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Protein Based Diet!

A protein-based diet for Golf Fitness.

You can’t go wrong with A protein-based diet for Golf Fitness is the subject of today’s Fitness Friday.  A Golf Video Blog with Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf School, located at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.

On Fridays we not only present tips ourselves that will help your game, but also curate articles from well know fitness instructors in the golfing industry. Nutrition and fitness go hand in glove, so don’t try and get your body in shape without a healthy diet as well.  Rob Labritz for give you some correct steps to go about this!

“Pay attention to what you put in your body.” Surely you’ve heard that from your doctor countless times. Well, now you’re going to hear it from PGA Professional Rob Labritz.

Emphasis on a protein-based diet for Golf Fitness.

In this week’s installment of our “Become a complete golfer” series, Labritz is putting a major emphasis on nutrition. “Make smart choices,” he said. “You can’t go wrong with a protein-based diet.  It must also include fruits and vegetables without a lot of sugary carbohydrates. You do need some carbohydrates for brain function, but you don’t need the kinds that are slathered in sugar.”

Over the course of this series, Labritz has stressed the importance of keeping everything “in balance.” It isn’t just your mind and your swing. It extends to what you’re eating, too. For instance, Labritz said, if you’re the kind of person who thinks fueling up on the course means a hot dog and a soft drink at the turn, you may want to reevaluate — particularly if you’re serious about improving all aspects of your game. “Basically you’re messing yourself up pretty bad if you opt for a hot dog and Coke,” he said. “You’ll probably have a sugar high for 45 minutes and then a crash. When your body does that, your mind does the same thing. It’s hard to stay balanced.” 

Labritz is a self-described “strict eater” when it comes to life in general and believes a protein-based diet is something everyone should buy into and make a part of their lifestyle. So how do you apply nutrition to the course? Like everything else, it has to do with preparation. 

The Goal.

The goal on the course is to keep your energy high and your focus throughout. You don’t want to be full out there, but you certainly don’t want to be starving either. Labritz recommends eating a good meal 3-4 hours before your tee time. If it’s an early morning tee time and you don’t have time to get that solid meal in, here’s what Labritz suggests.

To see the rest of this story and what Rob Labritz suggests how to correct it to improve your game, go here!

Source: Rob Labritz    Mel Sole Golf School.


In the Market for some new Irons?

In the Market for some new Irons?

Nothing is more exciting for a golfer than to walk to the first tee with a new set of clubs!  It’s like starting all over again – the slate is wiped clean.  The old clubs with their bad mojo are a thing of the past!  Hope springs eternal!  Well, here is your chance to get a look at all the new irons in 2019 before you buy.  Brought to you by  No drooling, please!

The best new irons for the 2019 golf season include new technologies, better materials, and advanced performance to help you feel more confident, dial in your needs, and lower your scores! In the Market for some new Irons?  To save money, use the equipment Value Guide on to get money back for your old irons to help purchase new ones!

Mizuno Hot Metal Irons are literally the “hottest” irons on the market right now.  With their multi-metal technology, the ball literally screams off the clubface.

Mizuno Hot Metal irons are the longest irons I have ever played.  Dennis Space.  Pawleys Island, SC.  Mizuno Hot Metal user.



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Those trees on the golf course, get over them!

Golf course architects are horrible aren’t they?  They put trees on the golf course that could potentially get in the way of our shot to the green!  But have no fear.  PGA golf professional Bill Ore will help you navigate that precarious position.  Next time, drive it on the fairway – there are no trees on the fairway!
Watch easy golf instruction on how to elevate your golf ball quickly. PGA Professional Billy Ore offers a 3-step process for how to get your ball over that tree or other obstacle in front of you.
Source:  PGA     Bill Ore Picture: Mario

Improve both distance and accuracy with the “Pump Drill!”

