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Are you a Bubba Watson or a Ricky Fowler?

Are you a Bubba Watson or a Ricky Fowler?

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The PGA Tour features some interesting personalities.

In the January 2015 edition of Golf Digest magazine, Rickie Fowler said, “… if you’re going to make me say who my best friend is out here, I gotta go with Bubba.” Wow! They are two very different people. I can’t resist the comparisons or rather lack thereof.


Are you a Bubba Watson or a Ricky Fowler?

  • Boasts no golf teacher, ever. (He does see his college coach once in a while.)
  • Emotional when playing – demonstrates great joy on the course and impatience & anger, at times – even easy tears, with wins – also hyper-active, to which he admits.

  • Married, 2 kids, share home life with media.

  • A big man physically & grew up on east coast of USA.



Are you a Bubba Watson or a Ricky Fowler?

  • One coach his entire life, Barry McDonnell, until McDonnell died in 2011 – Rickie tried to go it alone after-wards, without success – hooked up with Butch Harmon sometime in 2013 with fantastic results – Four Top 5’s in Majors in 2014 – He so values his first coach that he sports a tattoo of McDonnell’s autograph inside his left wrist.
  • Displays resilience, confidence, and patience, on-course – no complaining and no big highs or lows – as Mike McGraw, Rickie’s Oklahoma State golf coach, says, “Rickie does a really nice job of forgetting the bad shots.

  • Single, and keeps private life very private.

  • A slight build, and grew up on western USA coast.

However…. both of these current PGA Tour players are:

    • Winners.

    • Popular with fans.

    • Fashion-conscious.

    • Loyal friends.

Personally, I think it’s great for golf that these two players are best buds.

Let me know who your favorite players are and why.

Also, do you feel that your personality and playing style mirrors a certain Tour Player?

Content Source – Mel Sole

Picture Source: Tour Pro Golf Clubs   Philip Wilson

Thanks for reading – Are you a Bubba Watson or a Ricky Fowler?

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