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Learn the Secrets of the Long Ball with Dustin Johnson!

Dustin Johnson is the longest, straight hitter on the PGA Tour.  He accomplishes this with a combination of these things : an amazingly strong and flexible body, a wider stance that tilts the spine angle slightly back and a slightly open stance to help cut across the ball slightly, giving him a very powerful baby fade!  Today, Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf talk to Dustin and find out the secrets of the long ball!
In this week’s Impact Show PGA Professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward Interview world number 3 Dustin Johnson about how he smashes his driver. During the video Dustin gives some useful advice to anyone looking to get that extra distance off the tee and how he hits the ball over 300 yards.
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As Moe Norman used to say, “Bacon slices, not Pork Chops!”

Moe Norman was a Canadian professional golfer who was regarded by all who saw him as the greatest ball striker EVER!  One of Moe’s famous sayings was “Bacon slices, not Pork Chops!” Of course, he was referring to the divots he hit.  A great ball striker comes into the ball with a fairly shallow angle of attack and hits nice shallow divots.  If you come into the ball too steeply, you produce a very deep divot that results in the ball traveling to the left of the target (for right-handed golfers).  Andy Proudman and Piers Ward of Meandmygolf use a wall as a visual aid to help that downswing!
In this weeks Fixed in 60 Me and My Golf PGA Professional Piers Ward demonstrates a golf drill using the WALL to help shallow the downswing and stopping those deep divots.
Source : Meandmygolf

A Great (and easy) drill to hit a High Draw!

Piers Ward and an injured Andy Proudman are going to help you utilize a drill to hit a high draw.  This drill, (which Piers says he uses in his own game) uses two headcovers to set up a gateway, making sure the clubhead path is correct.  This great visual will help you understand exactly how the clubhead path should feel.  The 3 keys are the angle of attack, clubhead path, and clubface angle! Be careful next time you jump out of a golf cart Andy! Source : Meandmygolf

Taking your game to the next level – Pitching like a Pro!

Pitching is a key aspect in lowering your scores quickly.  As I often say in my teaching “I have never seen a good golfer who cannot pitch, and I have never seen a bad one who can!”  This is the shot that separates the good golfers from the mediocre and will help you take your game to the next level.  Take a look at Piers Ward and Andy Proudman from Meandmygolf and you will be pitching like a Pro in no time!
In today’s Impact Show we discuss how new Trackman 4 data has helped us understand how the best players in the world control the trajectory on their pitch shots. We look at the low, medium and high flying pitch shots, controlling dynamic loft is the key.
Source : Meandmygolf

The correct knee action in your golf swing can add more yards!

Correct knee action in the golf swing can make all the difference in your game.  Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf explain how the real key is the movement of the left knee on both the backswing and the downswing.  Learn to stabilize the right shin on the backswing and then drive the left knee towards the target on the downswing to get you that extra power you have been looking for.

In today’s Impact Show, we discuss the lower body in the golf swing and show you how three great ball strikers (Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus and Bubba Watson) use their lead leg throughout the swing. We look at some of the key ingredients to an effective leg work in the swing as we answer one of our follower’s questions. 

And WRXers, don’t forget to get post your questions on what you would like to see us cover in our next Impact Show. 

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The perfect drill to get your backswing on plane!

In this instructional video, Andy Proudman from MeandMyGolf demonstrates a perfect drill to start of the backswing and then get the club on plane halfway through the backswing. I have always spoken about perception (what you feel) and reality (what you actually do.) Here Andy emphasizes feeling the club being a little more upright during the drill.  This helps to get the club perfectly on plane for your next swing with the ball!  Get yourself some alignment sticks and remember, this is something you can start working on at home!
PGA Golf Professional Andy Proudman demonstrates drill to help you swing the golf club on plane in your backswing.
Source : Meandmygolf

The downswing starts from the ground up – no question!

Piers Ward from Meandmygolf mentions that he saw a video on youtube where a top PGA Tour player stated that he started his downswing by pulling down with his arms.  Folks, remember what I have always said: “There is perception and reality!”  The real data gained from devices like BodiTrak and FlightScope prove without a shadow of a doubt that the downswing starts using the ground as a force to move the body in a forward direction to get the weight from the back foot to the front foot! Enjoy this informative video on how to start the downswing in the correct sequence!
PGA Golf Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman demonstrate how to start the downswing by separating the lower body from the upper body.
Source : Meandmygolf

Master the downhill lie on the golf course!

Uphill lies, downhill lies, ball above the feet, ball below the feet are all uneven lies that the average amateur struggles with.  These are not difficult shots if you know the correct procedure and ball placement.  The Golden Rule here is to not fight the slope! This week Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of MeAndMyGolf walk you through the downhill lie in this informative video.
Playing from a different lie nearly every time you strike the ball is part of what makes golf great. Piers Ward and Andy Proudman tackle one of the more difficult shots you will come across: the downhill lie.
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Quantify your practice to know for sure you are improving!

Andy Proudman from talks about creating on course situations to make your practice more enjoyable and make a difference to your game.  I would like to go one better.  If you are a higher handicap, you are not going to do what Andy did and get it up and down all three times.  Play 4 or 5 shots from each of those situations, keep a notebook in your bag and keep score.  Each time you go to practice these shots, you have to beat your previous score.  If not, you have to do them all over again.  That way you know for sure that you are improving!
The best golf short game practice drill – Par 18 with Meandmygolf’s PGA Professional Andy Proudman.
Source : Meandmygolf

Getting rid of the hook once and for all!

Most of the golf instruction you read and view daily is for golfers who slice!  That’s because most high handicappers have that flaw in their swing.  However, as a golfer gets better, sometimes a hook or pull hook will appear in their games.  Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf set out to show you how getting rid of the hook once and for all is not as hard as it seems!
Stop hooking the golf ball with Meandmygolf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.
Source : Meandmygolf