Eric Hogge shows a drill that I learned over 40 years ago from my friend and mentor Phil Ritson. This drill is definitely one of the best to cure casting from the top and because you are holding the angle between the wrist and lead forearm for as long as possible, you will generate more clubhead speed!  Thanks Eric and for sharing!
Making the transition from your backswing to downswing is key to hitting a good shot. PGA Professional Eric Hogge shows how his “pump drill” can help you successfully make that transition.
Source: Eric Hogge Picture: Xabel Delgado

Golfers, What do Yoga Smoga, TRX and Orbitkey have in Common?

The answer to today’s headline is – they are all great lines to make your fall golf that much more exciting. And with new items in clothing, fitness aids, etc featured by the biggest names in golf, you’ll want to get out that credit card to ‘up your game’!  My personal favorite among these choices by T.J. Auclair of is the TRX equipment.  It has transformed the way I work out and for golfers, it is the ultimate workout equipment that combines strength, flexibility, and cardio all in one pretty fun workout!  Check out this interesting list.
Golf gear
The best season for golf — the fall season — is just around the corner. Here’s a look at 12 items you’ll want to put on your golf wish-list.
For a lot of us around the country, summer is winding down. That means one thing: Prime golf season is just around the corner. Sure, you’ll still get those occasionally blistering hot days, but for the most part, the fall season is when everything is the most comfortable and the courses are in the best shape. Chances are you’ve been playing golf for several months at this point and – if you’ve been doing it right – you’re probably playing your best golf. Why not take a closer look at a bunch of items that could help you look your best, play your best and get around traveling with ease to that late-season golf getaway? CLOTHING:  Yoga Smoga: If you’re not familiar with Yoga Smoga, think “high-end workout clothes.” For the golfer, you might ask, “what does that have to do with me?” Well, Yoga Smoga recently released a “Golf Inspired” line of clothing that includes polo shirts, shorts and pants. The polo shirts, known as the “Montauk,” utilizes Yoga Smoga’s newest proprietary fabric development, Sona Pique, with high-end functional details, a modern athletic fit and advanced bonded touches. The polo shirts ($150) are incredibly light and there’s none of that undesired “sticking” during a round on a hot day at the course. It’s like wearing a polo that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. The pants (Newport, $185) and the shorts (Pentagon, $155) are both made from 4-way stretch D’OR 1024 fabric that allows for a full-range of motion with engineered recovery. They’re anti-microbial and sweat-wicking features make them the ultimate multipurpose pants and shorts. The sweat-wicking on Yoga Smoga’s bottoms are key for a golfer. We’ve all been there, playing in the heat, wearing cotton or other materials, that put our undesirable sweat marks out there as visible as an electronic billboard in the middle of Times Square. That doesn’t happen with Yoga Smoga. While the offerings look to be on the pricey side, just remember: You get what you pay for. The comfort and style are second to none and they’re going to last you a long time. All of Yoga Smoga’s golf-inspired offerings can be worn on the golf course, in the clubhouse or for a night out on the town… or even to the gym. For more information, visit 18 Greens Apparel: Over the last couple of years, 18 Greens Apparel has become one of my favorite companies in the golf business. Owner Doug Timmons – a PGA Professional – has created some of the sharpest tops and bottoms you’ll find roaming the fairways today. But, best of all, the comfort level is off the charts. The shorts and pants from 18 Greens feature a casual fit with built-in casual water technology. The 4-way stretch material is water and wrinkle-resistant. The Heathered textured fabric is also a step away from your run of the mill slacks. These are the lightest, thinnest pants ($75) and shorts ($65) I’ve ever worn. Timmons got the idea for the materials when he thought up a way to combine his love of boarder shorts with his passion for golf. Incidentally, your 18 Greens shorts — with mesh inner lining on the pockets — can also double up as boarder shorts if you want to go from the course to the ocean. Timmons also recently released arguably the coolest golf belt ($39.50) on the market today recently with his “Aiming Fluid Belt.” The buckle is so much more than just a buckle. It’s also a 2.5 oz stainless steel flask with a custom holster that keeps it in place between swings… or swigs. To check out all 18 Greens Apparel has to offer, check out Southern Tide: This southern-prep style of clothing has been making waves in the golf world lately, as it’s worn by Wesley Bryan of Bryan Brothers golf trick-shot fame, who recently earned a performance promotion onto the PGA Tour for winning three times this season on the Tour. Southern Tide’s T3 Collection, includes the Admiral Packable 1/4-zip Pullover ($99.50). It can literally be folded small enough to fit into your back pocket – perfect to bring along while spectating a golf tournament, or for a round in the fall when there might be just a little chill in the air. The Technical Club shorts ($87.50) feature a quick-dry fabric and hint of stretch keep you comfortable all day. The material is paper thin and light as a feather. Southern Tide’s Driver Stripe Performance Polo shirts ($85) don’t just look good, but also add some great benefits thanks to the fabrics used. With UV protection, moisture-wicking technology and open sleeves, this polo is made from soft jersey fabric that feels fantastic. For more information, visit Bradley Allan: A newcomer to golf apparel, Bradley Allan is making a splash with polos, sweaters and pullovers, pants, shorts and accessories. For the purpose of this review, we tried out the Pilot Polo ($79) made from Pima cotton/Polyester. The color ways offered on the polos are refined, which give them sophistication – it’s all class, you’re not going to get anything loud with Bradley Allan. The tailored fit allows you to look just as good with the polo tucked or untucked (perfect to wear with your favorite dress pants, shorts, or even jeans). If you decide to get one for yourself, I recommend ordering one size up because of the tailored fit. To check out all of Bradley Allan’s apparel, visit
To see the rest of this golf equipment and accessory line, go here! Source :  T.J. Auclair of Pictures : ClubGlove/Callaway

