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Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Thomas Frank survives!

Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Thomas Frank survives!

Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Thomas Frank survives!

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Thomas “Motion” Frank is a caddie for Kris Tamulis on the LPGA Tour.  

His life was turned upside down in the blink of an eye, as he received a message from his next-door neighbor that his house had burnt down.  The most remarkable thing about Frank is that he has stayed positive and upbeat throughout this harrowing ordeal.  We could all learn from Thomas on how to handle adversity.  See the good side – no lives lost.  Thank you, Beth Ann Nichols, of Golfweek, for such an inspiring story!

From left: Thomas Frank and Kris Tamulis

From left: Thomas Frank and Kris Tamulis ( Getty Images )

Thomas Frank woke up in paradise nearly two weeks ago and got the shock of his life.

A text message that said “call me” had popped up on his phone along with the picture of a scorched house.

Frank, a caddie on the LPGA since the summer of ’87, didn’t recognize the number but thought he recognized the house.

It was Frank’s neighbor in Houston, reaching out to deliver the nightmare news that while Frank was caddieing on Oahu, storms had flooded his neighborhood and lightning struck his home, setting it on fire. It took Frank about 40 hours to get home from Hawaii, only to find that firefighters had cut a hole in his roof to put out the fire. Everything inside had collapsed, all the sheet rock and insulation. And then more storms passed through.

“It was just a wet mess, I didn’t have the proper stuff to go in there, just a Home Depot mask.”

To read how the LPGA helped Thomas Frank get his life back together, go here!

Source: Beth Ann Nichols     Golfweek

Pictures: Getty Images  

Thanks for reading – Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Thomas Frank survives!

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