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How to hit the perfect draw on the course every time!

How to hit the perfect draw on the course every time!

How to hit the perfect draw on the course every time!

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Understanding the relationship between clubhead path and clubface angle is the first step in hitting that perfect draw.  There are various ways of hitting a draw, and here Piers Ward and Andy Proudman from Meandmygolf help you understand these differences.  Thanks to Step by Step for sharing this instructional video!

Last year’s Players Championship featured one of the best finishes to a professional event in recent memory. Rickie Fowler’s play down the stretch matched skill with temperament and led to the biggest win of his career to date. While Fowler’s play on the famous island green 17th hole will be the lasting images from the tournament, his play on the 18th hole on Sunday was equally impressive.

Needing perfect drives on three different occasions, Fowler split the final fairway three times to put himself in position to claim the “fifth major.” Andy Proudman and Piers Ward explain how to hit a tight draw like Fowler employed on Sawgrass’ tricky 18th hole.

Source: Step by Step   Meandmygolf

Thanks for watching – How to hit the perfect draw on the course every time!

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