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The Comeback Kids - Can Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson Do It?

The Comeback Kids – Can Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson Do It?

The Comeback Kids – Can Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson Do It?

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As a big fan of both Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson, this story by Cace Smith of brought together all the hopes and expectations of a resurgence in both these careers extremely talented golfers. 

For those of us lucky enough to have watched Tiger’s career in full flight, watched him accomplish things that future generations will only be able to see on TV replays, was sheer amazement.  To watch it live was golf entertainment at the highest level.  In Dustin Johnson, we are still anticipating watching a career-ready to explode and take off into those same dizzying heights.  Will it happen?  Only time will tell, but we all look forward to watching these two in the coming years.

The Comeback Kids - Can Tiger and Dustin Do It?

Tiger and DJ.  Two Golfers on the comeback trail that everyone wants to see succeed!

The Comeback Kids – Can Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson Do It?

Let’s be honest – it’s pretty hard to compare Dustin Johnson to Tiger Woods on almost any level.  Since turning pro in 1996 Tiger has amassed 79 professional wins, including 14 major victories, and $109 million in Tour earnings. 

On the other hand, Johnson has recorded just eight wins in eight years on tour and has never finished higher than 2nd place in a major tournament.  However, while DJ may not have the same resume as Tiger there’s no doubt he has all the makings of a future hall of famer.

Johnson is consistently one of the longest drivers on Tour, but he also has a very well-rounded game that makes him a solid competitor week in and week out.  Obviously anywhere Tiger goes there are always hoards of fans hanging off his coattails and he certainly has provided some of the most electric moments in professional golf in the last 20 years. 

Johnson is Mr. Cool on the course, yet Tiger is generally all business. 

The similarity that binds them, however, is the fact that they are both returning from a six month hiatus from the game.  And are faced with the pressure of getting back into the winners circle again.  While their reasons for taking time off were different, they’ve come back to competitive golf at essentially the same time.  Yet have seen dramatically different results in their respective comebacks.

With Tiger being so close to breaking Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record, fans everywhere have been intently focused on his nagging injuries over the past few years and his recent return to the Tour.  When asked recently about how he spent his time during rehab following major back surgery last year, Tiger commented that he spent a considerable amount of time on his short game hitting hundreds of balls. 

However, it appeared when he returned at the Hero World Challenge that he might have embellished a bit.  His short game looked more like a complete train wreck than the polished machine we’ve seen over the years.  True Tiger fans stood by him and called his dead-last finish at the Hero World Challenge a mere fluke and chalked it up to a little rust in his game. 

Even those who aren’t in his fan club gave him a free pass. 

But when he missed the cut at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  And subsequently withdrew from the Farmers Insurance Open the following week.  It became clear that there was much more going on with Woods and fans naturally started to get very antsy.

To read on about the comeback trails of Tiger and DJ, click here.

Source: Cace Smith

Pictures:  Mike F   Secret in the Dirt

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