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Is 'One Ball Rule' on PGA and LPGA Tour Stupid or What?

Is ‘One Ball Rule’ on PGA and LPGA Tour Stupid or What?

Is ‘One Ball Rule’ on PGA and LPGA Tour Stupid or What?

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In the now-famous penalty(s) incurred by Phil Mickelson at the Presidents Cup. 

We learned that players cannot switch out one brand of ball for another, during a round.

Is 'One Ball Rule' on PGA and LPGA Tour Stupid or What?

Three different models of Titleist golf balls. Currently, in competition, you have to choose one and stick with that brand and model for the entire round.

I don’t know why this one ball rule is in effect when players are allowed to carry a mixed bag of golf clubs. Some players use one brand of driver and fairway woods, yet carry a different manufacturer’s irons. Obviously, they feel that there is some advantage in using different clubs for different parts of the game. Why can’t you do that with the ball?

I remember in the Master’s Tournament Phil Mickelson carried two drivers.  

One to hit the ball from right to left and one from left to right.  How is that different from using one ball that flies higher downwind and one that travels lower into the wind?

I remember back in the days when you were allowed to use different balls and playing at Humewood Golf Club in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where I was the head golf professional.  Titleist made a Pro Traj” ball that flew higher and a Low Traj” that flew lower.  It was fun to switch balls on the tee when I was playing into the wind, and see that ball bore through the wind!

If the purpose of the USGA is to make golf enjoyable for all golfers, this is one way to achieve that end! Get rid of this rule!

Share your thoughts and I’ll enter you into a raffle for a chance to win a one-hour lesson with me.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Cristina Carvalho    루미넌스

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