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The 11 Steps to Becoming a Super Star on the PGA Tour!

The 11 Steps to Becoming a Super Star on the PGA Tour!

The 11 Steps to Becoming a Super Star on the PGA Tour!

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Want to make it on the PGA Tour?  Think it would be really neat to play golf every day, travel in luxury, wine and dine with Hall of Famers?  Well, here are 11 steps, presented by  of Golf Digest, you need to take to reach your goal!  Remember, one step at a time!

Justin Thomas caused a minor stir this week when, in an interview with the Golf Channel, the 22-year-old stated he’d rather play on a winning Ryder Cup team in 2016 than capture a major championship.

Not that Thomas’ team spirit was called into question; rather, it seemed out of left field. We’ve held major-championship victories as cardinal moments in a golfer’s career; the Ryder Cup, while a nice resume builder, was decidedly below on the pecking order.

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Which begs the question: What is the hierarchy of goals for PGA Tour pros?

While Thomas’ aberrational ambitions negate this as an undisputed list, we’re confident in saying these levels of achievement are widely accepted as reality.

Level 1

Win a PGA Tour event that coincides with a major or WGC tournament

The 11 Steps to Becoming a Super Star on the PGA Tour!

It delivers certain dividends and an exemption for two years on tour, but to most of the sports world, it doesn’t count. The NIT of golf.

Level 2

Win a standard PGA Tour event

Now we’re talking. You finished first in a tournament that boasted recognizable players, and your moment of glory is called by Jim Nantz or Dan Hicks. Plus, you’re an instant millionaire (if you weren’t one already).

Appear in a commercial

You’re a regular face on tour, meaning you’ve accomplished a degree of competence. So much so that a company is willing to stake its claim to your reputation. You’re going in the right direction.

Level 3

Win multiple PGA Tour events

It validates your previous victory, erasing any “one-hit wonder” notion. Your gravitas rises in the locker room; suddenly, fellow players are looking to you for guidance. Even a tad amount of jealously exists. This a good thing.

The gallery doesn’t need to look at the caddie’s bib to recognize you.

We should add the caveat of an informed gallery: I once had a woman ask, “Who is that in the red top?” Hint: It was a Nike shirt and a Sunday.

Date a fellow athlete.

The 11 Steps to Becoming a Super Star on the PGA Tour!

Those in professional sports are a competitive bunch. That goes beyond the fields of play. They don’t want to associate themselves with a loser, so if a tennis or volleyball player wants to be with you, that means they see potential. They look at you as a champion.

Oh, and I guess something about attraction and love are involved as well.

Level 4

Win a higher-tiered PGA Tour event

The 11 Steps to Becoming a Super Star on the PGA Tour!

The Memorial, Bay Hill, any WGC event; a tournament where the field is filled with top 30 players. This makes you a viable contender at majors, gains features in golf publications, gets you on highlight shows. You’re a known entity.

Appear in a commercial without commercial having to say your name

Bonus points if you’re not wearing golf-related ensembles.

Level 5

Flying private

Our “Undercover Pro” covered this topic in December. If you can drop that type of coin for travel, things are going well.

Win the Olympics

I could see cases for this being too low, and vice versa. Personally, I think the esteem, or lack thereof, associated with Olympic golf is predicated off the inaugural winner. If Jordan Spieth or Jason Day take the gold medal? The games are legitimized. Soren Kjeldsen? Not so much. Let’s revisit after August.

To see the rest of the 11 steps to Super Stardom, go here!

Source:   Golf Digest

Pictures: Sky Sports  Getty Images

Thanks for reading – The 11 Steps to Becoming a Super Star on the PGA Tour!

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