Which ball is the best ball on the market? The best ball suited for you!

A question I am asked fairly often is “Which ball is the best on the market?”  There is no best ball on the market, there is only the ball that best suits your particular game.  Like a lot of things, you need professional advice.  See your local golf professional who has done the research and will know which ball is right for your game. Another opinion is for you to hit different balls using a launch monitor and let the data tell you which ball goes further, higher or spins more.  Thanks to PGA Secretary Susy Whaley of for this informative video! Source : Suzy Whaley

Grip pressure is the key to both distance and accuracy!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that almost 90% of the students I teach grip the club too hard.  I usually get my student to shake hands with me using the grip pressure they are using to hold the golf club.  Then when I ask them to loosen their grip until I feel the correct pressure and say “That is how tight you should be holding the club” the usual response I get is “Wow, I’ve been gripping the club too hard for years!”  PGA Professional Patrick Brosnihan explains that grip pressure is the key to both distance and accuracy!
Improving your grip pressure during your swing can also improve your distance and accuracy. Watch great instruction from PGA Professional Patrick Brosnihan, who explains how grip pressure affects your swing.
Source : Patrick Brosnihan Picture : Aberdeen Proving Ground

Naming the greatest achievements in the history of golf!

As  T.J. Auclair of mentions in his opening statement,  this was an impossible task.  Whatever he chooses and in what order will always bring the critics.  “You left out so and so”  “So and so should have been ahead of so and so.”  But he did it, and in my humble opinion did  a great job.  As a golf professional for over 50 years, I found this article on golf’s greatest achievements a compelling read.  Thanks!
I’ve been tasked with the impossible: Ranking golf’s 9 greatest achievements, in order. How do you even do that? Who is this schmuck to decide which is better than the other when just about any one of us would dine on a haggis-only diet every day for the rest of our lives to have accomplished just one of them? With the realization that ranking these achievements in an order all of us could agree on, is nearly as difficult as reaching just one of the feats that follow. As I run to take cover, here goes nothing…
Jum Furyk.

Jum Furyk’s 58 is the lowest number ever posted in a PGA Tur event!

