer can improve their putting!  As soon as I can one putt every green, then, and only then, will I stop working on my putting! Here Mitchell Spearman of Golfing World gives a good tip for reading the green correctly.  Watch and Learn!
When you are lining up a putt, it’s instinctive to look at the hole before you hit the ball. DON’T do this. Instead, pick a spot in the break and putt for it. Keep your eyes on that spot all the way through the stroke. You’ll be hitting better shots and dropping strokes on the green.
Source : Golfing World  Mitchell Spearman

Do you want to hit more fairways? Jason Day will tell you how!

As a golf instructor, it always amazes me how little care is taken by most amateurs on their alignment.  Over 50% of the golfers I teach aim incorrectly.  If you are not aimed correctly, you body will make compensations to try and get the ball on line, and that is how bad habits in the golf swing are developed.  This is not hard folks, get some alignment sticks and learn to aim.  You won’t be sorry!  
Stance is so important in the golf swing and Jason Day explains how he practices a consistent base accompanied by precision alignment. His use of training aids helps build motor patterns so it is ingrained when he reaches the course.
Source : Golfing World

The One-Armed Champion Golfer. What an Inspiring Story!

Every now and again as I do research for content for my website and Facebook Page, I come across an inspirational story that is definitely worth sharing.  This is the story of Kenny Minter, One-Armed Champion Golfer, a member of Waldringfield GC in Suffolk, England, who has overcome cancer. And after losing his arm, his friends thought his golfing days were over, but not in Kenny’s mind.  This is a story of grit and determination that can be an inspiration to all of us who take this game for granted!   Thanks to Golfing World for bringing us this story of human endeavor!
GW met up with Kenny Minter, who is quickly becoming recognised as one of the best disabled golfers in the world. Having won recognised disabled events over the years, Kenny has unbelievably lowered his handicap since becoming an amputee.
  Source: Golfing World

#8 in our Series "My Best Shot" Today Sir Nick Faldo!

In # 8 in our series “My Best Shot” brought to you by Golfing World,  Sir Nick Faldo recounts the greatest shot of his career at Muirfield during the 1992 Open Championship on the 18th hole on the final day.  Needing a 4 to secure victory, Sir Nick hit a laser 3 iron to just past the flag, allowing him two putts for victory.  Great stuff!   Source : Golfing World

How to get St. Andrews Old Course ready for a Major Championship!

I have had the good fortune to play several rounds at the Old Course at St. Andrews, and on each occasion it has been a memorable experience.  Walking those hallowed grounds, playing golf on a course that has been used for that purpose for centuries, is truly an honor and never taken for granted.  I host a trip to Scotland every 3 years and my next trip will be in 2017.  Click here for details.  
My son and I in front of the R&A Building on the first tee at the Old Course, St, Andrews!

My son and I in front of the R&A Building on the first tee at the Old Course, St, Andrews!

To understand what it takes to get a busy golf course like this ready for a Major Championship, takes dedication and hard work, so Gordon McKie and Golfing World got together to bring us this interesting video.  Source : Golfing World Picture : Mel Sole Golf School