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What makes a Happy Golfer - Not What you Think!

What makes a Happy Golfer – Not What you Think!

What makes a Happy Golfer – Not What you Think!

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When you are playing away from your home course, what is likely to make you happiest . . . . a good score, an inexpensive green fee, or?

In a survey of golfers by Golf Digest, the pace of play was number one out of 10 factors on their list of what makes them a happy golfer playing an ‘away’ course. Yet, when experts studied those golfers more in-depth, they actually rated pace of play last and …. drum roll, please …. COURSE CONDITIONS rated #1. Even course design, ease of scheduling tee time, and quality of carts came before the pace of play.

I found the comments shown below this article fascinating. And the high number of golfers who weighed in on the subject proves that it’s a passionate topic!

As a golfer, what makes you happy when you play a new course?


Is it playing an inexpensive round? Or pace of play? Or how well you shot? According to the golfers surveyed by GolfDigest, the pace of play is number one on their “happiness list.” However, according to the experts who studied the golfers, the pace of play is actually on the bottom of the “happiness list.” The most important aspect is course condition. The contradiction between what people say and do has long served much of that vast field of study called the humanities.

In this instance, respondents said the pace of play was their top driver of satisfaction when in actuality, it was the least. “It’s possible the great majority of people who took the survey happened to have the last round where they felt neither impatient nor rushed,” Sachau says, “but more likely, this is an aspect that assumes great importance only when others are constant.” In other words, the pace of play matters a lot at your home course because you already know exactly what to expect in the different areas. When you’re a regular, it’s more likely the foursome ahead, or the kitchen staff comes under your crosshairs than the superintendent.


Pictures: Keith Allison

Thanks for reading – What makes a Happy Golfer – Not What you Think!

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