We often don’t look at ‘old science’ for fresh ideas. 

But it seems Galton and Cox were on to something that modern day scientists are just beginning to rediscover.  Success in any human endeavor is predicated on a great deal more than inherent qualities.

In a more recent study, the researchers found this.  “Across 6 studies, individual differences in grit accounted for significant incremental variance in success outcomes.  Over and beyond that explained by IQ and personality traits”. 

If grit is a powerful player in the success game, what is it and how do you use it?

Additionally, they found grittier individuals attained higher levels of education, earned higher GPAs despite having lower SAT scores.  And made fewer career changes.  They outranked less gritty competitors at a national spelling bee and predicted cadet retention rates at West Point.  Research, new and old, clearly appears to identify grit as a major ingredient for any success formula.

Success in on the Golf Course mimics Success in Life!

Millennials in Golf – as Business Owners!

If you do not have these traits in your everyday life, it will be difficult to attain success in golf.

Simply defined, grit is maintaining “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.”  It is the gritty individual that maintains their effort, interest and passion over months and years.  Despite recurring defeats, painful adversity, constant challenges and progress plateaus.  Their strength is in their stamina and they see achievement as a marathon, not a sprint.  Despite setbacks, disappointment, boredom, and delayed gratification, those with grit stay the course long after others have abandoned their efforts and quit.

How can you make these special qualities of gritty people work for you?  Go Here.

Source: LinkedIn  Dr. Paul Schempp.

Pictures: Celestine Chua   Chris Potter

Thanks for reading – Success in on the Golf Course mimics Success in Life!

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