9. Jim Furyk’s 12-under 58. OK. If I’m being honest, it felt dirty putting the number “9” in front of this entry. One, because Furyk is the only player in PGA Tour history to accomplish such a feat. Two, before shooting that number this past Sunday at TPC River Highlands (a par 70) in the final round of the 2016 Travelers Championship, he was the last player on Tour to shoot a 59. He did that on On September 13, 2013, at Conway Farms (12 under since the course was a par 71) in the second round of the BMW Championship. So why is this just No. 9 even though it’s something that had never happened before on the PGA Tour? I guess the only logical explanation is because it’s so new.
Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus finished second 19 times.  Imagine turning these into wins. This would have been 37 Major Championships!  Wow!

8. Jack Nicklaus’ 19 runner-up finishes in the majors. Some may argue that this isn’t necessarily an “achievement” since it didn’t result in victory. I’d argue that there’s an exception to every rule and this is one of them because of the man we’re talking about. Nicklaus — the winningest major champion of all time (more on that later) — also has more runner-up finishes than any player in the game’s history. That’s almost unfathomable. As ridiculous as this sounds — and no less than 2016 U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III pointed out recently — Nicklaus could be considered the most snake-bitten golfer of all time based on that stat. The next-most runner-up finishes in majors? That would be 11 by Phil Mickelson. Back to Nicklaus — 18 major championship wins and 19 times a runner up. Think about that.
Sam Snead

Sam Snead was the sweetest swinger the game has ever seen!

7. Sam Snead’s 82 PGA Tour victories. That’s just astounding. Only two other players in the game’s history have more than 70 PGA Tour wins (Jack Nicklaus, 73; Tiger Woods, 79). Here are some other incredible Snead fun facts: – Oldest to win a PGA Tour event, the 1965 Greater Greensboro Open, at 52 years, 10 months and 8 days. – By winning the 1960 De Soto Open Invitational, Snead became the first player to win PGA Tour titles in four different decades (since matched by Raymond Floyd). – Oldest player to make the cut at a major: age 67 years, 2 months, 7 days at the 1979 PGA Championship. – First PGA Tour player to shoot his age with a 67 in the second round of the 1979 Quad Cities Open. – Oldest player to make a cut on the PGA Tour: age 67 years, 2 months, 21 days at the 1979 Manufacturers Hanover Westchester Classic. – Only player to post a top-10 finish in at least one major championship in five different decades.    
"Chronocyclograph of golf champion- Francis Ouimet ."

“Chronocyclograph of golf champion- Francis Ouimet .”

6. Francis Ouimet wins the 1913 U.S. Open at The Country Club in Brookline, Mass. This wasn’t just an amazing singular accomplishment. It was also the reason for a golf boom in the United States. When Ouimet won the national championship as a 20-year-old amateur (on his home course, no less), he became the “father of amateur golf” in the United States by taking down the likes of famous, accomplished professionals Harry Vardon and Ted Ray. When you think of American golf legends, you think of names like Jones, Nelson, Hogan, Nicklaus, Palmer, Woods. Keep in mind, Ouimet was the first “hero” in American golf.
To see the rest of golf’s most amazing achievements in history, go here! Source :  T.J. Auclair Pictures : USA Today Sports Images   Keith Allison   Ed Balaun (supergolfdude)   Secret in the Dirt   Kheel Center

15 great buys for your golf game this summer!

If you are a keen golfer like me, you like buying “stuff” on-line for your golf game!  I’m definitely a “gadget” guy, and love things that I really think will help my game at a reasonable price.   T.J. Auclair of has just made searching for that stuff a whole lot easier.  Check out his Top 15 list.  Of course, I immediately ordered the Garmin X40 watch – but I had a legitimate reason – I broke my current (old fashioned) watch by accidentally dropping a large concrete tile on it.  So I figured if I replaced the watch it would cost me around $100, so really the Garmin X40 was only costing me $149.99!  Perfect!  Of course, I am also looking at these Kentwool socks.  I hear almost 75% of the PGA and LPGA Tour players are wearing them!  I have just recently put a new grip on my putter, or I might have ordered the Golf Pride SNSR as well. Warm up that credit card!
Over the course of a given year, I’m able to get an up-close look at some incredible golf gear. Periodically, I like to compile a product round-up of some of my favorites. Here’s a peek at a list of items I’ve had the opportunity to test in the last couple of months that you may want to consider for your own game — everything from clubs to gadgets to apparel and more.   Kentwool socks: Are you more of a walker, or the type that takes a cart when playing a round of golf? Either way, Kentwool makes the perfect sock for you. Why socks don’t seem like a big deal to many is beyond me. Golf is uncomfortable enough with everything you face on the course. Your feet shouldn’t be a part of that equation. Kentwool socks, made in the USA, are constructed with 58 percent Merino Wool, 31 percent Nylon, 9 percent Stretch Polyester and 2 percent Spandex. The best part about the socks? They have a blister-free guarantee. For more information, visit Garmin Approach X40: I have a confession to make… Since smartphones these days are practically attached to our person at all times, I figured it had eliminated my need for a watch. Now, however, technology has turned toward the enhanced development of “wearables.” Picking up on that trend is Garmin with its Approach X40 band. It’s not just a watch. It’s not just a golf GPS preloaded with over 40,000 golf courses. It also measures your shot distance, tracks stats such as putts per round, greens and fairways hit, is a digital scorecard and — when connected to your computer or smartphone — allows you to review your scorecard and round. In addition to all of that — and what separates the Approach X40 from its competition — is its fitness tracking capabilities. It counts your steps, measures your heart rate, tracks your sleep, allows you to set fitness goals and more. This is a golf watch that you never have to take off… except to charge, which you’ll only need to do every 5 days in activity mode, or every 10 days in GPS mode. Oh, and for good measure — when synced with your smartphone, you can have text messages and call alerts sent to your wrist. For more, visit Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter grips: Putting is all about feel and that starts with the grip you’re cradling in your hands. Golf Pride’s Tour SNSR putter grips — available in two styles and two sizes — promote light grip pressure in the hands for superior control. The counter of the grip encourages a more consistent, repeatable putting stroke. We can all use more consistency on the greens.
Visit to learn more. To see all 15 of these new summer buys, go here! Source : T.J. Auclair Pictures :

Some of the Greatest Moments in PGA Championship History!

There have been some spectacular moments in the history of the PGA Championship.  They are indelibly etched into our brains and we watched with awe as these amazing moments transpired.  T.J. Auclair of describes these moments with the aid of some great video footage! Major championships provide the best drama we see all year in golf. Next week’s PGA Championship at Baltusrol, sadly marks the last major of the season in men’s golf. Without question, there will be shots hit and stories told that will become a part of golf lore. It always happens that way.  And with that, here are five great moments in PGA Championship history.  
  5. Sergio Garcia’s shot from behind the tree on No. 16 at Medinah in 1999. Garcia, then just 19 years old, pulled off one of the most memorable shots in PGA Championship history with this masterful shot from behind a tree. On the 452-yard par 4, Garcia faced an approach shot of 189 yards from the green in the exposed roots behind a large tree. Garcia elected to hit the ball instead of chipping safely back into the fairway. He opened the face of a 6-iron and as he swung, closed his eyes at impact. The ball soared into a high left-to-right trajectory, landing on the green some 60 feet from the hole. Garcia sprinted up the fairway and did a scissors kick leap to see the green. He two-putted for par, but no one will forget that remarkable shot.  
  4. Shaun Micheel’s 72nd hole 7-iron at Oak Hill in 2003. Not many were familiar with Micheel before the start of the 2003 PGA Championship. But, by the time it was over, he left a mark on his lone major victory with a shot for the ages. Micheel, showing incredible composure in a situation he’d never been in before, closed out his magical week with this magical 7-iron on the final hole. The ball soared in the air and settled within inches of the hole after Micheel ordered it to, “Be right!” A tap-in birdie and the PGA Championship was Micheel’s. And let’s be honest, the fact that the ball stayed out of the hole is almost better than it going in. It would have been a fantastic shot either way, but since it stopped just inches from the cup, you can’t call it luck. It was an exclamation point on the best golf week of Micheel’s life. To see the other 3 great moments in PGA Championship history, go here! Source :  T.J. Auclair Pictures : jpellgen